Have you ever felt like your business was out of tune? Maybe you need to add a new instrument to the mix to jazz things up a bit? Consultants are often the conductors that harmonize business and tech strategies to make the perfect symphony of innovation.

Music references aside, consultants are the go-to people for the business world when they want to shore up strategy or upgrade their tech stacks to compete against their competitors. Consultants bring fresh ideas to a business that can help them to achieve their goals and dominate their field. By no surprise, the Dallas metroplex is home to some of the most innovative consulting firms in the world. Check out what makes these 17 Dallas consulting firms special.

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Top Consulting Firms in Dallas To Know

  • CTG
  • Wipro
  • Bain & Company
  • Darby Consulting
  • Credera
  • Capgemini
  • Everest Group
  • West Monroe
West Monroe Consulting Firms Dallas
West Monroe

Focus: Professional Services 

What they do: A digitized business landscape calls for new processes, so West Monroe gives companies the tools to adapt. With multi-disciplinary teams, West Monroe brings together creatives, technologists, and business-minded individuals. Clients can then work with West Monroe to adopt cloud platforms, reorganize larger strategies, and equip their workforces with the resources to thrive in modern markets. 

Who they work with: Organizations looking to revamp their strategies and technologies to achieve more efficient results. 


credera consulting firms dallas

Focus: Food, Automotive, Sports, Media, Travel and Retail

What they do: Credera is a full-service management and IT consulting firm helping companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises adopt new tech. The firm helps clients explore new avenues for growth in sectors like analytics, cloud transformation, product design and technology enablement in order to boost both company productivity and customer engagement.  

Who they work with: National Geographic, Chili’s, Gold’s Gym, Interstate Batteries, Ben E. Keith and 7-Eleven


catapult consulting firms dallas
Catapult Systems

Focus: Public Sector, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Hospitality

What they do: Catapult works with clients to install Microsoft cloud-based solutions into their current digital and IT tech stacks. The gold certified Microsoft partner uses technologies like Azure, Dynamics 365, SQL Server and the Cortana Intelligence Suite to upgrade everything from cybersecurity protocols to the way companies collect their data.  

Who they work with: Carl’s Jr., Metro, KBM Group and Alliance Data


wipro consulting firms dallas

Focus: Aerospace, Communications, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Travel, Retail, Public Sector & More

What they do: Wipro is one of the largest IT consulting firms in the world with dozens of offices globally. The IT giant offers its technology expertise to almost every industry and specializes in implementing cybersecurity, DevOps, AI, automation and cloud-based tools that help companies to modernize their tech stacks and collect more valuable data.  

Who they work with: Airbus, Cisco, Michelin, US Bank, Vodafone and Walmart


capgemini consulting firms dallas

Focus: Automotive, Energy, Healthcare, Media, Government, Banking & More

What they do: Capgemini offers an impressively wide range of IT consulting services to clients all over the world. The international IT giant specializes in cloud services, artificial intelligence and digital transformation technologies that help to optimize supply chains, retain employees and help to manage risk in businesses. Capgemini is based in Paris, and has two offices in Irving. 

Who they work with: Virgin, T-Mobile, Kinova, GE Healthcare, the State of Texas and the US Department of Education


everest group consulting firms dallas

Focus: Banking, Insurance, Healthcare and Life Sciences

What they do: The Everest Group consults organizations on how to optimally carry out an organization-wide digital transformation. The company will develop a thorough strategy and work with the organization to actually implement the new technologies. Everest Group’s agile-centric IT solutions help companies ease into adopting digital technologies that help provide higher quality data and a better customer experience. 

Who they work with: Everest Group works with hundreds of organizations all over the world across the banking, insurance and healthcare sectors.


pariveda consulting firms dallas

Focus: Healthcare, Retail and Finance

What they do: Pariveda works with a client to implement new IT technologies that assist organizations in achieving their company-wide goals. The employee-owned IT consulting firm starts by learning a client’s strategic objectives, then implements new technologies like IoT, machine learning or cloud architecture.   

Who they work with: Pariveda has worked with hundreds of clients across almost every industry.


paranet consulting firms dallas

Focus: Healthcare and Private Equity

What they do: Paranet meets any businesses’ biggest IT and cybersecurity challenges. The company offers intensive IT management consulting to help boost infrastructure management, user management, network management and business continuity. All consultations are careful to include personalized cybersecurity solutions that help to protect sensitive data. To date, Paranet claims that their cybersecurity solutions have prevented more than one billion threats.

