Dana Cassell is a freelance writer working with Built In's Brand Studio.

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mother juggling baby while working at a computer
For employees of these forward-looking companies, parenting and professional growth aren’t mutually exclusive.
an image of a person holding an AI image with several other technology images floating around.
Leaders from Integral Ad Science and Analytics8 share their emerging best practices around ethical use of AI technologies.
 a line of business people meeting and making decisions
Through equitable hiring practices, corporate culture workshops, and leadership programs, Apex Fintech Solutions is championing an environment of equity.
A series of illustrations of groups of people sharing information
Two product leaders share how they juggle the needs and challenges of stakeholder management.
Several coworkers applaud an employee for their good work.
From Slack compliments to celebratory days off, these companies are nurturing atmospheres of appreciation.
Clay figures surround an image of the globe
Four members of teams that span the globe share the best parts of their international partnerships.
An extended robot hand holds a constellation of gears labeled “AI”
From writing more inclusive job descriptions to streamlining code reviews, GenAI is changing the way tech companies do business.
a worker sits at a computer ahead of images of full batteries and filled happiness tanks
Five tech leaders share their tips for fostering culture that attracts top talent.
a signpost points toward “success,” “growth” and “career development”
Eight early-career workers share their best advice for finding room to excel.
 two hands hold a paper cutout of an arrow hitting the center of a target
How eight companies are living their mission every day.