5 Game Development Companies in India to Know

Here’s our guide to game development companies leading the way in India.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jan. 25, 2024
5 Game Development Companies in India to Know
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Game development companies combine coding, art and storytelling to produce immersive entertainment experiences enjoyed by players across multiple platforms. India has seen staggering growth and governmental investment in the gaming industry and continues to hire game developers across the country. These are some of the top game development companies in India to know. 

Top Game Development Companies in India

  • Zupee
  • StudioKrew
  • Juego Studios
  • Grepix Infotech
  • Nazara Technologies


Game Development Companies in India

Zuppee is a mobile developer that creates entertaining skill-based games. Some of its titles include Snakes and Ladders Online, Trump Cards and Cricketbaaz. Many of its games feature microtransactions, opportunities for users to purchase in-game virtual resources for very small amounts of money. Zupee’s mobile games are available for Android and iOS. 

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StudioKrew develops games for a wide range of platforms, including Web3 games that feature NFTs, casino games, e-learning gamification and metaverse experiences. The company also uses engines and animation software used by many of the industry’s top game developers. Since launching, StudioKrew has picked up several awards for its work and expanded beyond India’s borders. 

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Juego Studios is a global game design studio that’s worked with hundreds of clients to deliver mobile and web-based games. Apart from its development services, Juego Studios outsources art services to other developers and has created art assets and animations for other media companies. 

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Grepix Infotech is a full-service mobile software company with game development services among its offerings. The company takes a structured approach to game design, leading the entire process from idea refinement to art planning and quality assurance testing. 

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Nazara Technologies specializes in sports and children’s mobile game development. Its popular titles include World Cricket Championship 3, Kiddopia ​​and Classic Rummy. The company also caters to gamers with its e-sports sponsorships and news coverage. 

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