Who they work with: MedStar, ThomaBravo, Compassus, Unifeye and NVISION


3i international consulting firms dallas
3i International

Focus: Finance, Legal, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Hospitality and Healthcare

What they do: 3i International helps companies to streamline their IT processes in order to help reach company goals. The 3i IT team works with each client to devise a plan to maintain business continuity and bolster the company’s tech stack. 3i International specializes in cloud-based, VoIP and cybersecurity technologies. 

Who they work with: AT&T, Davita, Embassy Suites, Mercedes Benz and Hilton


ascendix technologies consulting firms dallas
Ascendix Technologies

Focus: Real Estate

What they do: Ascendix is a CRM consulting firm that advises on the best customer relationship management tools and also creates custom software to help companies maximize their data. The company specializes in helping clients effectively transition to CRMs, like Salesforce or Dynamics 365 (based on best fit) or how to maximize the efficiency of their current CRM.

Who they work with: Highwoods Properties, Granite Properties, Transwestern, JLL and Colliers International


arbela consulting firms dallas

Focus: Manufacturing, Media, Food, Aerospace, and Professional Services

What they do: Arbela is a Microsoft-partnered consulting firm advising clients on how to improve everything from sales to customer service and finance operations. The company offers Microsoft Azure products for those who are looking to transition to the cloud, as well as, CRM technologies like Dynamics 365, which helps to keep thorough customer data for sales and customer service teams. Arbela also offers custom developed solutions that help to address needs in everything from audits to business intelligence.  

Who they work with: Hexcel, LifeVantage, Thermon and Mirion Technologies, 


darby consulting consulting firms dallas
Darby Consulting

Focus: Education, Oil & Gas, Public Sector, Healthcare, and Real Estate

What they do: Darby Consulting specializes in IT staff augmentation services to help clients get the most out of their technology. Darby has the consultants and answers for every IT-related question, whether it’s IT project management, digital transformation or user adoption. The company’s IT consultants integrate into any client’s team with custom onboarding tools, templates and leadership support groups. 

Who they work with: HP, BP, Applied Materials and the US Department of Homeland Security


hitachi vantara consulting firms dallas
Hitachi Vantara

Focus: Communications, Energy, Financial, Government, Manufacturing and Retail

What they do: Hitachi Vantara is a global digital consultancy helping clients to adopt emerging technologies, like edge computing, IoT and cloud-based data storage tools. The company specializes in implementing products, like hybrid flash storage and video intelligence tools, that make it easy for organizations to adopt directly in their current tech stacks.

Who they work with: NASA, Nasdaq, Marketo, Disney and 7-Eleven


bain and company consulting firms dallas
Bain & Company

Focus: Retail, Private Equity, Healthcare, Finance, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Consumer Products & More

What they do: Bain & Company is one of the largest consulting firms in the world. The consulting giant advises in everything from strategy and marketing to analytics and IT transformations. Bain upgrades any client’s tech stack through their “Vector” program. Vector is a suite of technologies and practices that boost a client’s automation, analytics and digital marketing departments.

Who they work: Bain & Company has provided consultations to thousands of the most well-known companies all over the world.


tachyon technologies consulting firms dallas
Tachyon Technologies

Focus: Finance, Food, Oil & Gas, Travel, Automotive, Technology and Retail

What they do: Tachyon Technologies is an expert at advising clients on technological transformation. The company offers an impressive range of services that span from business advisory and emerging technologies to cloud and security solution implementation. Tachyon specializes in implementing SAP technologies for digital platforms, IoT and cloud computing. 

Who they work with: Mondelez, Coca-Cola, BP, Citi, Expedia, Honda, Chase, Microsoft and Levi’s


ctg consulting firms dallas

Focus: Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Retail, Finance, Public Sector and Utilities

What they do: CTG offers application, information management and IT consulting services to companies looking to gain technological advantages over their competitors. CTG’s application consulting services focus on the full application lifecycle, from development to deployment and integration. Additionally, CTG offers everything from technology lifecycle management to disaster recovery services when it comes to IT consulting.

Who they work with: Bridgestone, Lenovo, Carrefour, GSK, Toyota and Sanofi


thinkunified consulting firms dallas

Focus: Legal, Finance, Healthcare, Construction and Food

What they do: ThinkUnified is a fully-managed IT solutions provider helping to meet the IT needs of small businesses. Consulting services from ThinkUnified include fully-managed IT, cloud computing, data backup and storage, cybersecurity, and virtualization services. 

Who they work with: Looney & Associates, Teague Marquess & Associates, Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center, Snappy Salads and Waterside Properties


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