10 Startup Companies in Noida

Noida has seen many of its startups grow into national tech giants. These are the ones to watch.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on May. 01, 2024
10 Startup Companies in Noida
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Located just outside Delhi, Noida is an attractive location for nascent tech companies looking to grow. Forward-thinking incentives and strong recruitment efforts have turned the region into a top IT destination, growing startups like Paytm into national players. 

Today, Noida is filled with many startups advancing tech and the city’s status, especially across fintech and e-commerce. Below are some of the top ones to know.

Top Startup Companies in Noida to Know

  • Lal10
  • ATS HomeKraft
  • Classplus
  • Nivesh
  • OneTo11
  • Devnagri


Top Startup Companies in Noida

Lal10’s platform connects rural manufacturers with global customers and vendors. It is a marketplace where clothing designers can purchase fabric and sell it in wholesale quantities. Lal10 is a particularly appealing choice for rural manufacturers because it handles global shipping and logistics for its sellers. 


ATS HomeKraft is a budding proptech company. It builds residential spaces in Noida, offering premium homes designed with green materials while prioritizing comfort and community.

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Classplus is an edtech company for entrepreneurs backed by renowned investment firm Tiger Global. The digital platform provides training for individuals to grow an online coaching business. Classplus also provides research for individuals to create and monetize their own content. 


ODWEN is an on-demand warehousing startup that enables businesses to rent depot space for their e-commerce needs. It has developed a cloud-based logistics platform that further simplifies e-commerce by providing inventory insights, order management, and damaged goods tracking. ODWEN also lets people list their warehouses on its platform for future use. 


Nivesh operates an investment platform and aims to increase participation in the finance industry throughout India. The company partners with various financial institutions and sells mutual funds, bonds and other investment products on its easy-to-use trading app. Nivesh takes extra precautions to ensure customers invest in the right products and employs rigorous parameters to match people with assets.

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OneTo11’s gaming platform provides entertainment and enables players to earn money. It consists of fantasy, educational, RMG, RPG and NFT games playable on mobile devices. Players earn money from contest winnings and referrals. OneTo11 was launched in 2020 and already has millions of users, further showcasing India’s vibrant gaming industry.


Devnagri empowers websites to translate English content using AI. The AI startup developed an in-house translation engine and packaged it in APIs and mobile applications that provide language translation for everything from websites to documents and images. Launched in 2020, Devnagri is used by companies like Zomato to translate English content into over 20 native languages. 


AdmitKard is a tutoring platform for Indian students looking to join foreign colleges and universities. The company provides tutoring services like test preparation and mentorship. However, it further supports students by assisting them during Visa and scholarship applications or by sourcing foreign accommodation.  

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The Money Club is a social fintech platform. Through its app, people can save and invest in government-registered funds. Upon registering, the platform verifies users through an internal process and makes them eligible for peer-to-peer loans from other users. The Money Club is backed by several investment firms, including July Ventures and Blume. 


Helloverify provides identity solutions for businesses. Its services range from Visa applicant screenings to background checks and vendor security clearances. Helloverify uses AI to aid its security work and aims to help prevent fraud.

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