34 Software Companies Helping Atlanta Achieve Tech Hub Status

Tech in the ATL is booming. Here are some software companies leading the way.

Written by Sunny Betz
34 Software Companies Helping Atlanta Achieve Tech Hub Status
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Hal Koss | Apr 16, 2024

From its unparalleled music and food scene, to the thriving film industry that has turned it into what some call “the Hollywood of the South," there’s a lot to envy about Atlanta. It’s one of the most vibrant arts cities in the country, and we know that wherever there’s a town with a dynamic cultural scene, there will be companies looking to make it their home. While this is true of Atlanta, the Peach State capital is doing way more for the world of tech than just following in the footsteps of cities like San Francisco or Seattle.

Atlanta’s software scene welcomes everyone from early-stage startups to members of the Fortune 500, 16 of whom have put down roots in the city. Over 70 percent of the world’s payments are processed by fintech software companies within the city limits, and the Atlanta Tech Village startup incubator has grown into one of the largest and most prosperous in the country. These software companies are helping to add “tech epicenter” to Atlanta’s long list of accolades — take a look at what they’ve been working on. 

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Atlanta Software Companies to Know

Atlanta Software Companies To Know

  • Convoy
  • AptAmigo
  • Secureworks
  • BetterCloud
  • OutSystems
  • Ebix
  • Mailchimp
  • Salesloft
  • Movius
  • Pindrop


Founded: 2011

Focus: Financial Services

What they do: OTR Solutions has a lineup of freight factoring and technology solutions to ensure steady cash flow and efficient operations for businesses in the transportation industry. The company’s Epay Manager offering, for example, supports back-office operations for brokers with automations to manage repetitive tasks, accurate invoicing and simple, centralized data access. 


Founded: 2015

Focus: Software, AI & IoT

What they do: Samsara develops technology that enables enhanced visibility and streamlined workflows, with the goal of bolstering safety and sustainability for businesses in a variety of industries. Its products include AI-powered video systems for detecting risks and coaching fleet drivers and equipment monitoring solutions that facilitate location tracking, utilization reporting and preventative maintenance. Samsara opened its Atlanta office location in 2019, and it holds employees from teams such as engineering, sales, product and marketing.


Founded: 1898

Focus: Automotive & Communications

What they do: Cox Enterprises is a tech company that operates various brands in the communications and automotive retail spaces. Its two biggest subsidiaries are Cox Communications, which provides internet service to millions of homes and businesses, and Cox Automotive, which builds solutions to innovate car buying and selling. Cox Enterprises established its corporate headquarters in Atlanta and hires both remote and hybrid workers in the city.


Founded: 2005

Focus: Insurtech

What they do: Simply Business, a small business insurance brokerage founded in London, has expanded its U.S. presence with a hub in Atlanta, where clients can come in for in-person appointments as well as conduct digital business remotely. The company uses emerging data analytics software to offer price-optimized insurance product choices to its clients. 


Founded: 1983

Focus: Insurtech

What they do: Applied Systems offers technology for the insurance industry, employing more than 2,500 team members who serve 160,000 users across its software product portfolio. The company says its solutions give its customers the tools to build businesses that are efficient and competitive. Its products cover areas like marketing automation, customer self-service, digital payments and business intelligence.


Founded: 2009

Focus: IT and operations management

What they do: PagerDuty makes a SaaS platform used by IT departments to monitor, prevent and manage outages and disruptions that occur across websites and apps. According to the company’s website, more than 19,000 companies use PagerDuty, including enterprises like Zoom, SAP and Carnival.


Founded: 2001 

Focus: Music 

What they do: iZotope is enhancing the capabilities of audio by supplying musicians with a range of powerful products. Those who invest in an iZotope membership can take advantage of the Music Production Suite Pro. This package includes tools for removing background noise, streaming music, and more. Plus, creatives can purchase individual items on the iZotope site to craft customized music tracks.  


Founded: 2018

Focus: E-commerce & Fintech

What they do: With prices and consumer demands changing on a regular basis, determining the right amount of inventory within the industrial materials sector is a challenge. To help businesses bypass some of these setbacks, Reibus International offers a digital space where industry knowledge and customer support go hand in hand. After companies submit requests for quotes, the professionals at Reibus International can guide clients through the steps to maximize their returns from inventory transactions.  


Founded: 1964

Focus: Aviation & Information Technology

What they do: Staying connected to online resources is more crucial than ever, whether people are on the ground or 30,000 feet in the air. That’s why Intelsat is making flight experiences more enriching for passengers by providing reliable Wi-Fi and high-speed internet connections. Airline customers can remain in touch with the world below, thanks to the comprehensive technology solutions of Intelsat.  


