5 Web Design Companies Shining a Light on Pittsburgh's Tech Scene

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Nov. 19, 2020
5 Web Design Companies Shining a Light on Pittsburgh's Tech Scene
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Pittsburgh’s tech scene is ramping up — with a wave of aspiring talent moving from more expensive cities to open startups in the Rust Belt metro. Those with their finger on the pulse are even speculating that the Steel City’s tech industry may one day rival that of Silicon Valley. Tech industry unicorn Duolingo had a big hand in putting Pittsburgh on the tech world's radar, but the city also boasts dozens of ambitious smaller companies in fintech, automotive, e-commerce and pretty much every other industry imaginable.

It has long been known that a well-designed website is an essential part of any company’s toolbelt, with over 50 percent of web users admitting they wouldn’t recommend a company to a friend if its website was poorly laid out. Placing an emphasis on web design can help a company reach both its local customers and potential clients across the globe, as well as giving it the opportunity to hone its voice and become a recognizable brand in its industry. Web design has become such an integral part of doing business in the 21st century that there are entire companies devoted to building eye-catching and impactful sites. Take a look at how these five web design companies are putting together sites that make Pittsburgh shine.

Web Design Agencies in Pittsburgh to Know

  • Integra Web Services
  • Smith Brothers Agency
  • HDS Marketing
  • NuRelm
  • Ker Communications
Integra Web Services Pittsburgh Web Design Company
Integra Web Services

Founded: 2004

What they do: Integra Web Services is a full-service web, mobile and marketing agency that collaborates with brands in all industries to design impactful digital presences that highlight each company's unique strengths. By crafting web designs that take customer behavior into account, Integra Web Services helps companies carve out niches in their sectors and sets them up for long term success. From e-commerce integration to brochure design, the agency offers its clients a broad swath of services built to strengthen every aspect of their digital enterprise. 

Other capabilities: SEO, social media marketing, logo design, mobile app development.

Clients: Alberta Payments Technology, CCIS, Xiola. 


Smith Brothers Agency Pittsburgh Web Design Company
Smith Brothers Agency

Founded: 2002

What they do: Smith Brothers Agency is a full-service creative agency that delivers digital solutions that bring in the best of both creative ingenuity and data science, providing its clients with products that deliver results. Working with companies in manufacturing, retail, food service and other sectors, Smith Brothers Agency delivers a suite of marketing and design services that are scalable to any industry. The agency's creative range has allowed it to deliver past projects like social media campaigns, web designs, physical packaging and offline experiences.

Other capabilities: Social media marketing, brand packaging, media content creation, PR.

Clients: Red Bull, Del Monte, Primanti Brothers, Baskin Robbins.


HDS Marketing Pittsburgh Web Design Company
HDS Marketing

Founded: 1992

What they do: HDS Marketing delivers both online and offline branding services to companies across the globe, offering businesses the ability to extend outreach campaigns to their customers through every channel available. The company's digital offerings give its clients the opportunity to adopt e-commerce technology and mobile apps into their digital enterprise. With offices in Ohio, Kansas and Pennsylvania, HDS Marketing's broad service portfolio gives its clients a chance to extend their reach as far as possible.

Other capabilities: Wearables production, product fulfillment, direct mail marketing, e-commerce integration.

Clients: The NFL, Star Wars, The Rolling Stones, Blizzard Entertainment.


NuRelm Pittsburgh Web Design Company

Founded: 1999

What they do: NuRelm provides a combination of software development and web design services to enterprise clients both nationally and internationally, working to guide them toward establishing a sustainable and successful digital marketing strategy. NuRelm's team shares a background in a broad range of tech specialties, and in the past, it has collaborated with brands both large and small on web applications, e-commerce platforms, CMS sites and other digital projects. Over the past two decades, NuRelm has built healthcare apps, websites for film studios, mobile technologies for the cannabis industry, and a variety of other solutions spanning a great swath of use cases.

Other capabilities: App development, data and API integration, CMS design.

Clients: LemurDx, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Film Office.


Ker Communications Pittsburgh Web Design Company
Ker Communications

Founded: 2010

What they do: Ker Communications combines SEO knowledge, content development, social media outreach, and design to provide each of its clients with a holistic digital brand development approach built to maximize volume across the entire web. The company provides each of its enterprise clients with design and marketing tools built to both catch the eye of customers and rank high in search engine results. Founded by digital marketing and web design specialist Nick Ker, Ker Communications has spent the past decade delivering targeted web design services to its diverse client base, and the agency's work has earned it a title as a certified Google Partner.

Other capabilities: Search engine optimization, content development, social media marketing.

Clients: National and international clients.


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