22 Software Companies in Washington, D.C. Powering the Nation

Written by Sunny Betz
22 Software Companies in Washington, D.C. Powering the Nation
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Built In Staff | Mar 16, 2022

Software is one of tech's most influential and multifaceted sectors, affecting how we work, how we travel, how we communicate, and so much more. Through the power of software, we have the ability to dream up whole new worlds where technology makes our lives both easier and better. 

When it comes to envisioning new futures, it’s hard to think of a better place than Washington, D.C. The software engineers that call Washington, D.C. home have a strong commitment to public interests and democracy, and that commitment is reflected in the city’s numerous software companies tackling issues like defense security, campaign fundraising, and fair representation. Check out how these 22 Washington, D.C. software companies are dreaming up new horizons for politics, technology and the world.

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Software Companies In Washington DC To Know

  • SAIC
  • DXC Technology
  • Northrop Grumman
  • HyTech Pro
  • Consilio
  • Blackboard
  • Optoro
  • BayFirst Solutions
  • Civis Analytics
  • Matillion
Qualtrics Software Companies Washington D.C.

Founded: 2002 

Focus: HR Tech 

What they do: Qualtrics is enabling companies to elevate their brand experience with listening technology. Embracing Qualtrics’ Experience Management platform, companies can compile conversations, adjust workflows, and make informed decisions with predictive intelligence. By tracking the sentiments of their employees and customers, businesses can design processes and products that better meet the needs of the people who sustain those businesses.  


Rebellion Defense Software Companies Washington D.C.
Rebellion Defense

Founded: 2019 

Focus: AI and Machine Learning 

What they do: Trust is essential for national security and defense missions, so Rebellion Defense is restoring peace of mind with state-of-the-art software. Leveraging AI technology, Rebellion Defense develops tools that integrate with a variety of platforms and stay one step ahead with daily and weekly updates. The United States, United Kingdom, and their allies can remain at the forefront of cybersecurity with the advanced solutions of Rebellion Defense. 


Social Solutions Software Companies Washington D.C.
Social Solutions

Founded: 2000 

Focus: Non-profits 

What they do: To streamline the non-profit industry, Social Solutions has developed a suite of intelligent platforms. Organizations can now track programs and participants, pay bills, message members, and automate workflows. Instead of getting bogged down in manual labor, groups can lean on the technology of Social Solutions while shifting their attention to serving their communities. 


Chainalysis Software Washington DC

Founded: 2014

Focus: Blockchain and Security

What they do: Chainalysis is creating safer ways for companies to navigate the digital frontier of cryptocurrency. The organization has produced a platform where businesses can not only gain insights into investments but also monitor the credibility of crypto transactions and companies. With an added degree of transparency, cryptocurrency becomes a more reliable method for businesses to expand their portfolios.  


DXC Technology Software Companies Washington D.C.
DXC Technology

Founded: 2017

Focus: Information Technology

What they do: DXC Technology offers their enterprise clients a cache of select IT services designed to help them optimize their digital assets and compete effectively with their industry peers. Working with companies in tech, healthcare, automotive, life sciences and other industries, DXC's team's capabilities cover a variety of services ranging from consulting to application development. The company's goal is to guide their clients through every facet of their enterprise technology stacks, fine-tuning their infrastructures to optimize their operations.


Northrop Grumman Software Companies Washington D.C.
Northrop Grumman

Founded: 1939

Focus: Security

What they do: Northrop Grumman's specialty is in cybersecurity software, helping companies maintain the control and integrity of their assets both digital and otherwise. The company's faculties allow them to serve the aerospace, electronics, shipping and government sectors, and their teams have worked on past projects ranging from data protection software to aircraft engineering. Northrop Grumman's headquarters are located in the metro D.C. area, but the company maintains a global presence with a customer base in 25 countries.


Intelsat Software Washington DC

Founded: 1964

Focus: Aviation and Information Technology

What they do: People have come to expect dependable internet connections no matter where they travel, so Intelsat is determined to deliver high-flying results. Airline passengers can now look forward to fast and secure Wi-Fi, allowing people to stream conference calls, surf the web, and more. Plus, a support system of powerful satellites and 24/7 call centers gives flight teams added confidence on the go. 


Matillion Software Washington DC

Founded: 2011

Focus: SaaS

What they do: A business is only as fast as the data that fuels it, so Matillion is determined to propel companies forward. This organization presents cloud-based solutions that make navigating the cloud a breeze. Whether a team needs to move or store data, Matillion provides an expansive data warehouse that works well with Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and other cloud platforms. 


Civis Analytics Software Washington DC
Civis Analytics 

Founded: 2013

Focus: Data Analytics and Non-Profits

What they do: For those who believe in the power of data, Civis Analytics is the perfect fit. This company excels in all things data-related, providing a convenient platform for analyzing data and various ways to collect data on target audiences. Companies looking to better understand their customers and make more informed decisions will appreciate the research-oriented approach of Civis Analytics. 


Thycotic Software Companies Washington D.C.

Founded: 1996

Focus: Security

What they do: Thycotic supports the asset security of their enterprise clients by offering password protection and application access management software to customers like Telstra, Barrett Steel and Loyola University. Their enterprise grade PAM platform helps companies protect both their cloud-based data and their on-site assets, making it easier to grant and revoke access to information across all their platforms.


Optoro Software Companies Washington D.C.

