Whether you want to hone specific coding skills, try out new technologies or keep up with real-world use cases for AI, there’s a conference available for you. 

Here are 14 conferences aimed at data science professionals that tackle machine learning, business intelligence, data analytics and more, both in person and online.

14 Data Science Conferences 

  1. Google Data Cloud Summit
  2. ODSC 
  3. Data Science Salon
  4. RE•WORK Summit 
  5. PyCon
  6. TC22
  7. AWS Summit Washington, DC
  8. CVPR 
  9. Predictive Analytics World: Machine Learning Week
  10. Data + AI Summit 
  11. Rstudio::conf
  12. Disney Data & Analytics Conference
  13. Gartner Data & Analytics Summit
  14. PASS Data Community Summit


Conferences for Data Science Professionals

Google Data Cloud Summit

Organizer: Google Cloud

What to expect: This free, entirely digital Google Data Cloud Summit features keynote speakers from Google Cloud and Vodafone on data, AI and innovation. Participants can choose from two concurrent tracks: “the future is data” and “data cloud essentials.” The former focuses on data-focused strategies and roadmaps while the latter focuses on applying Google Cloud to business needs. 

Both tracks feature customer use cases, product demos and speakers from companies such as Walmart, Forbes, Databricks, MongoDB, the Mayo Clinic and more. Conference participants will also get to hear about new updates to Google Cloud products including BigQuery, Cloud SQL, Dataflow, Vertex AI and more.

While this three-hour event is free, registration is still required. 

The details: April 6, virtual.

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Organizer: Open Data Science

What to expect: There will be two Open Data Science conferences held in the United States this year: ODSC East on April 19-21 and ODSC West on November 1-3.

Both conferences are hybrid events and will feature hands-on training, bootcamps, breakout talk sessions, live demos and workshops. They both focus on topics like machine and deep learning, natural language processing, research frontiers, responsible AI and MLOps and data engineering. ODSC East will feature industry-specific ML and AI applications, as well as big data analytics and data visualization. ODSC West includes focal areas like ML and cybersecurity, and data analytics.

While most of ODSC East is a paid event, free registration options giving limited access to conference events are available for both in-person and virtual attendees. Registration is not yet open for ODSC West, but you can register your interest.

The details: ODSC East is on April 19-21 in Boston, Massachusetts (with a virtual option); ODSC West is on November 1-3 in Burlingame, California (with a virtual option).


Data Science Salon 

Organizer: Data Science Salon

What to expect: Data Science Salon is hosting several industry- and topic-specific events throughout 2022, beginning with a free virtual “AI and machine learning in the enterprise” event on April 20 that will feature talks from data science leaders from companies like Syngenta, Strata.ai, the New York Times, Fidelity Investments and John Snow Labs. Talks include live question-and-answer sessions with experts as well as networking opportunities

A free virtual event for networking and knowledge sharing focused on “applying AI and machine learning to retail and e-commerce” will be held on May 18. The call for speakers for this event is ongoing and details are not yet finalized.

A full-day, hybrid event on enterprise AI and ML will be held on September 21, with an in-person option being held in Miami. Full session details and speaker lineups have yet to be finalized. Virtual attendance is free, while in-person attendance is paid.

A free virtual event on November 30 will focus on ML in advertising. Speakers and session details have yet to be announced. 

The hybrid event on “applying AI and ML to finance and technology” will take place on December 7 in New York City. Speakers and session details have yet to be finalized. Attendance is free for virtual participants, while the in-person event is paid. 

The details: April 20, virtual; May 18, virtual; September 21 in Miami, Florida (with a virtual option); November 30, virtual; December 7, New York, New York.


RE•WORK Summit

Organizer: RE•WORK

What to expect: RE•WORK is hosting several conferences on AI and machine learning in the United States this year. Each two-day event offers different tracks you can pursue depending on your industry and interests. 

The first event is a New York Summit, held April 21-22 in New York City. This event features three different AI-focused tracks for the insurance, finance and regulatory technology sectors. The hybrid event will include interviews and Q&A sessions with experts, practical workshops and the potential for one-on-one meetings. Confirmed speakers include representatives from Deutsche Bank, the World Bank, MasterCard, American Family Insurance, Accelerant Holdings, Blackrock, Merrill Lynch and more.

