15 Washington, D.C. Media Companies Sharing Our Stories With the World

Written by Sunny Betz
15 Washington, D.C. Media Companies Sharing Our Stories With the World
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Built In Staff | Jan 09, 2022

Washington, D.C. is a city with a deeply diverse economy, but at the top of the heap are two major groups: the politicians creating news-worthy information, and the people sharing that information with the world. In the latter group, one can find a breadth of high-powered media companies that are not only sharing news and headlines with the world, but are telling and retelling the stories that make this country what it is today.

While news is a big part of the media landscape in the nation’s capital, the industry isn’t all newspapers and magazines. Media is quickly becoming one of the most tech-savvy industries in Washington, D.C., where media companies may find themselves working on podcasts, social media campaigns, sitcoms, radio shows and much more. The exhilarating variety found within the metro’s media companies and thrilling pace at which they operate has, unsurprisingly, worked like a magnet for prospective talent. Take a look at these 15 media companies in Washington, D.C. telling the stories that make us who we are.

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Top Media Companies In DC To Know

  • AXIOS Media
  • Access Intelligence
  • NPR
  • Discovery
  • The Washington Post
  • Tegna
  • Sirens Media
  • Military Times
Discovery Media Companies In D.C.

Founded: 1985

What they do: Discovery is a mass media company with an international impact, owning and operating a variety of networks with names like TLC, Animal Planet, Velocity, the Oprah Winfrey Network and more. With content available in over 200 countries, Discovery delivers entertainment and educational media in over 50 languages to viewers across the globe. The company also maintains ownership over a number of mobile apps, streaming services and social media content as a part of their initiative toward maintaining their global thought leadership.


The Washington Post Media Companies In DC
The Washington Post

Founded: 1877

What they do: The Washington Post is a nationwide news media company that publishes and produces newspapers, mobile app content, television programs and web based news. With a focus on highlighting accurate news in a nonpartisan manner, The Washington Post covers groundbreaking stories from both within and beyond the metro D.C. area. Their coverage highlights trending topics in areas spanning politics, sports, business and more, and in 2018 the company was named the most innovative media company by Fast Company.


AXIOS Media Companies In D.C.

Founded: 2016

What they do: AXIOS Media is a news media network that covers current trends and events in a range of areas spanning business, science, politics and tech. The company's aim is to deliver trustworthy news to their viewers as efficiently as possible. Their user-friendly site has been built by their design team to remove excess information, pop-ups, and other visual clutter to help people grasp headlines quicker and with more accuracy. Their news coverage holds a focus on technology, economic growth and structural inequalities, and their team seeks to illuminate trending issues as accurately remaining nonpartisan.


Cvent Media Companies In D.C.

Founded: 1999

What they do: Cvent's specialty is working with event production and entertainment companies, and their team delivers their clients a cloud-based platform with which they can manage their event registration, venue selection, and marketing operations. From building mobile events apps to planning trade shows, Cvent works with companies in the corporate, government, non-profit and hospitality spheres to create media and software solutions that help maximize their market impacts. Based out of the D.C. metro area, Cvent has an international client base of over 30,000 customers, and employs over 4,000 media and marketing professionals across the globe.


NPR Media Companies In DC

Founded: 1970

What they do: NPR produces news content through a variety of channels for public entertainment and information, primarily broadcasting news coverage of national and international events. With headquarters in close proximity to Capitol Hill, NPR employs over 1,500 journalists to cover breaking news stories and international affairs for public knowledge, additionally operating a country-wide network of news and media professionals who cover local and statewide news.


Access Intelligence Media Companies In D.C.
Access Intelligence

Founded: 1977

What they do: Access Intelligence's focus is on B2B media, delivering content and services to companies in healthcare, aviation, cable, energy and other sectors. Their team delivers a comprehensive suite of products and services, including event production, digital content creation, magazine and newsletter development, webinars and more. Access Intelligence operates a number of media outlets under its umbrella, with titles including Defense Daily, Cablefax, PR News and LeadsCon.


Tegna Media Companies In D.C.

Founded: 2015

What they do: Tegna is a pioneering force in digital media, helping provide engaging content and marketing services to 41 markets across the United States. Their team of journalists, brand specialists and media professionals collaborate to deliver targeted, interactive content to the communities in their markets. Tegna is in charge of airing programs for over 60 local news outlets across the country, and their social media engagement initiatives reach over 50 million web users nationwide.


MT News Wires
MT News Wires

Founded: 1999

What they do: MT News Wires delivers current events and relevant news to the financial sector, providing banks and corporations with applicable data and accurate information on the latest market trends. Their team of reporters aims to help business leaders and investors make strategic moves in their industries with the help of nuanced and insightful financial news stories. The company's site offers participating clients the option to subscribe directly to their digital news feed, helping eliminate excess noise and provide access to the most valuable information and data available.


RLJ Entertainment Media Companies In D.C.
RLJ Entertainment

Founded: 2004

What they do: RLJ Entertainment is a digital entertainment company that delivers media content via a number of channels to viewers across the globe. The company owns exclusive rights to a number of films and British dramas, and as a corporation RLJ Entertainment operates Acorn TV, UMC Acacia TV and other channels. RLJ Entertainment is the media arm of the greater RLJ business network, which has additional wings spanning the automotive, financial, and real estate markets.


Military Times Media Companies In D.C.
Military Times

Founded: 1940

What they do: Military Times is an independent news outlet geared primarily toward military service members and their families, delivering relevant information pertaining to government bodies and their careers. Since World War II, Military Times has provided both active and retired service members with high-quality defense news, helping readers stay apprised of current events and any changes to their lives that may occur as a result. Their reporting team covers a variety of pertinent military areas, including health care info, civilian life transitioning, products, training opportunities and more.


DTI Management Media Companies In D.C.
DTI Management

Founded: 2012

What they do: DTI Management is a hub for event ticketing operations, helping their clients control their ticket sales and get more fans involved in concerts, sporting events or theatre productions. Their team of analysts and software professionals work with industry investors to build web portals that allow event production companies the ability to maintain the integrity of their sales and root out unauthorized sellers. They also provide a variety of services designed to help companies maximize the distribution of their tickets and help heighten their brand visibility.


TrialGraphix Media Companies In D.C.

Founded: 2006

What they do: TrailGraphix specializes in providing legal organizations with media content and graphics to guide them in maximizing their success and building strong legal presentations. Their team helps craft presentations for trial that implement creative design solutions to help their clients win their cases, leveraging 3D imaging, illustration, photography and deposition designation tech to craft well-rounded presentations. 

Storyblocks Media Companies In D.C.

Founded: 2011

What they do: Storyblocks is a digital media provider that offers unlimited downloads of stock images and videos on a subscription basis. By providing access to their digital media content through a subscription model, Storyblocks helps creators utilize stock media without paying exorbitant prices. Ranked by Inc. Magazine as the fourth fastest growing company in the United States, Storyblocks established itself as the first stock media company to operate on a subscription model, and continues to deliver digital media to users across the globe.

NewsWatch TV Media Companies In D.C.
NewsWatch TV Media Companies In D.C.

Founded: 1990

What they do: Partnering with networks in over 200 U.S. markets, NewsWatch TV produces 30 minute news segments covering topics ranging from healthcare and business issues to fashion and tourism trends. With over 1,500 episodes aired to date, NewsWatch TV features celebrities and top companies across the globe to showcase emerging trends and current events for their national audience. Airing primarily on the AMC and ION Networks, NewsWatch TV boasts a national audience of over 96 million viewers across all 50 states.


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