12 Ways to Use Technology to Upgrade Your Sales Processes

Members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss the ways businesses can leverage technology to improve their sales strategies.

Published on Jun. 28, 2023
12 Ways to Use Technology to Upgrade Your Sales Processes
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Top row, from left: Tapojit Debnath, Bryan Driscoll, Vlad Gozman, Givelle Lamano. Middle row, from left: Syed Balkhi, Kristin Kimberly Marquet, Chris Christoff, Andrew Schrage. Bottom row, from left: Samuel Thimothy, Stephanie Wells, Richard Fong, Matthew Capala.

Business today is all about leveraging technology to make even the most ordinary of functions faster and more effective, and sales is no exception. Although sales is still largely a person-to-person operation, taking advantage of certain tools or software can help make the sales experience more efficient and even more personal for the sales team and potential customers than previous methods.

Below, a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members suggests ways in which any business can incorporate more tech into its sales process and why doing so will benefit everyone involved.

12 Ways to Use Technology to Upgrade Your Sales Processes

  1. Use analytics tools for a metrics-based approach.
  2. Use a customer relationship management tool.
  3. Use a price quote generator.
  4. Set up automated texts and canned responses.
  5. Personalize material with a content experience platform.
  6. Create a lead scoring system.
  7. Set up chatbots to answer questions.
  8. Collect more data.
  9. Create value with social media.
  10. Automate your to-do list.
  11. Build a database of blog content.
  12. Pitch using video and AI.

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1. Use Analytics Tools for a Metrics-Based Approach

Analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics) should form the foundation of any modern, dynamic sales process. Metrics obtained from interactions with your content give you the ability to make informed decisions when tweaking your sales processes. The metrics-based approach toward improving your sales pipeline will gradually widen your qualified leads funnel, thus boosting sales. — Tapojit Debnath, Obviously AI


2. Use a Customer Relationship Management Tool

One way to incorporate tech into sales is to have a good CRM with drip email and text messaging software, which should let you organize leads into qualified versus unqualified types. The automated follow-up system helps your sales team follow up with people, and the organization lets them know who to contact and when. The automated drip messages should also go out frequently to keep your company’s name in front of people. — Bryan Driscoll, Motivated Leads


3. Use a Price Quote Generator

A great way to capture interest and lead data from prospective buyers online is to automate custom price quotes. A price quote generator can offer dynamic pricing that adapts to each customers individual needs. Email-gating the final price and sending it to customers directly serves as a lead magnet and makes sure their first website visit wont be their last one. — Vlad Gozman, involve.me


4. Set Up Automated Texts and Canned Responses

Generally, the same objections come up anytime somebody doesnt want to buy: They need to think about it, they dont have the money, they werent expecting to pay so much, they need someones permission to move forward or they want a guarantee. Automated text messages or canned responses with YouTube videos to address these objections show your experience. — Givelle Lamano, Lamano Law Office


5. Personalize Material With a Content Experience Platform

One piece of tech that you can use is a content experience platform (CEP). This tool will help you personalize content for each customer whether they've just discovered your brand or have been on your email list for a while. A CEP organizes your content and sends interrelated material that increases engagement with your audience. Youll streamline your sales process while creating more revenue too. — Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner


6. Create a Lead Scoring System

One way businesses can leverage tech to help improve their sales processes is to create a lead scoring system, which is a way to measure the potential of an opportunity. It also helps companies make better decisions about when and how to pursue leads. Leads are scored based on the likelihood they convert into customers so that businesses can focus on the most promising ones first. — Kristin Kimberly Marquet, Marquet Media, LLC


7. Set Up Chatbots to Answer Questions

Chatbots are a powerful and relatively easy way to leverage tech to improve your sales process. I suggest using these handy tools to help customers with common questions or concerns. For instance, if someone wants to know if one of your products has a specific feature, your chatbot can direct them to the correct model and answer frequently asked questions. — Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights


8. Collect More Data

Data is everywhere, and all you need to do is collect, collate and analyze it, then put it to use. Once you do so effectively, increased sales should be right around the corner. — Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance


9. Create Value With Social Media

Social media provides an opportunity to create relationships with customers while gleaning insight into their behaviors and needs. Creating valuable yet entertaining content makes your prospects warm up to your brand so that when you want to reach out to them, theyre warm leads. You can build relationships with thousands or millions of prospects, which will eventually translate into more sales. — Samuel Thimothy, OneIMS


10. Automate Your To-Do List

Businesses can improve their sales processes using automation, which takes charge of repetitive processes and tasks on your to-do list so you have time to focus on bigger, more important projects. — Stephanie Wells, Formidable Forms


11. Build a Database of Blog Content

One way for businesses to incorporate more tech into their sales processes is to build a strong database of blog content on their website. For starters, this is an ideal way to improve the website’s SEO. But the far bigger benefit is that it provides a treasure trove of sales tools for each step of the buyer’s journey, from “problem” discovery all the way through to deciding which brand to purchase from. — Richard Fong, Bliss Drive


12. Pitch Using Video and AI

Video is more engaging than emails. New software allows you to target consumer segments with video pitches and sales sequences. Use AI tools to gauge the effectiveness of your copy and script, then record video messages. If you dont get more leads, youre still able to build your own variation of brand awareness as a sales representative. — Matthew Capala, Alphametic

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