Company sponsorships can be a huge boost for up-and-coming athletes, musicians and social media influencers. Landing the right partnership can earn these people much-needed financial and product support, while also helping them gain exposure and connect with new audience members. Here are some examples of companies that sponsor individuals aiming to excel in sports, gaming and other disciplines.

Companies That Sponsor Individuals

  • Red Bull
  • Taco Bell
  • HOKA
  • HyperX
  • Ironside Computers


Companies That Sponsor Individuals

Red Bull is an energy drink company that’s been around since the 1980s. It sponsors athletes across a variety of sports, including cliff diving, surfing, skiing, cycling and running. The company posts online profiles with details about each of its athletes in addition to compiling a hub of information about how its athletes have trained, fueled and reached professional status.

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Fast food chain Taco Bell launched its Feed the Beat program in 2006, and it has since helped more than 1,900 artists and bands expand their reach. The company provides participants with gift cards to help feed them on tour, as well as opportunities to perform at events put on by Taco Bell. Some artists have even had their songs featured in commercials. The Feed the Beat website features a list of its artists who make music in genres ranging from electronic and R&B to country and rock.


Running gear company HOKA’s shoes and apparel are built with features for beginners and recreational athletes to seasoned professionals. Its athletes compete in trail races and triathlons, as well as road and track events. The company includes specific information online about what HOKA shoes each athlete runs in.


HyperX sells headsets, keyboards, monitors, mice and other products that the company says have been designed by and for gamers. The HyperX Partner Program is an initiative designed to give streamers and content creators a chance to earn commission, access gear and merchandise, and grow their following. Those interested can apply online to join the program. Once accepted, they can progress through four levels of participation.

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Ironside Computers builds custom desktop and laptop PCs for gaming. The company offers sponsorships with YouTube content creators and Twitch streamers. A simple application form is available online that asks for social media links, follower counts and an explanation of why the applicant wants to work with Ironside.

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