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Tevva is pioneering zero-emission transport with revolutionary battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell range extender technology. Tevva trucks optimise range, driver experience, and total ownership cost while significantly reducing the environmental impact from the urban freight and logistics sectors. Tevva trucks are as cost-effective and operationally flexible as diesel trucks. A Tevva truck has at least 1,000 fewer moving parts than a traditional diesel truck, lowering maintenance costs and increasing uptime. Combining realistic capital costs and reduced operating costs means that Tevva trucks achieve total cost of ownership (TCO) parity with an equivalent Euro 6 diesel truck. The capability to deploy on long routes every day means that Tevva trucks replace their traditional diesel counterparts. As a fully zero-emission truck with minimal moving parts, Tevva offers a step-change in fleet longevity and a radical reduction in lifetime cost per kilometre. Tevva trucks are smooth, responsive, and relaxing to drive. They are much quieter than traditional diesel trucks, allowing for greater flexibility where night-time deliveries in urban residential areas are concerned. The trucks simultaneously address the dual crises of climate change and urban air quality because they offer the lowest possible CO2 per km and eliminate 100% of tailpipe pollution (NOx, SOx, and particulates). Having Tevva BEVs and REX BEVs in your fleet makes environmental sense and, with long-term savings on maintenance and running costs, is a great business decision. Tevva is an expert in technology because it matters and makes a positive difference to humanity. Tevva trucks are already on the road and have accrued hundreds of thousands of miles in customers' hands. All Tevva trucks are available in left and right-hand drive and subject to European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWTA). Join us as we power the zero-emission revolution.

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