Founded: 2011

Focus: SaaS

What they do: Matillion gives every business the competitive edge it needs to succeed by providing more convenient access to data. The cloud-based platform acts as a warehouse that collects and sorts through a company’s data, allowing businesses to conduct quicker analyses. Plus, Matillion’s platform complements a range of platforms, allowing businesses to move, gather, and store data faster than ever before.  


Founded: 2015

Focus: Real estate

What they do: AptAmigo provides renters with a more nuanced and intuitive way to find the dream apartment that best suits their needs. Built on powerful proprietary technology that matches renters with spectacular prospective apartments, AptAmigo combines technical prowess with real estate expertise to provide renters with a concierge-like service that ensures their comfort.


Founded: 2015

Focus: Logistics

What they do: Convoy operates a connected digital network of freight carriers that handle bulk shipments on-demand, allowing shippers to save money while putting more money in drivers’ pockets and reducing carbon footprints. Shippers have the option of submitting drop-and-hook shipping requests or full-truckload shipping while receiving full compliance and supply chain visibility, with plenty of perks and better work-life balance for drivers.


Founded: 2011

Focus: Operations

What they do: BetterCloud is a management tool for the various SaaS applications used in the workplace. Headquartered in NYC, BetterCloud has offices in Atlanta and San Francisco assisting their 2500+ customers. Just a few of their solutions include IT maintenance, data loss prevention, user lifecycle management and fully-automated policy reinforcement. 


Founded: 2001

Focus: Marketing & E-commerce

What they do: Mailchimp helps companies take control over their marketing through email and automated messaging tools designed to reach the biggest audience possible. Mailchimp customers can organize their marketing initiatives all in one central platform, making it easier to examine audience data and integrate their strategy into their social media and e-commerce pages. Enterprises as small and seed-stage startups and as big as multinational businesses can implement their tools to reach a greater number of new customers and engage their core audience in new campaigns.


Founded: 2011

Focus: B2B Software

What they do: SalesLoft helps B2B enterprises implement software solutions for engaging customers and generating leads. SalesLoft works with top industry disruptors such as Square and Zoom to generate sales pipelines and increase their market impact with the help of email, calendar and analytical software tools. The company has a multinational reach that extends beyond their Midtown Atlanta office, with locations in New York, Indianapolis, London and Guadalajara.


Founded: 2006

Focus: Healthtech

What they do: QGenda provides doctors and physicians a scheduling platform designed to remove obstacles to connecting with and treating patients. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations can implement their software to schedule appointments, follow up with patients, and optimize the levels of care that nurses and doctors can provide. In addition to their calendar tools, QGenda also gives users insights into efficiency data, as well as the option to track and manage compensation efforts for their team members. 


Founded: 1999

Focus: Security

What they do: Headquartered in Perimeter Center, Secureworks builds cybersecurity networks powered by AI and automation to help their clients gain actionable insights into operational threats. Client companies can utilize their platform to aggregate data from all channels, predict potential threats, and protect their digital assets. Secureworks is included under the umbrella of Dell Technologies, through which they are able to serve a global network in over 180 countries. 


Founded: 2001

Focus: Enterprise Software

What they do: OutSystems recognizes that enterprise applications can be the key to any business's success, and as such they seek to work with companies to build specific applications tailored to their operational and user needs. They offer low-code development services that any client can use to visually design their applications without the need for any extensive coding knowledge.


Founded: 1976

Focus: SaaS

What they do: Ebix works with companies in finance, e-learning, healthcare and other industries to develop enterprise software solutions for infrastructural management questions. Their SaaS model allows them to collaborate on building tailored CRMs, risk compliance software, and other back-end systems for companies across the globe. In addition to their Atlanta headquarters, Ebix has over 30 international locations in North America, Brazil, the U.K., India, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.


Founded: 1999

Focus: Enterprise Software

What they do: Movius's cloud-based telecommunications software helps companies ensure optimal communication and engagement both with their teams and with their clients. Their products are enabled with voice, video and messaging software to offer a variety of ways to transmit valuable information, and their collaboration tools are capable of powering group projects and productivity from any location.


Founded: 2011

Focus: Security

What they do: Pindrop helps financial institutions and retail companies maintain the security of their operations by providing voice recognition and authentication technology for monitoring business related calls. Their advanced voice recognition software automates the detection of caller fraud and scams, reporting back risk scores to help companies prepare for potential attacks and anticipate future threats.


Founded: 2007

Focus: Software Development

What they do: Maestral Solutions core focus is on how software can be implemented across all industries to power innovation and deliver optimal customer experiences. They develop in-house software products for healthcare, financial, and digital companies, helping them integrate cloud services and analytical research into their customer engagement strategies.


