History and Horizons: 5 Marketing Agencies in San Antonio to Watch

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Oct. 21, 2020
History and Horizons: 5 Marketing Agencies in San Antonio to Watch
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When you think of San Antonio, what comes to mind? Maybe it's the iconic Alamo, the beauty of the Natural Bridge Caverns, or the colonial Spanish architecture. San Antonio is a city brimming with cultural history, but that doesn't mean the city is stuck in the past. The city's skyrocketing startup ecosystem proves that San Antonio has its eyes set on the horizon, even outpacing Austin, its tech neighbor in terms of growth. 

With deep historical roots and a vision for the future as expansive as the Texas skies, San Antonio has been able to market itself as the city that has it all. With more and more tech companies flocking to its downtown district, there’s ample room for marketing agencies of all sizes to shape San Antonio’s story and share it with the world. The creatives and branding enthusiasts who work together on marketing teams share San Antonio's rich past while building its future. Take a deep dive into five of San Antonio’s marketing agencies that are forging new frontiers for the city’s tech scene.


Marketing Agencies in San Antonio to Know

  • Harte Hanks
  • Clear Visions
  • Redgizmo Digital Marketing
  • ArchPoint Group
  • The Atkins Group
Harte Hanks Marketing Agency San Antonio
Harte Hanks

Founded: 1923

What they do: For nearly a century, Harte Hanks has delivered customer-oriented marketing solutions to clients in tech, retail, biotech, automotives and nearly every other industry imaginable. The agency's behavioral marketing approach focuses on tangible customer data from each client's base when building branding solutions, enabling its team to craft tailored solutions that play to each company’s strengths. Harte Hanks provides each client with a comprehensive portfolio of marketing services, including digital branding, technology enablement, creative development, direct mail marketing, and more.

Clients: IBM, Mitsubishi Motors, Sony, T.J. Maxx, Amtrak.

Headquarters: 9601 McAllister Freeway


Clear Visions Marketing Agency San Antonio
Clear Visions

Founded: 1981

What they do: Clear Visions is primarily a print marketing company, but it provides an array of other marketing services designed for various channels. Offering both direct and digital marketing solutions, Clear Visions helps companies take advantage of email, social media, in-store displays and other avenues for branding. The agency additionally supports companies with their business and creative needs, offering guidance in outsourcing, logistics, business intelligence, video content creation and other operational necessities. 

Clients: National and international enterprises.

Headquarters: 121 Interpark Blvd.

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Redgizmo Digital Marketing Agency San Antonio
Redgizmo Marketing Agency

Founded: 2005

What they do: Redgizmo Digital Marketing's branding solutions offer brands the capability to achieve their web development, brand redesign, and multichannel marketing goals. From logo design to email marketing campaigns, Redgizmo Digital Marketing connects companies with the tools necessary to refine their voices and broadcast them across every channel possible. The agency's solutions take audience data and brand objectives into account, and its team crafts initiatives designed to meet those objectives and cultivate long term growth.

Clients: National and international enterprises.

Headquarters: 14546 Brook Hollow Blvd.


ArchPoint Group Marketing Agency San Antonio
ArchPoint Group

Founded: 2008

What they do: ArchPoint Group is primarily a marketing and professional consulting agency, connecting its clients with experts in creative development and integrated marketing to help them organically expand their reach and influence. Its brand development and marketing solutions include product design, brand positioning, customer research, social media campaign development and a variety of others. ArchPoint Group maintains strong connections to the San Antonio area, but also boasts an international footprint with additional offices in Europe and Asia. 

Clients: Stop & Shop, Albertsons, Topco, Meijer.

Headquarters: 140 Heimer Rd.


The Atkins Group Marketing Agency San Antonio
The Atkins Group

Founded: 1963

What they do: The Atkins Group offers creative marketing and advertising services to a client base of companies spread across the country, guiding brands in developing and amplifying their voices to make the biggest possible impact in their industries. The agency's team of consultants and creative strategists work to highlight each client's strong points, and some of its past projects include web campaigns, video content, brand partnerships, print content and more. The Atkins Group has been recognized for a number of prestigious awards, including accolades from the Telly Awards.

Clients: St. David's Healthcare, South Padre Island, Visit San Antonio, Y Vodka, Alamo Bowl.

Headquarters: 501 Soledad St.


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