13 Tech Companies in France to Know

France is investing in innovative tech companies.

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13 Tech Companies in France to Know
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Margo Steines | Jun 28, 2024

France is having a tech resurgence. The country has sizable IT, software and consulting sectors and is even the home nation of Capgemini, a recognizable IT employer. But recently, new tech leaders launched the French Tech 2030 campaign to support new emerging companies and technologies. 

In particular, France is betting big on AI and aims to become a powerhouse in the nascent industry. It has launched investment projects in major AI companies operating in the country, meanwhile, companies like Mistral AI and Dust are already gaining recognition for their work. 

Below are some of the top tech companies in France, ranging from AI to fintech, that you should know about.

Top Tech Companies in France to Know

  • Comcast 
  • Blackline
  • Capgemini
  • BlaBlaCar
  • Dataiku
  • Qonto
  • Doctolib


Top Tech Companies in France

Hivebrite is a software company that makes a private, subscription-based networking platform that is used by educational and corporate alumni communities, professional associations and nonprofits. More exclusive and private than a social media network and with broader reach than off-line networking groups, Hivebrite networks are known for high quality connections, which users turn to for job connections, hiring and socializing. Hivebrite’s headquarters are in Paris. 


AB Tasty offers a digital experience optimization platform that serves as a modeling space for clients to test out changes and tweaks to their online performance. With functionality to support tests, experiments and models on both active existing and in-process digital assets, the platform allows clients to assess effectiveness before unveiling changes to their own clients and users. AB Tasty has offices in major cities around the globe, including Paris.  


Dynatrace makes tech for software observability, which offers B2B clients a method and space through which to collect the data they generate while using various software programs. On the Dynatrace platform, this data is collected and then analyzed with AI to generate insights, create automations and triage future IT incidents. Dynatrace’s French office is in Paris, where its customer success, engineering, data science, HR and marketing teams work.  


Comcast Advertising is the advertising division of Comcast Cable and it operates an office in Paris. Through its media and tech arm, Comcast Advertising delivers tech and data platforms that enable marketers to connect with audiences and measure their campaign performance. The company also provides solutions through its Effectv platform to provide localized services. 


Accounting can be tedious, but BlackLine is changing the game with its modern financial solutions. Its platform unifies data and processes, enabling it to automate repetitive tasks. Through its various products, financial teams also gain access to invoicing, reconciliation and analytics tools. 


Capgemini is one of France’s largest technology companies, with some 270,000 employees worldwide. The company provides a full range of IT solutions, from cybersecurity to cloud computing and AI development. 


Blending carpooling and ridesharing, BlaBlaCar’s platform connects passengers with drivers and buses going to the same destination. After inputting their desired destination, passengers can select from a list of vetted drivers and split the cost of the ride. Founded in 2006, BlaBlaCar has since expanded throughout Europe and has helped millions of people travel by carpooling.  

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Dataiku bills itself as a platform for “Everyday AI” and has developed an easy-to-use platform that encompasses generative AI, data preparation, visualization and analytics. The company aims to be a single source of AI for its clients, mitigating data risk and improving outcomes. 


Accessible for SMEs and freelancers, Qonto is a fintech platform that simplifies finances. The platform features invoicing, spend management and bookkeeping tools. For freelancers, Qonto provides a branded card that tracks receipts and invoices on one platform. 


Doctolib is a telehealth platform that connects patients to various medical specialists. The platform launched in France in 2013 and has since expanded to Germany and Italy.


Mistral AI is a new name in the artificial intelligence race but is already making waves. Its AI model is open-source and fluent in various languages. Because of its customizable nature, Mistral AI has multiple uses but excels at customer support and translation. 

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Orange is a familiar brand in France and throughout Europe. The company is one of the larger telecommunications providers that support mobile, home internet and TV plans. Orange also provides business services like multi-cloud connectivity and cloud computing. 


Dust’s platform helps clients build AI platforms. Through its platform, companies can import their data and create tailored assistants to help with workflows and operations. Furthermore, Dust also handles the AI back-end and ensures it provides the most advanced models. 

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