15 Tech Companies in Cleveland Shaping the City’s Growing Tech Scene

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Mar. 11, 2022
15 Tech Companies in Cleveland Shaping the City’s Growing Tech Scene
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In recent years, Cleveland has become one of the Midwest’s most promising tech hubs. Besides boasting a vibrant craft brewery scene, the city has grown its own community of startups and tech companies. According to a news report, CBRE named Cleveland the fourth market in the nation when it comes to tech talent labor pool growth. 

As Cleveland continues to own its status as an up-and-coming tech capital, the city’s tech potential grows stronger each year. While some of the city’s top companies are relatively new, others have been shaping the city’s tech landscape for decades. Whether they’re focused on fintech, big data or customer success, Cleveland’s many tech companies are all making a major impact on the local tech scene.

We’ve rounded up 15 tech companies in Cleveland to give you an inside look at the city’s tech growth. 

Tech Companies in Cleveland You Should Know

  1. BoxCast
  2. Xngage
  3. Complion
  4. OnShift
  5. MedPilot
  6. Bravo Wellness
  7. Able
  8. Briteskies
  9. Tufin
Tufin Tech Companies Cleveland

Founded: 2005 

Focus: Network Security 

What they do: Because networks are becoming more spread out and complex, Tufin is making it easier to manage these connections. Companies can automate various processes with the Tufin Orchestration Suite while pinpointing potential weak spots. Tufin’s technology also integrates well with different platforms, making network optimizations effortless for companies. 


BoxCast tech companies in Cleveland

Founded: 2013

Focus: Live Streaming

What they do: BoxCast’s flexible live streaming platform supports organizations from a wide range of industries. The company’s platform lets organizations stream to their audiences through Facebook Live, YouTube Live or their own websites while adapting to viewers’ ideal playback quality, so they can skip to certain segments of both live and archived broadcasts. BoxCast’s technology is used by a variety of religious organizations, sports leagues, government agencies and educational institutions.


Complion tech companies in Cleveland

Founded: 2013

Focus: Clinical Document Management

What they do: Complion offers a document management and workflow platform for clinical research sites. The platform enables users to assign tasks with email notifications, create safeguards, secure documents, leverage single sign-on capabilities and more. Complion aims to help organizations reduce regulatory burden, improve compliance and streamline operations. 

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Dakota Software tech companies in Cleveland
Dakota Software

Founded: 1988

Focus: EHS Management

What they do: Dakota Software provides management products designed to ensure local compliance while synchronizing global Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) programs. Their solutions include compliance planning, behavior-based safety, incident and accident management, air emissions, and EHS auditing. Their clients include HP, Drexel University and Talen Energy.


Heureka Software tech companies in Cleveland
Heureka Software

Founded: 2014

Focus: Sensitive Data Discovery + Protection

What they do: Heureka Software’s intelligence platform helps organizations solve challenges related to managing unstructured data. The company’s software can be used to simplify GDPR compliance, search and analyze sensitive data before collection and gain visibility into existing non-compliance events. Heureka Software has worked with a wide range of clients including financial advisory firms, government agencies and insurance companies. 


Xngage tech companies in Cleveland

Founded: 2013

Focus: Digital Customer Success

What they do: Xngage is dedicated to driving digital customer success for B2B companies. The company’s specialties include account-based marketing, technical design and integration architecture, journey mapping, persona creation and organizational agility consulting. Xngage aims to help manufacturers, distributors and retailers with their e-commerce and digital initiatives. 


OnShift tech companies in Cleveland

Founded: 2008

Focus: Human Capital Management

What they do: OnShift’s human capital management software is designed to simplify senior healthcare. The platform’s capabilities include talent acquisition, time and attendance, employee scheduling and payroll-based journal reporting. OnShift serves a broad range of post-acute care and senior living organizations.


MedPilot tech companies in Cleveland

Founded: 2014

Focus: Patient Revenue Cycle Management

What they do: MedPilot’s AI-powered platform supports patient revenue cycle management. Utilizing data science and behavioral targeting, the company’s platform offers outreach methods, customized engagement and optimized communication. MedPilot aims to help its clients decrease time to collect balances, reduce cost in the collections process and improve patient satisfaction. 

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RazorEdge tech companies in Cleveland

Founded: 2007

Focus: Digital Strategy + Software Development

What they do: RazorEdge specializes in digital strategy, extended reality and software engineering services for B2B organizations. Their focus areas include omnichannel commerce, VR/AR application development, enterprise DevOps and full-stack development. RazorEdge’s clients include Microsoft, Cleveland Clinic and Amway. 


Bravo Wellness tech companies in Cleveland
Bravo Wellness

Founded: 2008

Focus: Corporate Wellness Programs

What they do: Bravo Wellness designs and administers corporate wellness programs for employers, insurance brokers and health insurance carriers. Their services include implementation, data and analytics, communications, compliance, and screenings. Bravo Wellness’ programs offer personal health coaching options, biometric screenings and health risk assessments, reporting and insights, and more. 


Briteskies tech companies in Cleveland

Founded: 2000

Focus: E-commerce Solutions

What they do: Briteskies is an e-commerce solution provider dedicated to developing long-term strategies. The company specializes in a variety of solutions including Magento implementations and integrations, site and performance auditing, IBM security audits, and consulting services. Briteskies works with a wide range of clients including Carlstar, Alta Genetics and Anchor Glass.


GenomOncology tech companies in Cleveland

Founded: 2012

Focus: Clinical Oncology

What they do: GenomOncology develops software-based solutions for clinical oncology, molecular pathology and cancer informatics. The company’s augmented intelligence platform enables users to move, convert and interpret complex data sets. GenomOncology’s platform is designed to enable treatment selection, patient identification for clinical trials and a “patients-like-mine” feature for use in difficult cases. 


BuyerQuest tech companies in Cleveland

Founded: 2011

Focus: Enterprise Procurement Solutions

What they do: BuyerQuest offers an enterprise Procure-to-Pay solution designed to meet organizations’ procurement needs. Their software offers a simplified purchasing experience, AP invoice automation and payment, supplier collaboration, actionable reporting and contract management. BuyerQuest integrates with a wide range of legacy ERPs including Oracle, PeopleSoft and Ellucian. 


Able tech companies in Cleveland

Founded: 2014

Focus: Onboarding Automation

What they do: Able’s software enables recruiters to simplify and automate the onboarding process. The company’s native Salesforce application is designed to help users improve the candidate experience, tighten onboarding operations and focus on recruiting. Able’s clients include BGSF, Chartwell and Corporate Brokers. 

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Insivia tech companies in Cleveland

Founded: 2002

Focus: Growth Consultancy + Digital Marketing

What they do: Insivia is dedicated to helping software, device and technology companies drive growth. Their specialties include go-to-market strategy, interactive experiences, brand identity, market research, integrated campaigns and conversion optimization. Insivia also focuses on fractional CMO, search optimization and PR, and affiliate marketing. 


MRI Software tech companies in Cleveland
MRI Software

Founded: 1971

Focus: Real Estate Software Solutions

What they do: Based in nearby Solon, MRI Software provides real estate software applications and solutions. The company’s Platform X offers users a streamlined experience with the ability to perform a variety of tasks from within one system. MRI Software’s other applications are designed for financial, property, investment and facilities management. 

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