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Glydways, Inc. is an American transportation technology and clean energy company based in South San Francisco, CA. The company specializes in the design, manufacture, installation and operation of affordable autonomous transportation for low, medium and extremely high capacity needs. Founded in 2016 by engineer and entrepreneur Mark Seeger, the company was started with the goal of providing affordable mobility for communities across the world. This goal is founded in the belief that access to affordable housing, employment, education and care lead to economic and social prosperity, and the key to this equity is mobility for as many people as possible. Lead by Gokul Hemmady who serves as CEO, the company’s core objectives are to provide a 24/7 mobility service solution that is environmentally net-negative in terms of greenhouse gas production (GHG), and, inherently profitable. GHG-negative is achieved through the invention and use of power-efficient technologies to reduce the watt-hours-per-person-per-unit-distance traveled, and, photovoltaics embedded into the infrastructure. Economic sustainability is achieved by designing for operational costs that are inherently lower than revenue collected when selling a ride. The key comes from decoupling the unit-costs from the utilization of the system, something that is not possible with existing public/mass transportation systems. By being financially sustainable, Glydways relieves municipalities of the vast annual subsidies required to operate existing solutions, which are inherently unprofitable and thereby a fiscal burden to public budgets. Further, the Glydways business model allows for private capitalization of entire systems. Glydways provides the highest capacity, at the lowest cost, with the best user experience, and the lowest greenhouse gas footprint of any mobility solution, providing a personal, on-demand, and point-to-point journey with no stops between origin and destination

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