The marketing industry is in a state of constant evolution. While many traditional advertising and promotional methods may still be effective, technological developments and forward-thinking mindsets have allowed new channels to develop and provide a way of reaching more consumers. Specific channels and digital techniques like search marketing, social media campaigns, and influencer networks have allowed marketing professionals and agencies to focus on consumers with greater intent and promote products in ways that will be most effective with their audience.

Cleveland is home to many exceptional marketing agencies and companies utilizing unique methods and media channels to understand and best serve their clients. These 15 marketing agencies in Cleveland are the ones you should know about right now.

Marketing Agencies in Cleveland to Know

  • Advance Ohio
  • Fathom
  • Brokaw
  • Marcus Thomas
  • The Adcom Group
  • Point to Point
  • Recess Creative
  • Adept Creative
Point to Point marketing agencies Cleveland
Point to Point

Founded: 1982

What they do: Point to Point is a full-service agency providing service to businesses in the building and manufacturing industries, helping them accomplish their goals while scaling their business to meet more demand. Clients from the agency include Loctite, American Standard, OSI and Flavorseal, helping each organization by utilizing marketing tech to tell better brand stories, multiplying leads generated from marketing and online methods.


Advance Ohio marketing agencies Cleveland
Advance Ohio

Founded: 2016

What they do: Advance Ohio are leaders and disruptors in the digital space, utilizing multiple marketing techniques and a network of web resources to help Cleveland businesses make a huge impact. Engaging campaign development services, access to multiple marketing channels and powerful insights allow Advance Ohio to utilize data in every execution, leading to campaigns that are effective from all angles.


Fathom marketing agencies Cleveland

Founded: 2000

What they do: Fathom roots itself deeply within its clients businesses to ensure marketing outcomes meet brand expectations and growth goals with certainty. The agency’s areas of expertise include search engine optimization, paid search, display advertising, content creation, marketing automation, social media and analytics capabilities, leading to campaigns that can be nurtured and expanded over time.

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Brokaw marketing agencies Cleveland

Founded: 1992

What they do: Brokaw combines creative expertise and a modern focus to deliver captivating and intuitive marketing campaigns that capture a brand’s unique voice. Specializing in branding capabilities and crafting communicative personalities, Brokaw’s services also include creative development, packaging design, analytics, UX, SEO and social strategy. 


Marcus Thomas marketing agencies Cleveland
Marcus Thomas

Founded: 1937

What they do: Marcus Thomas is a pioneer and leader when it comes to independent marketing agencies taking on huge projects and delivering impactful results to clients. A multi-channel approach to marketing allows Marcus Thomas to operate within the realms of digital transformation, performance analytics, influencer marketing, public relations, market intelligence, design, and much more, covering client needs across markets. 


Adcom marketing agencies Cleveland
The Adcom Group

Founded: 1990

What they do: While The Adcom Group incorporates data-driven insights and market research into its marketing campaigns, the agency’s goal is to help its clients stand out through the pack through unconventional campaign creation. From brand planning and performance marketing capabilities to a full-fledged production studio and even experiential architecture design, The Adcom Group looks for unseen opportunities to deliver rapid brand growth. 


Aztek marketing agencies Cleveland

Founded: 1997

What they do: Aztek is a full-service digital agency with a focus on building fast, responsive websites and providing digital marketing solutions that facilitate growth through online methods. Search engine optimization, paid search advertising, content marketing, marketing automation, social media and web analytics capabilities allows Aztek to form marketing campaigns with stability and lasting results, with auditing services available as well to determine achievable goals. 


Insivia marketing agencies Cleveland

Founded: 2003

What they do: Insivia offers a variety of consulting, marketing and retention services that create a foundation for driving digital conversions. The agency partners with software, device and technology companies to develop precise go-to-market strategies and digital marketing campaigns that include PR, content, media, search, social, automation and UX capabilities.


Hileman Group marketing agencies Cleveland
Hileman group

Founded: 2003

What they do: Hileman Group partners with companies in the healthcare, B2B, B2C and software industries to deliver demand generation, marketing and technology solutions that boost ROI and expose organizations and their products to new audiences. Combining an expertise across technology, marketing and creativity, Hileman Group fulfills client needs through prototyping, development, consulting, brand identity, web design, marketing automation, content marketing and additional services. 


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Recess Creative marketing agencies Cleveland
Recess Creative

Founded: 2009

What they do: Recess Creative focuses on delivering smart, strategic solutions to clients that allow them to form and maintain an identity that helps them connect with clients for years to come. Commited to an in-depth process that spans from discovery to delivery and optimization, Recess Creative portfolio features names like Arnold Palmer, the City of Cleveland, Delta Systems, Honda Generators and Smuckers.


RH Blake marketing agencies Cleveland
RH Blake

Founded: 1986

What they do: RH Blake is a team of marketing experts dedicated to helping manufacturing and industrial firms expand their reach and attain more customers. Services from the agency include marketing strategy, direct marketing, content development, sales support, website design and trade show booth activation, empowering businesses in markets like energy, medical device manufacturing and more.

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The Search Guru marketing agencies Cleveland
The Search Guru

Founded: 2004

What they do: The Search Guru works hard to deliver massive growth across organic, social and paid search channels, empowering clients with a proven formula and expertise putting solutions into place that continue to pay off over time. Specialized services are available for businesses across several industries and include capabilities like content optimization, B2B digital marketing, competitor analysis and business auditing, ensuring businesses are put in the right position to rise above the competition. 


Adept Creative marketing agencies Cleveland
Adept Creative

Founded: 2019

What they do: Adept Creative prides itself on combining a creative mindset with digital expertise to deliver solutions that not only allow brands to stand out visually but be in the right places to capture the perfect target audience. Branding packages, video production, web design, print design and digital graphics are all available from the agency, paired with SEO, social media, PPC and website development capabilities for a well-rounded approach that stretches across industries. 


Robinia Creative Group marketing agencies Cleveland
Robinia Creative Group

Founded: 1999

What they do: Robinia Creative Group has worked with clients like Whirlpool, John Deere and Fifth Third Bank to deliver digital marketing solutions that engage communities and drive action to exciting brands. Along with digital marketing capabilities that consist of search, social media and the utilization of additional channels, the agency also offers web design and maintenance services to provide businesses with everything they need to grow online.


Roberts Advertising marketing agencies Cleveland
Roberts Advertising

Founded: 1972

What they do: Roberts Advertising focuses on developing ways of making traditional and digital marketing methods more effective for its clients than ever before. The agency features an expertise in magazine ads, billboards, newspaper ads, TV spots, logo collateral and website design, telling clear, succinct stories that allow brands to communicate the exact message they want to share with consumers.

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