5 Top Facial Recognition Companies

These facial recognition companies develop technology with a wide range of uses for both businesses and consumers.

Written by Margo Steines
Published on Sep. 06, 2023
5 Top Facial Recognition Companies
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Facial recognition software is designed to identify people by analyzing their faces. It uses algorithms to compare a face captured from an image or video against the facial features of known individuals to determine if there is a match. The technology has a wide variety of uses, such as verifying that an online user is who they claim to be or keeping unauthorized visitors out of a secure facility. The following are some top facial recognition companies building advanced technology to simplify identity verification for businesses and consumers.

Top Facial Recognition Companies

  • Cognitec
  • Sensory
  • iProov
  • Oosto
  • HyperVerge


Facial Recognition Companies to Know

Cognitec’s products are based on its FaceVACS Engine, which can track people’s faces in videos and live streams and is equipped with algorithms for matching faces and verifying identities. Cognitec offers products for biometric entry screening, video scanning, comparing facial images to large databases and other applications.


Sensory uses AI for a wide range of recognition technology applications, including offering recognition software capable of identifying users based on their face and voice. Sensory says it prioritizes hassle-free identity screening and builds its tech to be accurate and preserve user privacy. 

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iProov relies on its Genuine Presence Assurance technology to authenticate individuals online using biometrics for face and palm verification. Genuine Presence Assurance can be used to onboard customers so they can access bank accounts and health records, for example, while the organization maintains a high degree of security and privacy compliance.


Oosto’s Vision AI facial recognition platform can monitor for persons of interest using existing camera systems, provide video analytics and manage who has facility access. Working with law enforcement, airports and seaports, smart cities, schools, homeland security and government buildings, the company says its technology can increase safety and decrease incidents of unauthorized entry.

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HyperVerge is an identity verification provider working to decrease friction during customer onboarding. Its face authentication product, HV Authentication, can help to identify fraud and authenticate verified users in 0.2 seconds. The program asks customers to submit a selfie, which is analyzed by AI to detect liveness and identity.

Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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