A June 15-16 MLOps Summit features both a MLOps track focused on making machine learning workflows efficient and a “trusted AI” track focused on accountability, security and fairness in AI algorithms and models. Confirmed speakers include data science leaders from Google, the BBC, MailChimp, Merek, Facebook, Twitter and others. The event will be held in San Francisco.

A Deep Learning Summit will be held in Boston on October 12-13 and will include two tracks: one focused on the future of deep learning and the other on the applications of AI in healthcare. Confirmed speakers hail from CVS Health, Harvard Medical School, Merek, the Institute of Cancer Research, the National Institute of Health, Google Brain, Netflix, NASA, Spotify and more.

The details: The New York Summit is on April 21-22 in New York, New York (with a virtual option); the MLOps Summit is on June 15-16 in San Francisco, California; the Deep Learning Summit is on October 12-13 in Boston, Massachusetts.



Organizer: Python Software Foundation

What to expect: PyCon is back for 2022 as a hybrid event involving a number of topic-specific summits. These separate summits focus on the language itself, education and educators, typing, maintenance of the Python community and Python packaging. These targeted summits are spread throughout the overall conference, which includes tutorials for all levels, sponsor-hosted workshops, lectures (in English and Spanish) and a poster presentation on the conference’s final day.

Several special events will also take place during the conference, including the PyLadies charity auction and dinner on April 30 (for an additional charge), lightning talks (think speed dating, but for Python topics) on April 29-May 1, sprints for beginners (April 30) and for all experience levels (May 2-3), and a job fair with lunch on May 1.

The details: April 27-May 3 in Salt Lake City, Utah (with a virtual option).

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Organizer: Tableau

What to expect: The TC22 conference is going to be a hybrid event and is for anyone involved with data. It will feature breakout sessions, hands-on training, networking meetups and more. Full session details will be available in mid-April, but confirmed sessions include “kicking off your digital transformation with Tableau online,” “from data to dashboard: key features for analytical success” and “data skills top the charts for success.” In-person attendees can book a Tableau Doctor appointment or set up a Braindate for one-on-one conversations with other attendees.

The in-person event also features a conference-wide sweepstakes where one attendee will win a 12-month Tableau training pass, a timed Iron Viz competition and the networking hub, Data Village. Other activities available to attendees include the “data night out” party and morning workouts. 

Virtual attendance is free, while the in-person event is paid. Virtual attendees can chat live with speakers via the conference’s Slack in post-talk Q&A sessions.

The details: May 17-19 in Las Vegas, Nevada (with a virtual option).


AWS Summit Washington, DC

Organizer: Amazon Web Services

What to expect: This free AWS Summit Washington, DC is aimed at cloud beginners and experts alike. It will also include something new this year: It will start off on May 23 with an event tailored to members of the federal government, the healthcare industry and startups. The following two days will begin with a keynote address by AWS leadership and will include over 180 sessions to choose from. 

Attendees can join interactive workshops, lectures, small interactive chalk talks, customer talks and hands-on group sessions with AWS experts. Topics covered will include AI, machine learning, business intelligence, databases, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and more. Sessions are divided into four different experience levels — beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert — so you can get the information best suited for you.

The event also features an AWS DeepRacer League where competitors create and train a reinforcement learning model, then race their models via an autonomous race car on a track. Conference attendees who compete can test out their machine learning skills and win prizes.

The conference is a mostly in-person event, though the keynote address and some other sessions will be livestreamed.

The details: May 23-25 in Washington, D.C. (with a virtual option).



Organizer: The Computer Vision Foundation and the IEEE Computer Society

What to expect: As with past years, CVPR 2022 will involve a main conference and expo combined with co-located short courses, tutorials and workshops on a variety of topics related to computer vision and pattern recognition. This year’s hybrid event includes tutorials, over 70 workshops and a doctoral consortium for doctoral students nearing the end of their degree on June 19-20. The expo and main conference follow on June 21-24 with session details to come.

The details: June 19-24 in New Orleans, Louisiana (with a virtual option).


