7 Creative Agencies Helping Pittsburgh Companies Stand Out

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Oct. 13, 2020
7 Creative Agencies Helping Pittsburgh Companies Stand Out
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Essential to any company’s success, creative services provide the ability to stand out, to craft a meaningful and impactful message, and to create a unique image that sets it apart from the crowd. But crafting a strong creative strategy on one’s own can be out of reach for many brands, whether a company lacks the advertising tools necessary to do so, or because it simply has blind spots when it comes to how it is seen by customers. Bringing in another set of eyes can be the best course of action for an ambitious startup — that’s where creative agencies come in. With their vision trained on building imaginative and impactful campaigns, the art directors and design specialists working at creative agencies bring their skills in digital development, video and radio content creation, logo design, and a bevy of other talents to the table, working together to guide brands in streamlining their image and delivering exactly what their customers want.

In a city like Pittsburgh, where technology development has propelled the city to the top of tech market lists, the opportunity to craft a unique brand message is too good to pass up. Check out these seven creative agencies in Pittsburgh harnessing the power of creativity to turn aspiring companies into industry leaders.

Creative Agencies in Pittsburgh to Know

  • Smith Brothers Agency
  • Chemistry Communications
  • HDS Marketing
  • Cosmitto
  • Responsival
  • Beyond Spots & Dots
Smith Brothers Agency Pittsburgh Creative Agency
Smith Brothers Agency

Founded: 2002

What they do: Smith Brothers Agency is a full-service agency that guides companies through every stage of their creative development, highlighting the unique facets of each organization and helping them achieve success. The agency's past work has taken advantage of a variety of available platforms to amplify brand voices and images, collaborating with companies on projects like website redesigns, video content, social media promotions, and experiential designs.

Clients: Red Bull, Del Monte, Baskin Robbins, Primanti Brothers, First National Bank.

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BRUNNERWORKS Pittsburgh Creative Agency

Founded: 1989

What they do: Combining a deep knowledge of both data science and creative design, BRUNNERWORKS guides brands in developing campaigns and content that both attract eyes and deliver measurable results. Its team delivers an extensive range of capabilities, covering everything from creative content and interactive design to marketing automation and predictive modeling. BRUNNERWORKS' creative projects have been the recipients of various awards from the Drum Marketing Awards, the Graphis Advertising Awards, and the ADDYs.

Clients: GNC, Mitsubishi Electric, WesBanco, Huffy, YellaWood. 


Chemistry Communications Pittsburgh Creative Agency
Chemistry Communications

Founded: 2009

What they do: Chemistry Communications is an advertising agency focused on delivering results, and its team of art directors and advertising specialists work to build the links between technological disciplines and creativity to elevate brands above their competition. Voted AdAge's best small agency for two consecutive years, Chemistry Communications offers web design, social media campaign development, traditional and digital advertising, brand design and other creative services to their multinational client base.

Clients: Equifax, Four Loko, Guinness, H&R Block, Kirklands, Marriott.

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HDS Marketing Pittsburgh Creative Agency
HDS Marketing

Founded: 1992

What they do: Placing high on the Inc. 500 list for three separate years, HDS Marketing has a record of delivering high quality creative services to companies throughout the United States and beyond, providing brands with both physical and digital marketing services built for the highest impact possible with customers. The agency's swath of online and offline marketing solutions gives brands the opportunity to leverage tools like wearable marketing, e-commerce functionality, direct mail, email, video and other forms of media to spread their messaging further.

Clients: NFL, The Star Wars Franchise, The Rolling Stones, Blizzard Entertainment.


Cosmitto Pittsburgh Creative Agency

Founded: 2010

What they do: The content strategists and digital marketing specialists behind Cosmitto collaborate with brands of all sizes to optimize their digital presences and heighten the impact in their sectors. From web-based promotional campaigns to creative photography services, the agency partners with brands to leverage all available marketing tools and channels, helping them maintain strong relationships with their loyal customers and attract new fans.

Clients: Rinovum, GNC, UPMC.


Responsival Pittsburgh Creative Agency

Founded: 2014

What they do: Responsival delivers digital marketing, branding and advertising services to companies in all industries across the globe, delivering top brands with web design, media creation, app development and other services designed to hone their vision and image. Some of its past projects have included social media initiatives, video campaigns, and digital design overhauls, and its expertise has succeeded in helping some clients achieve up to 500 percent increases in their web traffic. 

Clients: The Smokehouse Grill, InMotion Stories, Heinz Memorial Chapel.

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Beyond Spots & Dots Pittsburgh Creative Agency
Beyond Spots & Dots

Founded: 2006

What they do: Beyond Spots & Dots partners with companies of all sizes ranging from startups to global enterprises, delivering creative content services that both uniquely highlight each client's best qualities and increase their ROI. By taking each client's business goals into account, Beyond Spots & Dots brainstorms marketing solutions to help each company get to where it wants to be, providing services like web design, social media management, radio and TV marketing, copywriting and more.

Clients: National and international clients.

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