Gender-affirming care encompasses a variety of treatment options to support transgender and non-binary people. It includes hormone therapy, surgical procedures and speech therapy that someone may undergo to align their outward expression or appearance with their gender. Barriers such as cost can make accessing this kind of healthcare daunting, but some employers are working to ease the burden by making it part of their medical coverage policy. Here’s an overview of some companies that cover gender confirmation surgery as part of their employee benefits offerings.

Companies That Cover Gender Confirmation Surgery

  • Yelp
  • Etsy
  • Intuit
  • VMware
  • EY


Companies That Cover Gender Confirmation Surgery

Yelp is an internet services company that operates a reviews platform where users can rate their experiences with restaurants and other consumer businesses. Its standard medical benefits support gender-affirming care for its team members and their dependents, including gender affirmation procedures, coverage for doctor visits, pharmaceuticals and lab work in support of transition.


Etsy operates an e-commerce marketplace where small businesses and individual craftspeople can market and sell their handmade goods, such as jewelry, furniture, art and home décor. Widely known as an employer with generous holistic benefits, the company’s insurance coverage supports transgender healthcare, including gender affirming surgeries.

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Intuit is a financial services tech company that offers consumer and business scale tools for accounting, payroll, payment processing and business management. Part of its employee benefits package is a comprehensive gender-affirming care package, which aligns with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health standards of care and covers all procedures included in that standard. 


VMware is a cloud computing tech company that makes virtualization software, which allows computers to be managed via abstracted representations of their operations, known as “virtual machines.” At VMware, employee and dependent health coverage includes care for diagnoses of gender dysphoria, including an extensive list of gender-affirming surgical procedures and pharmaceutical support. 

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EY is a financial and professional services firm, providing accounting, consulting, tax and legal services and security services to corporate clients. EY consistently appears on numerous “best benefits” lists. The company’s benefits package includes Pathways to Transition, a program that offers up to $50,000 of financial support for gender-affirming care that isn’t covered by the employee’s medical plan.

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