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Top New Orleans, LA Aerospace Companies (2)

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3D Printing • Aerospace • Hardware • Robotics • Software
5 Offices
1,000 Employees

A rocket company at the core, Relativity Space is on a mission to become the next great commercial launch company. With an ever-growing need for space infrastructure, demand for launch services is continuously outpacing supply. Our 3D printed reusable rockets can meet this demand, offering customers the right size payload capacity at the right cost. Leveraging advances in additive manufacturing, we are strategically focused on reducing vehicle complexity, cost, and time to market. Our patented technologies enable innovative designs once thought impossible and unlock new value propositions in the booming space economy. We believe in a future where interplanetary life fundamentally expands the possibilities for the human experience. In realizing this, our long-term goal is to create humanity’s industrial base on Mars. The first step toward this long-term vision starts here on Earth – designing, printing, and flying rockets which leverage the best of 3D printing technology. Simply put, we build 3D printed rockets. In March 2023 we launched Terran 1, the world’s largest 3D printed object, into space. This maiden voyage proved that 3D printed rockets are structurally viable—ushering in a new era of aerospace manufacturing. Building on the learnings from our Terran 1 program, we’re accelerating our focus on Terran R, our medium-to-heavy lift reusable rocket. Terran R will offer customers a point-to-point launch vehicle capable of missions from Earth to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

Mobile, AL
383 Employees

MAE, Inc., is a world leader in commercial aircraft maintenance and modification services. MAE is strategically located along the beautiful gulf coast in Mobile, AL, and Pensacola, FL. Our facilities include ten hangars with over 1M sq.ft of hangar floor space. We are capable of accommodating eight wide-body and 10 narrow-body aircraft simultaneously for heavy maintenance or modifications. Our operations are serviced by an Instrument Landing System (ILS) and a 9,600 ft runway. We are supported by 150,00 sq.ft. of office space, a warehouse, fabrication and support shops. We offer top-notch facilities and unparalleled solutions.