7 IT Companies in Germany to Know

Germany is one of the largest IT providers in Europe and these are the companies helping the industry grow.

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7 IT Companies in Germany to Know
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Rose Velazquez | Jun 28, 2024

Germany is one of the top IT providers in Europe. The country is home to some 100,000 information and communications technology, or ICT, companies that aim to advance national cybersecurity and economic digitization efforts. Below are some of the top IT companies in Germany. 

Top It Companies in Germany to Know

  • Dynatrace
  • Celonis
  • TeamViewer
  • LeverX
  • Lufthansa Systems


Top IT Companies in Germany

SAP LeanIX offers technology solutions to support business transformation and enterprise architecture planning. Its product features include customizable data dashboards, automations to reduce manual tasks, generative AI capabilities and tags to streamline searching, filtering and reporting. The company’s global footprint includes operations in Berlin and Munich.


Dynatrace’s AI-powered platform provides observability and security services for cloud operations. Its software analyzes large, complex data sets, then provides insights into the client’s applications and suggests optimization strategies. Since launching, the platform has become a mainstay with clients like BMO, T-Mobile and Air Canada, among others. 

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Powered by process mining technology, Celonis’ intelligence platform enables companies to find and leverage improvement opportunities. The platform aggregates data on a businesses’ unique processes and operations to provide user-specific recommendations. Companies like Uber, L’Oréal and Dell use Celonis. 


TeamViewer is a connectivity platform that helps IT teams deliver remote support. The software works on everything from personal computers to mobile phones, and once installed, IT professionals can assume control of an individual's device for maintenance or repairs. Since its launch in 2005, TeamViewer has become one of the most downloaded applications.


With several thousand software experts on staff, ELEKS provides high-tech solutions to various Fortune 500 and enterprise companies. The company offers nearshoring services from its strategic delivery offices and specializes in building scalable software.   

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LeverX is an international IT company that offers consulting and implementation support. The company specializes in SAP implementation and customization. The company has carried out data migration and performance optimization projects on its platform. 


Lufthansa Systems is a subsidiary of Lufthansa Group, a German aviation company, and provides IT services to the airline industry. The company strives to help its clients improve efficiency and their competitive edge while also offering services ranging from accounting to in-flight connectivity. 

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