Predictive Analytics World: Machine Learning Week 

Organizer: Predictive Analytics World

What to expect: Machine Learning Week actually features five separate conferences all hosted in one place: PAW Business, PAW Financial, PAW Healthcare, PAW Industry 4.0 and Deep Learning World. One additional conference, PAW Climate, is virtual and will be held earlier than the other events (on June 1-2).

All conferences include hands-on training and workshops, some suitable for all attendees and some ideal for experts and practitioners. Keynote speakers include data science leaders from Nvidia, UPS, Cisco and At One Ventures, and confirmed workshops are being led by leaders from companies including WhatsApp, Graphika, Elder Research and Microsoft.

The PAW Business conference has three different tracks: one on business, with sessions addressing leadership and the operationalization of analytics; another on tech, involving sessions on machine learning operations and advanced methods; and a third on case studies, with sessions that cover real-world business applications of machine learning across different industries. Two available sessions on June 22 are part of an additional special track dealing with the ethical use of machine learning.

The details: June 19-24 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Data + AI Summit 2022

Organizer: Databricks

What to expect: This year’s Data + AI Summit returns in a hybrid format with 10 different tracks, hands-on training, lectures from industry visionaries and certification bundles. Sessions are available for anyone from beginners to experts and target different industries, including education, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, media and entertainment, the public sector and retail. Confirmed speakers include leaders and experts from Databricks, DeepLearning.AI, the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Coursera and more.

The virtual conference is free and grants access to select livestreamed sessions and then recordings of all sessions, while the in-person event is paid. 

The details: June 27-30 in San Francisco, California (with a virtual option).



Organizer: RStudio

What to expect: R and RStudio users might want to attend the rstudio::conf this summer. This in-person event will feature two days of hands-on workshops including discussions and Q&A sessions with experts on July 25-26. Choose from (currently) 15 different workshops, including ones on Tidyverse, R and “making art from code.” The conference itself will follow on July 27 and 28, with an evening reception on the 27th. The full agenda details have yet to be finalized, but will be available in early June. 

The details: July 25-28 in Washington, D.C.


Disney Data & Analytics Conference

Organizer: Disney Institute

What to expect: The Disney Data & Analytics Conference is for data science professionals interested in the latest technologies, methodologies and tools, as well as business analysts and executives who want to learn to apply data analytics to decision making. The event features five different tracks: “data and technology;” “marketing and consumer insights;” “advanced analytics;” “beyond the numbers,” which includes data visualization; and “leading the way,” which involves strategy, leadership and organizational development. Speaker and session details have yet to be finalized.

This year’s conference returns with a new feature: a data analytics training day on August 15. This added day will include several hands-on training sessions from sponsors for their products, as well as a course on “data visualization and storytelling,” delivered by Walt Disney Company practitioners for an added cost.

The conference also features an evening event on August 17 with dinner and entertainment that is included with registration. Attendees also have the opportunity to get Walt Disney World Resort theme park tickets at a special conference rate.

The details: August 15-17 in Orlando, Florida.


Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Organizer: Gartner

What to expect: This year’s Gartner Data & Analytics Summit aims to help data analytics leaders deal with the uncertainty of a data-flooded future and not only make sense of new trends and tools, but apply them to business strategy to innovate. The event will include sessions across 11 different themed tracks — including tracks like “data science and machine learning: unleash innovation” and “master data management: build the foundation” — and an application-based program for chief data officers and chief analytics officers to share strategies and network.

The details: August 22-24 in Orlando, Florida.

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PASS Data Community Summit

Organizer: Redgate Software

What to expect: Redgate Software announced in early 2021 that it was committed to supporting the Professional Association for SQL Server after PASS ended operations. This involved, in part, purchasing some PASS assets and reviving its annual summit in the form of the PASS Data Community Summit.

The hybrid event will feature session tracks in analytics, architecture, databases, database development, professional development, and diversity, equity and inclusion. It will also feature a number of community-oriented activities, including SQLKaraoke, morning jogging and social meetups at local breweries for in-person attendees.

Virtual attendees will have access to the conference’s online “community zone” via SpatialChat, which features themed “rooms” where you can meet with other virtual attendees over shared interests.

There is an ongoing call for speakers through the end of March and session details are still being established, so keep an eye on the website for more information. 

The details: November 15-18 in Seattle, Washington (with a virtual option).

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