20 Sales Reps to Follow on LinkedIn Right Now

These experts will help you stay up to date on the latest sales strategies.

Written by Brian Nordli
Published on Dec. 15, 2021
20 Sales Reps to Follow on LinkedIn Right Now

If you’re in sales, odds are you spend most of your day on LinkedIn researching prospective buyers, connecting with new prospects and posting content to be seen as an industry expert. But while the platform is a valuable outreach tool, don’t overlook its potential as a training resource.

Perhaps more so than any other social media website, LinkedIn is filled with sales reps and leaders doling out nuggets of prospecting advice, buyer insights and emotional support. Since you’re going to be on the platform anyway, you might as well fill your feed with tactical advice you can apply to your next sale.

Sales Reps to Follow on LinkedIn 

  • Hannah Ajikawo
  • Will Allred
  • Belal Batrawy
  • Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell
  • Josh Braun
  • Kyle Coleman
  • Kevin “KD” Dorsey
  • Ashleigh Early
  • Chantel George
  • Morgan J. Ingram

To help you get started or to add a few more names to your LinkedIn feed, we rounded up a list of just a few of the top sales experts posting on LinkedIn. Whether you’re looking to break into tech sales or are a 15-year veteran leading a team, there’s someone on this list for you.


20 Sales Pros You Should Be Following

Hannah Ajikawo

Hannah Ajikawo works as a senior sales strategy consultant for sales consulting firm Skaled and is director of global partnerships for the networking community Sistas in Sales. Her posts on LinkedIn often tackle ways sales reps can be better listeners and experts for their buyers. Ajikawo was recently named to LinkedIn’s “top voices in sales” for 2021.


Will Allred

As co-founder for the email outreach platform Lavender, Will Allred is a go-to source for any sales rep looking to improve their cold emails. In various posts, he’ll identify fluff that plagues sales emails, offers more effective email frameworks and dissects emails that miss the mark. Within his analyses, Allred highlights common mistakes reps make and includes a rewritten version that sales reps can use as a guide.


Belal Batrawy

One of Salesforce’s “top sales influencers,” Belal Batrawy doesn’t shy away from talking about the common practices in sales that lead to burnout or ineffective sellers. He writes a newsletter called Death to Fluff and focuses on eliminating ineffective tactics like sales leaderboards, glorifying the grind and empty motivational phrases. His posts cut to the chase, focusing on practical prospecting advice that any seller can use.

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Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell

Gabrielle Blackwell combines her perspective as a sales development representative leader for Airtable and as co-founder of the Women in Sales Club, a Clubhouse-based networking group focused on empowering women in sales, to provide insightful and motivating sales content. Her posts alternate between offering inspirational support to SDRs and actionable tips (like how to navigate cold calls or building a social selling presence). Named in LinkedIn’s “top voices in sales” this year, Blackwell is someone to follow for any SDR looking for advice.


Josh Braun

Josh Braun, founder of Josh Braun Sales Training, is notable on LinkedIn for his ability to break down complex sales topics like risk aversion into understandable examples. He primarily posts about topics like cold calling and email outreach, offering dos and don’ts sales reps can follow to capture the buyer’s attention.


Kyle Coleman

Writing creative and engaging email outreach 50 times a day is difficult. Perhaps no one understands this better than Kyle Coleman, VP of revenue, growth and enablement for revenue operations platform Clari. Instead of shaming sales reps for boilerplate copy or an error in their email, Coleman takes the time to teach. His posts are instructive at heart, like highlighting a common outreach mistake and offering tips on how to improve it. But he also uses the platform to challenge sales leaders to better support their SDRs, making him a thoughtful source for any developing sales rep or leader. 

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Kevin “KD” Dorsey

Kevin Dorsey, VP of inside sales for healthtech company PatientPop, isn’t afraid to speak his mind when it comes to sales. He frequently challenges the status quo in sales — check out his thoughts on why sales reps should be paid salaries — and provides thought-provoking content for both leaders and sales reps on LinkedIn. His posts range from the psychology of buyers to what managers can do to motivate their reps.     


Ashleigh Early

Ashleigh Early runs her own sales consulting firm and is head of sales for the Amazon Web Services support company Duckbill, but she’s also the co-host of the podcast The Other Side of Sales that focuses on making the profession more diverse and inclusive. On LinkedIn, Early regularly advocates for more diversity, equity and inclusion in sales in addition to providing prospecting tips.        

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Chantel George

Four years ago, Chantel George decided to create Sistas in Sales, a community for women of color in sales to connect and help each other advance their careers. It’s now the largest network of women of color sales reps, according to its website. On LinkedIn, George promotes other women of color in sales and shares sales insights based on her experience working in sales for LinkedIn and Twitter.