Founded: 2010

Focus: Supply Chain Technology

What they do: Optoro assists companies in better managing their supply chains from end to end by providing integrated software services that streamline inventory, returns and shipping processes. Optoro partners with retailers across the globe to offer them an online portal through which their customers can easily and quickly make returns and track their packages, helping companies reduce their waste and boost their revenue streams.


SAIC Software Companies Washington D.C.

Founded: 1969

Focus: Security

What they do: SAIC partners with organizations in the aerospace, defense, intelligence and other government sectors to deliver systems engineering and software-powered solutions to maximize the impacts of their missions. Their team of over 25,000 professionals works to deliver a broad service suite that covers systems engineering solutions, enterprise software, analytics tools, cloud services and more. With annual profits exceeding $7 billion annually, SAIC is one of the leading technology companies in the cybersecurity and federal software arenas. 

BayFirst Solutions Software Companies Washington D.C.
BayFirst Solutions

Founded: 2002

Focus: Security

What they do: BayFirst Solutions' main purview is risk management, and their experienced software team works with government clients to develop smart solutions that effectively protect their assets from attacks. The company's focus is on maintaining national security and public safety, and their security solutions comply with regulations to make valuable information impervious to risk. BayFirst Solutions' central location in the nation's capital allows their team to effectively serve the interests of government agencies, but their team is spread across nine states throughout the country.

Blackboard Software Companies Washington D.C.

Founded: 1997

Focus: E-learning

What they do: Blackboard is an e-learning company that develops educational software for both business training and academic purposes. Working with corporations, K-12 schools and universities, Blackboard’s technology stack includes applications, analytics tools, and other learning management systems to help educators tailor their lessons to their needs and their students' needs. Blackboard's founders Michael Chasen and Matthew Pittinsky established the company to help transform the traditional education model, and today their services are utilized by 100 million learners worldwide.


EveryAction Software Companies Washington D.C.

Founded: 1997

Focus: Non-Profits

What they do: EveryAction serves the needs of nonprofits throughout the country by delivering a multi-channel CRM for fundraising and organizing. Their platform gives their clients the ability to gain insight into their donation flows and where funds are sourced from, making it simpler for organizations to balance their budgets, build targeted email campaigns and develop advocacy initiatives. EveryAction is one of the country's foremost fundraising technology companies, and is trusted by big name organizations like Planned Parenthood, Greenpeace and the National Audubon Society.


Apprio Software Companies Washington D.C.

Founded: 1998

Focus: Security

What they do: Apprio builds long term relationships with organizations in the health, defense and security sectors to develop effective, tailored solutions for maintaining data security and asset integrity. Their comprehensive service suite offers their clients everything from business analytics and financial management tools to social media monitoring, helping companies track their impacts and potential risks on every available channel.


Nava Software Software Companies Washington D.C.

Founded: 2013

Focus: Web Design, Civic Technologies

What they do: Nava's aim is to help communities gain better representation in their government, and they work to do so by developing civic technologies and optimizing digital services to help people better navigate and access public services. Nava was established to streamline the United States healthcare exchanges website, and today they partner with the Department of Veterans Affairs and Medicare to redesign their sites to be more easily navigable. 


Virtru Software Companies Washington D.C.

Founded: 2012

Focus: Information Technology, Security

What they do: Virtru helps organizations across the country turn their raw data into strategic action, providing software tools to both maintain data security and facilitate engineering to integrate data assets into their business goals. The company teams up with organizations in education, government, healthcare, media and other industries, guiding them in unlocking their data potential to streamline their workflows and simplify collaboration.


HyTech Pro Software Companies Washington D.C.
Hytech Pro

Founded: 2003

Focus: Software Consulting

What they do: HyTech Pro guides businesses both large and small in adopting the latest technologies and optimizing their digital presences. Their team of over 200 developers and engineers offer their clients DevOps, CMS, UX/UI, app development and other services, and their comprehensive approach to digital development helps companies holistically elevate their brand and build solid digital foundations for success.


Consilio Software Companies Washington D.C.

Founded: 2002

Focus: Enterprise Software 

What they do: Consilio supports law firms in their operations by providing an all-inclusive software platform for e-discovery, risk assessment, document reviewing and other essential processes. Consilio supports law firms in their operations by providing an all-inclusive software platform for e-discovery, risk assessment, document reviewing and other processes. Consilio's technologies cover automotive, healthcare, energy and consumer law, and their influence extends across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.


NGP VAN Software Companies Washington D.C.

Founded: 1997

Focus: Civic Technologies

What they do: NGP VAN is the country's biggest tech company for campaign organizing, supplying progressive and Democratic organizations with integrated software platforms to efficiently organize, canvass, and fundraise. From supporting presidential campaigns to assisting local nonprofits in raising donations, NGP VAN helps organizations of all sizes reach their goals and impact their communities. As a company, NGP VAN maintains a startup atmosphere, offering their teammates a range of benefits and events including a yearly hackathon for company members.


EC Technology Software Companies Washington D.C.
EC Technology

Founded: 2003

Focus: Software Development

What they do: EC Technology works with government agencies and enterprise clients to integrate new, industry-specific software into their existing systems. Their engineering team helps organizations realize their goals by developing custom, tailored software tools and offering a range of capabilities including legacy system modernization, intelligence analysis, cloud computing, threat detection and more. EC Technology helps organizations work with what they have, rather than start from scratch, to adapt to changing digital environments and remain at the top of their game.


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