21 Software Companies in Phoenix Transforming Arizona's Tech Industry

Written by Olivia McClure
21 Software Companies in Phoenix Transforming Arizona's Tech Industry
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Rose Velazquez | Mar 22, 2024

In recent years, Phoenix has begun to outgrow its status as a city dominated by its hospitality sector. Instead, this desert capital has become one of the nation’s most promising tech hotspots, serving as the home to many of the industry’s top startups and tech companies. 2019 was a pivotal year for the growth of Arizona’s tech scene as a whole. During this time, tech employment jumped three percent over the course of a year, while the industry brought $32.2 billion to the state’s economy, according to a report from the Phoenix Business Journal. And among the many sectors that make up Phoenix’s robust tech ecosystem, software stands out as the strongest in terms of growth and economic viability. 

According to the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, software job growth across the city has risen 30.8 percent within the last 10 years, while the national average has jumped 18.9 percent during that time. In light of this, it’s no surprise the city plays host to a large number of software companies. These organizations are crafting new solutions to challenges spanning a wide range of industries. While one is dedicated to helping nonprofits raise more money from donors, another is making it easier for students to navigate the financial aid process. Regardless of their approach, these software companies in and around Phoenix are doing their part to bolster Arizona’s burgeoning tech scene. 

Software Companies in Phoenix to Know

  1. Virtuous
  2. Smart Clinic
  3. Persosa
  4. AerialSphere
  5. CXT Software
  6. SkyTouch Technology
  7. Smile Virtual
  8. Necodex
  9. BigTime Software
  10. Chapter


Founded: 1957

Focus: Automotive

What they do: Magna International brings together expertise in engineering and product development to build hardware and software for the automotive industry. From seating systems to advanced driver assistance systems that power autonomous parking and collision avoidance, the company aims to bring innovative solutions to vehicle manufacturing.


Founded: 1992

Focus: Customer Experience Solutions

What they do: KUBRA’s billing, payments and communications solutions give organizations the capabilities “to deliver better customer experiences.” Offering tools that serve more than 40 percent of U.S. and Canadian households, KUBRA works with utility providers like PG&E and Atmos Energy along with other entities from sectors like government, insurance and healthcare.


Founded: 2006 

Focus: Enterprise Web 

What they do: Wix has become a website creation leader by giving individuals the tools to personalize their sites. Users can customize their designs with hundreds of templates and an Editor feature that delivers an intuitive experience. Wix also caters to those who don’t have time to craft their own site, offering additional support through an AI designer and a professional creative marketplace.  


Founded: 2016 

Focus: HR Tech 

What they do: To deliver a frictionless candidate experience, employers are relying on the technology of Paradox. An AI assistant named Olivia takes the weight off HR’s shoulders by screening applicants, scheduling interviews, and answering basic questions. Because Paradox’s AI solution allows candidates to apply through various digital platforms, companies are able to develop a more efficient interview process that applicants will enjoy.  


Founded: 2020 

Focus: Healthtech 

What they do: Medicare is a crucial part to staying healthy as one ages, so Chapter makes sure individuals find the best plans for them. With a thorough and high-powered platform, patients can locate plans that support dental, hearing, vision, prescriptions, and other benefits. Chapter considers all insurance providers, giving patients even more choices as they seek the plan that best suits their needs. 


Founded: 2002

Focus: Professional Services

What they do: Saving time and money is a top priority of any major business, so BigTime Software has developed the technology that gives companies the edge they’ve longed for. Within a single platform, organizations can track spending and time spent on tasks, complete invoices, and more. This way, operations become much more streamlined and businesses have the energy to undertake more projects.   


Founded: 2014

Focus: Nonprofit Fundraising

What they do: Virtuous is dedicated to helping nonprofits raise money by fostering personal relationships with donors. The company has created a nonprofit CRM and marketing automation platform designed to increase donations, equipped with features such as reporting, data analytics, donor journey automation, engagement tracking and email marketing. Virtuous’ software integrates with a variety of online giving and email marketing tools including Eventbrite, MailChimp and Constant Contact. 


Founded: 2016

Focus: Virtual Dental Consultations

What they do: Smile Virtual enables dentists to provide virtual consultations in order to connect with potential clients. Patients can upload a selfie to the company’s platform so that a dentist can record a personalized video consultation and schedule an appointment. Smile Virtual aims to help dentists connect more closely with patients and provide more personalized treatments. 


Founded: 2014

Focus: Patient Engagement + Compliance

What they do: Founded by Paul Berggreen, Smart Clinic offers an app designed to enhance patient engagement, compliance and satisfaction while streamlining back office workflow. The company’s platform provides patients tips, preparation videos and photos to help prepare them for medical procedures while tracking their compliance with physician-designated steps of pre-procedure preps, medications and treatment instructions. On the other hand, physicians can benefit from Smart Clinic’s platform by sending out confirmation of upcoming appointments and procedures, which in turn reduces cancellations and reschedules. 


