Like many other global cities, Edinburgh understands the importance of tech and has worked diligently to foster the industry’s expansion in Scotland. In recent years, the city has utilized tech products to promote sustainable transportation. Meanwhile, Scotland has invested in various sectors in the hopes of drawing in future financing. You’ll find some of Edinburgh’s best and brightest tech companies below. These are the ones to know as the country continues to invest in the sector.

Top Tech Companies in Edinburgh to Know

  • Dell
  • Atto
  • Pasabi
  • Skyrora


Top Tech Companies in Edinburgh

Dell is a global technology company known for manufacturing personal computers and electronics like monitors and webcams. Aside from its consumer tech, the company also develops enterprise-grade server and data solutions. In recent years, Dell has also developed proprietary hardware and tools capable of handling the immense processing power required by artificial intelligence technologies. Group operates an assortment of digital travel agencies that help millions of travelers find and book flights. Founded in 1999, the company has built an extensive network of travel partners and increased its offerings beyond flights and accommodation. Now, through its various brands, travelers can book anything from cruises to train rides and local attractions.   

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Atto’s fintech platform helps lenders understand how borrowers spend their money. Its various solutions can provide income verification and detect when customers default on payments or are approaching financial distress. 


Pasabi’s software helps build trust in the e-commerce industry. Its platforms use data analytics to detect fake accounts, spam reviews and counterfeit items. These solutions are intended to ensure marketplaces remain safe and reputable.  

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Skyrora is a U.K.-based aerospace company developing private launch vehicles. It manufactures suborbital and orbital rockets capable of carrying private satellites to space and delivering payloads. The company aims to develop commercial uses for its rockets and already helps clients book launches through its website.

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