5 Software Companies in Brazil to Know

Brazil is going through a tech boom and proving to be a leader in software development.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on May. 13, 2024
5 Software Companies in Brazil to Know
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Brazil is experiencing a tech boom brought on by increased access to the internet and mobile devices. São Paulo, Brazil’s most populous city and financial center, is the largest tech hub in Latin America, according to World Finance, and it places significant emphasis on mobile and software development. Below are some of the top companies in that space to know about. 

Top Software Companies in Brazil to Know

  • Ubiminds
  • QI Tech
  • Cheesecake Labs
  • Luby
  • TecSinapse


Top Software Companies in Brazil

Ubiminds bills itself as a “talent-as-a-service” company, meaning it nearshores tech talent to North and South American businesses. In addition to software development, Ubiminds’ talent contributes to product strategy and helps adhere to various privacy regulatory standards. 


QI Tech develops fintech APIs to make banking more attainable and affordable for consumers. Its products, which include Lending-as-a-Service and Credit-as-a-Service, enable other businesses to offer fintech services without investing the time and money to develop their own platforms. Since its launch, QI Tech has worked with large Brazilian companies such as Unidas and 99 App. 

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Cheesecake Labs is a software development and outsourcing firm that has worked with Pepsico and MoneyGram. By helping place talented developers in external companies, Cheesecake Labs can fully understand various project needs and augment its staff to develop web platforms, mobile apps and even AI engines. 


Headquartered in São Paulo, Luby provides software services to businesses in Brazil, The United States and Europe. With hundreds of talented developers, it specializes in working with finance, education, retail and logistics companies. Luby develops everything from web applications to metaverse platforms and data projects.  

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Working in the automotive sector, TecSinapse develops software for vehicle dealerships. Its software suite comprises sales and marketing platforms and features AI tools to streamline multiple processes. TecSinapse has worked with brands like Nissan, Land Rover and BMW.

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