17 Nashville Startups Turning Music City Into a Tech Boomtown

Whether they're reinventing the real estate industry or transforming healthcare operations, these 16 Nashville startups are worth knowing.

Written by Olivia McClure
17 Nashville Startups Turning Music City Into a Tech Boomtown
Hal Koss | Jan 31, 2023

Music may be top of mind when it comes to Nashville, but this honky tonk town has become one of the country’s most vibrant tech cities. The city is undergoing a massive boom in terms of population growth and tech talent, putting it on par with some of the nation’s largest tech hubs. According to the Nashville Business Journal, the city ranks among the top 15 in the U.S. for startups, surpassing longstanding tech capitals like Boston and Seattle.

Nashville Startups You Should Know

  • Soundstripe
  • Possip
  • SecturaSOFT
  • Lucent Health
  • ProviderTrust
  • Wealth Access
  • Tithe.ly
  • GoCheck Kids
  • Contessa Health

While Nashville is considered a relative newcomer to the nation’s tech industry, the city has long played a part in the cultivation of industries like healthcare and, of course, music. That said, it seems only fitting that “Music City” would boast numerous healthtech and music startups alongside a growing number of fintech, real estate tech and even edtech competitors. While one is optimizing healthcare operations through cognitive computing, another is making it easier for people to buy and sell their homes. 

Here’s a look at 17 Nashville startups shaping the city’s growing tech ecosystem.


Nashville Tech Startups to Know

Contessa Health’s risk-based model brings the essential elements of inpatient hospital care into patients’ homes. The company allows patients to recover from acute or post-acute conditions and surgical procedures inside their own homes, thus enabling provider organizations to scale effective and affordable home recovery care in their markets. Contessa Health’s analytics platform mines claim data in order to identify cost-saving opportunities.


Medalogix is a data science company that helps home health agencies identify at-risk patients using predictive modeling. The company’s suite of products and services help health providers create clinical programs and manage populations more efficiently.


Instawork provides a flexible staffing solution for businesses in more than 25 U.S. markets. Using the company’s on-demand platform, businesses quickly find local hourly workers — ranging from bartenders to baristas, forklift drivers to retail merchandisers — to fill last-minute staffing shortages or get ahead of seasonal staffing needs.


Founded by metal distribution veterans who were set on modernizing the industry, SecturaSOFT makes software designed to help sheet metal shops and metal fabricators provide fast, accurate quotes and estimates. With offices in Nashville, Cincinnati and Birmingham, the company’s technology solutions are designed to help its users work more efficiently and “generate winning bids quickly.”


ProviderTrust is on a mission to “create safer healthcare for everyone.” The company partners with HR, compliance and provider operations teams to monitor healthcare populations in order to identify license, credential, compliance and payment eligibility issues before they impact patients. ProviderTrust aims to help healthcare organizations protect themselves from risk and reduce their administrative burden.


Soundstripe offers unlimited stock music for video content creatives. Their enterprise API grants organizations access to music composed by award-winning producers. Soundstripe also offers memberships with unlimited licenses, so businesses aren’t subjected to recurring royalties or media-specific fees.


Possip aims to simplify the parent-school feedback loop. The company’s platform allows parents to share encouragement and feedback so that schools can collect this information and analyze trends systematically. By sending parents feedback prompts through Possip, schools are granted access to weekly reports that take less than five minutes to review.


I3 Verticals is an integrated payments provider dedicated to helping customers improve their operating efficiencies, enhance revenues and streamline payment processing functions. The company offers its clients a single point of access for a suite of payment and software solutions, enabling omnichannel point-of-sale, spanning brick and mortar and electronic and mobile commerce. Their vertical markets include education, hospitality and healthcare.


Initial State offers a data streaming and visualization platform that makes it easy to send data from sensors and applications to a cloud. Once data is stored, users can create real-time interactive dashboards, charts, statistics, notifications, webhooks and more. Initial State makes it possible for people to access, analyze and transform data in their web browser.


Wealth Access is a wealth management technology firm that offers a suite of financial management tools. Their cloud-based platform collects information from financial services institutions and holdings to deliver an aggregated view, which allows for better decision support in investments, tax planning, insurance and more. Wealth Access’ mobile app boasts various capabilities such as intelligent aggregation and client engagement.


Gun.io helps companies scale their software engineering teams by granting them access to a global network of tech professionals. The company’s platform automatically screens each candidate, ensuring they have passed code, culture and reference assessments. Companies are matched with potential candidates within 24 hours, so they can set them to work as quickly as needed.


GoCheck Kids has created an app that detects common vision disorders in children. The company enables primary care networks to implement cost-effective pediatric vision screening with bidirectional EHR integration. GoCheck Kids is currently used by over 4,500 pediatric teams across the U.S. and Europe.


Tithe.ly’s tools help religious and ministry leaders increase donations, manage their congregation and engage their members. Their platform boasts various capabilities such as in-depth reporting, auto-recurring giving and text messaging-based donations. Tithe.ly’s app is currently used by nearly 30,000 churches in 50 countries. 


Located in neighboring Murfreesboro, simpliHOM strives to simplify the real estate process. Their platform helps people buy and sell their homes, offering 24/7 access to transaction details as well as a concierge team. SimpliHOM’s platform also allows people to find local agents and explore stats about nearby neighborhoods.


Based in nearby Brentwood, FreightWise is on a mission to “fill a gap in the supply chain logistics space.” The company’s SaaS platform enables users to reduce freight costs, find the right carrier, offload manual tasks, audit invoices and more. In the past, FreightWise has partnered with a variety of clients, ranging from meal delivery systems manufacturers to distributors.

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XSOLIS is on a mission to improve healthcare operations through cognitive computing. The company’s predictive analytics platform simplifies the utilization management process for both payers and providers by leveraging insights gathered from machine learning and AI. XSOLIS helps its clients enhance revenue integrity, optimize operational efficiency, facilitate communication and collaboration with payers and more. 


Lucent Health is dedicated to reducing healthcare risks and costs while improving employee access to health benefits. The company analyzes organizations’ data to decipher trends and stimulate their options in addition to identifying at-risk members to help them manage the costs of complex care. By quickly assessing data, Lucent Health empowers organizations to make informed healthcare decisions and offer a better experience to their employees.

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