Founded: 2010

Focus: Intellectual Property Management

What they do: Founded by Mary Juetten, Traklight offers a self-guided software platform designed to help small and medium-sized businesses identify and manage their intellectual property. The platform is intended for use by those who have intangible assets that need to be protected. By helping people protect their assets, Traklight aims to help its clients increase their company’s value, secure a competitive edge and minimize business risk. 


Founded: 2016

Focus: Consumer Experience Management

What they do: Launched by Greg Lim and Kirk Morales, Persosa specializes in creating personalized and connected experiences across TV and digital touch points. The company aims to close the consumer experience gap through its experience management platform, which allows brands to craft immersive and connected experiences. Persosa is dedicated to helping brands improve the consumer experience, collect customer insights, create more relevant content targeting and explore new revenue streams.


Founded: 2011

Focus: Software Solutions

What they do: PhoenixBizz is a global software development company dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses identify and develop business solutions. The company offers a variety of services including mobile app development, enterprise software development, wireframing prototyping, web design and development, and e-commerce site creation. The company’s client base spans a wide range of sectors such as healthcare, hospitality and retail. 


Founded: 2014

Focus: Immersive Mapping Experiences

What they do: AerialSphere seeks to reinvent the way people interact with maps by developing 360-degree immersive experiences. The company’s platform and open API allows companies to deliver experiences that engage, drive revenue, inform and entertain. AerialSphere’s technology is used by organizations from a wide range of sectors including education, real estate, government and retail. 

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Founded: 2011

Focus: Student Financial Aid Management

What they do: Based in nearby Chandler, CampusLogic has created a platform designed to boost student financial success. The company’s platform is intended to transform the way colleges and universities deliver financial aid, equipped with features like a net price calculator, online scholarship management, digital award letters and instant financial aid insights. CampusLogic’s CampusCommunicator effectively communicates financial aid to students, while SponsoredScholar enables students to create personalized fundraising campaigns. 


Founded: 1999

Focus: Task Automation

What they do: Trumpet offers software that streamlines and automates work to help companies maximize their productivity and value their time. Utilizing robotic process automation (RPA), the company develops bots that can execute tasks like transferring data and files, double checking information and performing calculations. Trumpet’s products are intended to help organizations save time and prevent errors by automating critical reporting processes and ensuring documents are searchable. 


Founded: 2002

Focus: IT Services

What they do: Intertec International is an IT services provider that works primarily with Fortune 500 companies. The company’s capabilities include software engineering, business analysis, infrastructure management, delivery models, supply chain and procurement, test engineering and quality assurance. Intertec International serves clients from a wide range of industries such as financial services, aerospace, education and pharmaceuticals. 


Founded: 1999

Focus: Logistics Workflow Management

What they do: CXT Software offers solutions designed to help logistics companies streamline their workflow and boost productivity. The company’s software suite is intended to confront the challenges faced by on-demand and delivery companies, boasting features like drag-and-drop dashboards, intelligent distribution capabilities and full accounting system integration. CXT Software’s app, Nextstop Mobile, assists fleets with geofencing, driving directions, route optimization, communication and parcel routing.


Founded: 2013

Focus: Hotel Operations Management

What they do: SkyTouch Technology provides a cloud-based hotel operations platform designed to help hotel companies achieve growth, advance operating performance and improve the guest experience. The company’s platform offers various property management capabilities such as functionality for reservations, direct billing, group management, housekeeping, reporting and automated night audits. SkyTouch Technology’s client base includes Cobblestone Hotels, Broughton Hotels and El San Geronimo Hotel. 


Founded: 2018

Focus: Software Solutions

What they do: Necodex specializes in delivering software solutions that help businesses streamline their work processes and generate more income. The company’s specialties include web development and UI / UX design, Android and iOS mobile app development, e-commerce site creation and project consulting. Necodex uses a variety of technologies including Node.js, JavaScript, Swift and Wordpress.  


Founded: Unavailable

Focus: Mobile Construction Management

What they do: Punctual has developed a platform for mobile construction management. The platform enables teams to stay connected through real-time alerts regarding schedules, task progress and job completion. Punctual aims to empower construction teams to help all parties remain accountable and up-to-date while keeping clients informed.


Founded: 1987

Focus: Supply Chain Solutions

What they do: Located in neighboring Peoria, Savant Software provides supply chain solutions for small, mid-market and enterprise distributors and manufacturers. The company aims to help its clients improve the profitability of their distribution operations, offering a variety of products pertaining to areas such as farm to fork distribution, container tracking, shipping manifest and truck route management. Savant Software’s client base includes Sierra Nevada Brewing, Ajinomoto and The Foland Group.  

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