Renewable energy is becoming increasingly important as many countries shift away from fossil fuels. The United Kingdom announced its goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and several companies lead the way with innovative products to help us adapt to renewables. These companies are developing everything from batteries for electric cars to smart energy meters. Here are the ones worth watching.

Renewable Energy Companies in the UK

  • Zenobē
  • Octopus Energy
  • Good Energy
  • Ecotricity
  • Tevva


Top Renewable Energy Companies in the UK 

Zenobē develops battery solutions and charging infrastructure for electric buses. Apart from the development of new energy solutions, Zenobē also refurbishes electric vehicle, or EV, batteries by using them as temporary power sources for Powerskids, which act like generators. The company is headquartered in London and has since expanded to Australia, New Zealand and Benelux.

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Octopus Energy is a renewable energy provider offering affordable wind and solar-generated energy to U.K. homes and businesses. The company prides itself on being transparent and provides potential customers with online quotes and easy-to-understand export tariffs that explain how customers collect payment when they contribute excess energy back to the grid.

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Good Energy is a utility company with renewable solutions to help the U.K. reach net-zero emissions. Serving residential homes and businesses, Good Energy supplies electric power and “green gas” derived from renewable biogas sources and offset through other green investments. The company also develops smart hardware like heat pumps and energy meters that aid renewable energy delivery.

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Ecotricity is one of the oldest green energy companies in the U.K. and has grown its energy grid substantially with the construction of large solar and wind parks in Britain. The company is responsible for connecting homes to the energy grid and providing export tariffs to home solar panel owners. It has also developed new tech like smart meters, which provide accurate insights into how much energy residential homes consume.

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Tevva manufactures electric trucks and technologies to advance zero-emission transport. Some of the technologies include electric batteries, dual motor systems and hydrogen fuel cell range extenders. Tevva’s products aim to improve the trucking industry by delivering stellar range capabilities and making trucks more cost-effective to operate. 

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