Founded: 2003

Focus: Security

What they do: IDology provides digital identity authentication services to companies across the globe, helping to anticipate and halt any security threats or breaches before they happen. The company supports their clients from onboarding through risk detection, all the way maintaining end-to-end security compliance to help organizations protect the integrity of their assets. Some of the solutions offered in their product suite include identity and age verification, document encryption, and customer-based authentication.


Founded: 2000

Focus: Transportation Software

What they do: NexTraq collaborates with shipping and trucking companies to find software powered solutions for their fleet management and tracking questions. With the power of GPS and Dashcam, NexTraq clients can keep tabs on their shipments and driver safety, making sure that their assets and cargo get to their destinations quickly and securely. As a member of the Michelin parent company, NexTraq is able to deliver their software services and mobile application solutions to a national network of shipping and transportation leaders.


Founded: 2002

Focus: HR Software

What they do: PeopleStrategy helps companies recruit and retain top talent through a suite of software resources built to centralize the management of benefits, compensation, and other HR operations. Enterprises that work with PeopleStrategy can automate administrative HR tasks in order to better focus on building relationships with new employees and set their teams up for success.


Founded: 2008

Focus: Auctions

What they do: GiveSmart seeks to utilize software technology to transform the auction process, providing users with the opportunity to place bids on items through their streamlined mobile app. The company also offers fundraising organizations with tools to reach potential donors, run campaigns, and collect donations through their web and mobile devices. GiveSmart's bidding and fundraising software is trusted by leading charitable organizations across the globe, including Goodwill, The American Lung Association, and the Make A Wish Foundation.


Founded: 1984

Focus: B2B & B2C

What they do: Intelliverse provides lead generation and marketing technology products to companies in the B2C and B2B industries, envisioning new ways that software can help sales teams close deals and onboard new clients. Teams that use Intelliverse's pay-as-you-go software resources can automate tasks such as dialing and scheduling to generate sales pipelines, boost ROI and make decisions based on client records.


Founded: 1998

Focus: Virtual Reality

What they do: Pulseworks aims to create and curate immersive motion simulation experiences through virtual reality software. Their team of engineers and designers, working out of their Atlanta corporate headquarters, collaborate on motion simulators and digital experiences for motion theatre and amusement park attractions across the country. From VR transporters to flight simulators, the team at Pulseworks integrates state-of-the-art digital imaging technology into their designs to provide users with engaging and entertaining virtual experiences.


Founded: 2013

Focus: Events

What they do: Gather works to disrupt the event planning and hospitality industries, building new technology to streamline the processes of booking and event hosting for brands and venues across the country. Their product is a one-stop digital event management platform, through which companies can optimize their workflow, take closer looks into opportunities for improvement, and leverage their assets to increase participation in their events. Gather's platform also grants guests the option to review their experiences and provide feedback, helping businesses personalize their services based on customer input.


Founded: 2008

Focus: Enterprise Software

What they do: MemberSuite helps enterprises build meaningful engagement with their customers and clients, powering AMS and event tech software capable of handling finances, analytics and key data. Their customizable software systems help businesses deliver superior customer experiences at lower costs, offering a suite of services that ranges from e-marketing campaigning to cloud integration.


Founded: 2001

Focus: Cloud Tech

What they do: Racemi works with enterprise clients to help them integrate cloud migration technology into their methods for managing and transporting their data. Their cloud-based software helps companies manage their workflows by rapidly migrating information to the cloud, and by optimizing search and discovery tools, Racemi makes it easier for leads and employees to make use of that information.


Founded: 2015

Focus: B2B & B2C

What they do: Effective sales is a make or break aspect of many companies, but mapping all business relationships and leveraging client information to make more sales can be a complex system. Winmo helps smooth the process of closing deals by implementing software technology to map client relationships and predict potential pipelines, giving enterprises the right tools to optimize their lead generation and close on more sales. In addition to their software product suite, Winmo's site also offers a variety of e-books and webinars to guide their clients in building a string infrastructure for their sales teams.


Founded: 2001

Focus: Information Technology

What they do: Datum Software provides a suite of IT consulting and design services to Fortune 500 companies across the globe, assisting in building end-to-end software capable of picking up the slack in order to reach staffing and organizational objectives. Their range of products and services include cybersecurity management, enterprise architecture construction, application building, and software integrated risk management tools. While headquartered in Atlanta, Datum Software is an international company with additional offshore facilities in India.


Founded: 2012

Focus: Cloud Tech

What they do: AODocs makes navigating Google Drive for businesses simpler, helping companies in finance, life science and manufacturing manage their documents, automate workflows, and accelerate their business goals. AODocs is headquartered in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood, and seeks to establish a presence in some of the world's most dynamic tech hubs, with additional offices in San Francisco, France and Italy. 

Rose Velazquez and Margo Steines contributed reporting to this story.

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