Boasting prominent districts like Hardware Park and HITEC City, Hyderabad is a global epicenter for technological innovation. Thousands of IT companies have opened offices in the city to tap into its large and talented workforce, including some of the largest corporations in the world. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most prominent players in Hyderabad’s IT ecosystem, shedding light on the companies that are contributing to the city’s status as a global technology powerhouse.

Top IT Companies in Hyderabad

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Zoom Video Communications
  • Capgemini

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5 Top IT Companies in Hyderabad

Amazon is a global technology giant, reshaping everything from retail to logistics to entertainment. Often regarded as one of the world’s most valuable brands, the company offers an extensive range of products and services, including various smart devices, cloud computing solutions through Amazon Web Services and AI development support with Amazon Bedrock. Today, Amazon’s largest corporate office outside of its Seattle, Washington headquarters is located in Hyderabad, where it accommodates some 15,000 employees — a substantial portion of its full-time workforce in India.

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As one of the most prominent information technology companies in the world, Microsoft has played a pivotal role in tech innovation — particularly when it comes to personal computing. Beyond its operating systems, the company has also made significant contributions to the advancement of software development, AI innovation, cloud computing and video gaming. Microsoft established its India Development Center in Hyderabad in 1998, and currently has about 7,000 employees working there. The city is also Microsoft’s largest data center region in India.

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Synonymous with internet search and digital innovation, Google is among the most influential IT companies around. In addition to its search engine, the company is known for its products and services like Gmail, Google Maps, smartphones and its virtual assistant, as well as its ambitious projects in groundbreaking technology like self-driving cars and generative AI tools. With more than 10 offices in and around the HITEC City area, Hyderabad is one of Google’s largest and most prominent employee bases, where it houses teams ranging from engineering to cloud to Google Ads.

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HCL Technologies is an IT services and consulting company that focuses on areas like AI, engineering and IoT. The multinational company was founded in Noida in 1976, and has maintained a strong presence in India ever since. According to the company website, HCL Technologies supports some of the country’s largest stock exchanges, publishing conglomerates and insurance providers. The company has several offices throughout India, including some in Hyderabad, where it employs about 17,000 people. 

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IT services and consulting giant Capgemini aids companies in all aspects of their digital transformation, including cloud adoption, AI development and sector-specific cybersecurity services. The French company employs some 350,000 people globally, more than half of whom are based in India. It opened an office in Hyderabad in the early 2000s as a hub for its financial services business, and now has teams working in everything from machine learning to software development.

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