7 Advertising Agencies Showcasing Nashville's Creative Heart

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Oct. 21, 2020
7 Advertising Agencies Showcasing Nashville's Creative Heart
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Nashville is no stranger to creativity. Whether it's the singer-songwriters playing at The Bluebird Cafe, performers taking to the Grand Ole Opry stage, or the restauranteurs in the Gulch putting new spins on classic American dishes, Nashville is a city for creators, innovators and dreamers. Nashville's arts and entertainment scene is one of the main magnets that draws in both visitors and long term residents, and the city's cultural identity has earned it a position as one of the most desirable locales for creatives looking to pursue their passions.

Music City's enterprising spirit can be especially seen in the many digital media and advertising companies that call Nashville home. The copywriters, creative directors and account managers who make up Nashville’s advertising agencies work both day and night to not only build up their clients’ brand images, but to pitch the city’s unique energy to the rest of the world. Thanks to advertising, Nashville went from being a modest Tennessee metro to the country music capital of the world. These seven Nashville advertising agencies are taking on the exciting task of writing the next page of the city’s history.

Nashville Advertising Agencies to Know

  • iostudio
  • cj Advertising
  • Augeo
  • GS&F
  • Gemini Production Company
  • redpepper
JumpCrew Nashville Advertising Agencies

Founded: 2016

Focus: Partnering mainly with companies in the B2B sector, JumpCrew offers a full-service suite of marketing solutions to companies in retail, automotives, mobile device manufacturing, finance and a range of other industries. Blending both technological expertise and a deep knowledge of the marketing and advertising world, the agency's team connects with companies to build digital frameworks that more effectively engage their customers and establish their voice. JumpCrew's team can craft online ads, integrate SEO content, pursue paid search and social opportunities, redesign websites and embark on a variety of other projects tailored to each client's needs.

Clients: Clinicient, Beautyblender, MARCOA, PartsTech, Sprint.

Headquarters: 3201 Dickerson Pike


iostudio Nashville Advertising Agencies

Founded: 1997

Focus: Iostudio leverages digital and web tools to help build effective advertising campaigns for its worldwide client base, offering a set of services framed around the goal of producing creative and impactful content. The agency's team is trained to deliver a variety of capabilities to each customer, ranging from content marketing and video content production to audience analysis and engagement strategy. Some of iostudio's past work has included video advertisements for television, web and mobile platform development, full-service brand strategy, infographics design and more.

Clients: UPS, Harper Collins, Kekoa, Hillsdale College.

Headquarters: 565 Marriott Dr.


cj Advertising Nashville Advertising Agencies
cj Advertising

Founded: 1994

Focus: Cj Advertising specifically partners with law firms and personal injury brands, supporting their operations with a comprehensive suite of creative marketing services built for maximum impact. Delivering everything from television ad production to web design, cj Advertising's broad swath of services cover every marketing need their customers could have, helping them build a holistic infrastructure for future messaging and expansion. Guiding each client through strategizing, creative and digital development, and audience analytics, cj Advertising helps firms utilize every channel available to them to meet their objectives and expand their client bases.

Clients: National law firms.

Headquarters: 401 Church St.

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Augeo Nashville Advertising Agencies

Founded: 1999

Focus: Augeo is an agency focused on customer engagement, teaming up with companies in nearly every industry to help them adopt the latest in advertising technology and integrate new tools into their marketing methodologies. From card-linked loyalty programs to virtual meetings, Augeo offers its clients many different options and solutions for keeping their audiences hooked. The agency additionally provides companies with rewards programs and recognition tools to engage and retain their workforce as well as increase productivity.

Clients: National and international clients.

Headquarters: 278 Franklin Rd.


GS&F Nashville Advertising Agencies

Founded: 1978

Focus: GS&F team collaborates with companies of all sizes and industries on creative branding projects built to highlight each client's unique strengths and assets. The agency guides brands in crafting authentic, tailored initiatives to capture audience attention and loyalty, and it has worked in the past to produce results through email marketing, mobile app development, broadcast content, influence marketing, digital displays, and other projects. GS&F places a strong emphasis on company culture, offering its team a strong benefits package, group outings and professional development opportunities, as well as fostering community engagement through their various outreach and charity programs.

Clients: Bridgestone, PetSafe, Firestone, LP Building Solutions.

Headquarters: 209 10th Ave.


Gemini Production Group Nashville Advertising Agencies
Gemini Production Group

Founded: 2000

Focus: Gemini Production Group is an advertising media company specifically focused on delivering video content and streaming solutions to its client base. Its scalable solutions provide companies of all sizes with the opportunity to leverage video as a part of their marketing arsenal. Gemini Production Group's team offers ad script development, graphic design, corporate branding, visual marketing and a variety of other services. Over the past 20 years, the agency's work has earned it recognition from prestigious awards organizations, including eight Emmy Awards.

Clients: MetLife, Motorola, Animal Planet, Aetna, United States Postal Service, Marriott.

Headquarters: 1321 Murfreesboro Pike


redpepper Nashville Advertising Agencies

Founded: 2011

Focus: Redpepper is both a creative advertising agency and a brand development company, connecting each company in their client base with the tools necessary to succeed for the long term. Whether it be a video campaign or an engaging mobile platform, redpepper takes its clients' objectives into account when embarking on advertising projects. Redpepper's customer base is scattered across the globe, and its team is spread across two North American locations, in Nashville’s Capitol Hill and Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood.

Clients: Slack, Colgate, John Deere, Coca-Cola, Verizon, Oreck.

Headquarters: 305 Jefferson St.


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