Morgan J. Ingram

With more than 125,000 followers on LinkedIn, Morgan Ingram has built a reputation as a go-to source for prospecting tips. Ingram draws on his experience as the director of sales execution and evolution for the firm JB Sales Training and as a former SDR leader to share advice on how to manage your time as a rep and dig into LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospect data. In addition to posting tactical sales advice, Ingram is a co-founder of Sales for the Culture, a networking group that seeks to empower Black sales professionals, and hosts a YouTube show called SDRChronicles. 


Chaniqua (Nikki) Ivey

As the co-founder of SDRDefenders, a networking group for SDRs, and head of growth for consulting firm Cultured Perspective, Nikki Ivey’s posts challenge the profession’s status quo when it comes to DEI and the SDR experience. She also frequently doles out sales advice from her experience as a sales rep, making her an insightful follow for anyone seeking a community in sales or in need of advice.

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Niraj Kapur

Niraj Kapur is managing director for Everybody Works in Sales, a sales training firm. His LinkedIn is full of sales coaching advice for reps of all experience levels, touching on topics like how to win business by being nice and prospecting on LinkedIn. He’s also not afraid to shed light on his own experience with the mental pressures and the toll sales can have on a person.    



Keenan, who goes just by his last name, is the founder of the sales methodology gap selling, which focuses on identifying where the buyer wants the company to be and what’s preventing them from reaching that goal and selling to that “gap.” A passionate salesperson, Keenan posts frequent videos offering tactical advice to sales reps.    


Scott Leese

A former sales leader, Scott Leese now runs his own sales consulting firm and is the author of three sales books. Leese maintains an active LinkedIn presence sharing coaching advice for sales reps and leaders alike. His posts include tips on how to be a better salesperson and job openings in the profession. If you’re looking for activities to improve your sales game, Leese regularly shares information about Thursday Night Sales, a virtual happy hour he co-hosts with sales consultant Amy Volas.


Darren McKee

Darren McKee, a senior account executive at HR platform BetterUp, writes about leadership, DEI and sales strategy on LinkedIn. He also frequently publishes polls on topics both serious — like asking how many slides buyers prefer in their demos — and fun — are you a car singer? McKee provides a mix of serious sales insight with a dash of levity to your LinkedIn feed.

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Alexine Mudawar

By day, Alexine Mudawar works as a strategic account executive for B2B gifting platform Alyce. By night, she’s the co-founder of the Women in Sales Club with Blackwell. Mudawar’s LinkedIn combines those two worlds with posts promoting inspirational women in sales, tackling sales strategies like how to glean more information from your buyers and offering candid career advice. Her activity has also caught the attention of LinkedIn, where she was named one of the platform’s “top voices in sales.”


Lori Richardson

As the founder of the consulting firm WOMEN Sales Pros, which launched in 2001, and host of the podcast Conversations With Women in Sales, Lori Richardson has long been a leading voice in the profession. On LinkedIn, she’s constantly sharing content to support other women in sales and providing advice for other sales leaders. Whether you’re a woman in sales looking for community or a sales leader seeking advice, Richardson is a must-follow.  


Jared Robin

Jared Robin is co-founder of the sales networking group RevGenius. If you’re looking to join a community of sellers or to participate in polls that lead to lively sales debates, then Robin is a worthy add to your social feed. When he isn’t sharing workshops from his networking group, Robin shares polls on questions like “How many meetings do SDRs book in a month?” and “Are you finishing the year in the same job you started in?” The questions often provoke thoughtful conversation and shed light on the latest in the profession.


Ryan Scalera

If you’re ever looking for video prospecting inspiration, give Ryan Scalera, account executive for sales meeting platform Dooly, a follow. In 2020, Scalera went viral in the sales community for a rap video he sent to revenue intelligence platform Gong called “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gongster,” modeled after the nineties hit “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta.” Another popular video of his, titled “So Flippin’ What?”, introduces an exercise sales reps can do to make sure their pitch is relevant to the buyer. Beyond creative videos, Scalera also shares insights on the sales methodology gap selling from his time working for gap selling training firm A Sales Guy. 


Amy Volas

Amy Volas is the founder of the executive search firm Avenue Talent Partners, which helps companies hire new sales and customer success leaders at the VP level and above. On LinkedIn, Volas sets aside talk of sales metrics and pipeline generation to focus on the human side of sales. Her posts predominantly center around building stronger relationships both between the salesperson and the buyer, and the leader and the rep. There are tips for sending meaningful outreach, supporting a struggling rep and improving the hiring process, offering useful insights for anyone in sales.       

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