13 Top Digital Payment Companies

Check out these top digital payment companies that are simplifying online and in-app transactions.

Written by Rose Velazquez
13 Top Digital Payment Companies
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Rose Velazquez | Apr 24, 2024

Digital payment companies develop technology and solutions to simplify the exchange of money. Their products are used by businesses of all sizes to accept multiple forms of payment for online and in-app shopping. Consumers can also take advantage of these services to split bills and instantly transfer money to friends or family. Here’s an overview of some top digital payment companies making checkout easier for businesses and consumers.

Top Digital Payment Companies

  • Checkout.com
  • Navan
  • Flywire
  • PayPal
  • Cash App
  • Adyen
  • Venmo
  • Stripe


Top Digital Payment Companies

JPMorgan Chase is a financial institution with upwards of 250,000 employees supporting operations that span dozens of global markets. It provides payment processing services through J.P. Morgan Payments, offering secure digital payments and embedded banking solutions for businesses across industries such as energy, retail, healthcare and media.


Remitly’s technology enables money transfers for users around the world. Its capabilities cover sending and receiving money across more than 170 countries, including Nigeria, Mexico, Greece, Belgium, Malaysia, South Africa, Canada, Thailand and Brazil. Users can access these money transfer services through Remitly’s website or mobile app.


Check provides the embedded payroll infrastructure that allows software companies to integrate payroll capabilities into their platforms. Its solutions are designed to ensure accurate payroll and tax calculations and get money to workers on time. Check offers customizable components so that its customers can build a payroll product that serves their specific business strategy.


Pangea operates a global digital payments platform where users can send money anywhere in the world. The recipient can pick up the transfer as cash or deposit it into a bank account in the local currency. Pangea was designed to serve underbanked individuals or areas while reducing the cost and increasing the speed of international money transfers. 


BillGO is a digital payments company that offers bill management and payments. Through integrations with a huge network of billers, consumers can make instant payments in low-friction processes, while accessing all their bills from a single dashboard. More than 30 million consumers use the platform, as well as thousands of financial institutions. 


Checkout.com is a payment services provider that facilitates digital payments for client businesses in multiple industries. Its platform is designed to protect merchants by preventing fraud through intelligent acceptance, layered authentication, identity verification and other fraud detection tools. Checkout.com’s operations are spread across more than a dozen global offices.

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Navan offers travel payment cards that simplify business transactions by using virtual cards associated with each booking, which reduces the need for manual reconciliation. These cards, available in virtual and physical formats, support both one-time and recurring payments. Users can also link their existing Visa or Mastercard to the Navan platform while retaining their card benefits. 


Flywire provides streamlined digital payment processing for international payers, often at rates lower than those for international bank transfers. Used by prominent universities and U.S. banking institutions like Bank of America, Flywire primarily serves payers in the education, healthcare, travel and B2B markets.


PayPal lets individual users send and receive money, enables businesses to accept online payments and covers other key financial services for businesses and consumers. The digital payment company has upwards of 400 million active accounts and has handled 22.3 billion payment transactions over more than two decades.

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Cash App users can send and receive money, stocks and bitcoin without any fees. To add money to their Cash App balance, users can link a card or bank account, deposit cash through participating retailers or set up direct deposits. Cash App also offers banking services in connection with its Cash Card, which links in-store and online payments to Cash App. 


Businesses can use Adyen’s platform to accept in-person and online payments, prevent fraud and keep track of important financial insights. Major retail and e-commerce names like eBay and H&M have used Adyen’s products and services.


Venmo is a digital payment service used for everything from requesting rent money from a roommate to paying a friend back for a round of drinks. Businesses can also accept Venmo payments once they create profiles. For users who want to make the most of their Venmo balance, the company offers a debit card that connects directly to their account.

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Stripe builds digital payment solutions for all types of companies, including e-commerce sites and subscription-based business models. Stripe’s technology gives its customers the flexibility to accept payments in-person, online or through a mobile app. Stripe also supports more than 135 currencies, ensuring its customers can do business internationally.

Margo Steines and Sara B.T. Thiel contributed to reporting for this story.

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