9 Fintech Companies in San Diego Keeping Us Money Smart

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Jul. 31, 2020
9 Fintech Companies in San Diego Keeping Us Money Smart
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The Bank for International Settlements estimates that there’s over $5 trillion circulating throughout the world, with more and more value being added every day. Given the amount of money processed by both large corporations and small businesses, it calls for an overhaul of traditional payment processing and asset management systems. The challenge of keeping up with the world’s finances is being taken on by pioneers in the fintech industry. From mobile banking apps to cryptocurrency solutions, today’s financial technology companies are dreaming up new ways to organize our wallets at the speed of light, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. It’s thanks to their hard work that we can apply for loans online, transfer funds within minutes, and keep track of our credit via the web.

Whether you’re a multinational corporation, or a three-person startup looking to get your ideas off the ground, you can likely find some aspect of your work that is elevated through fintech innovation. In San Diego, where the tourism industry channels over $850 million in and out of the city each year, fintech solutions are particularly salient. Luckily for the city's many business owners, residents, and visitors, these nine finance technology companies in San Diego have everyone’s wallets accounted for.

Finance Technology Companies In San Diego

  • Kyriba
  • GAIN Credit
  • National Funding
  • ClosingCorp
  • Engage Financial Technology
  • DiversyFund
  • WYLog
  • InvestNext
InvestNext Fintech Companies San Diego

Founded: 2016 

What they do: With a cutting-edge platform, InvestNext is streamlining every aspect of the fundraising and management process. Investment firms can target ideal investors with crisp offering pages, on-brand portals, and a suite of other features. The InvestNext platform also automates data-entry chores, eliminating repetitive work. As a result, investment firms can provide their investors with a clean, convenient experience. 

Funding: $4.3M 


csc corptax san diego fintech
CSC Corptax

Founded: 1975

What they do: A software development company offering a variety of corporate tax solutions, CSC Corptax has provided customers around the world with technology-based tax services for over 40 years. The platform includes data and entity management, tax planning and tax compliance services.


Kyriba Finance Technology Companies San Diego

Founded: 2000

What they do: Kyriba's focus is on boosting revenue for their enterprise clients, offering a software platform with which CFO's can explore new methods of activating liquidity and adding value to their regular operations. Their flagship product is their Active Liquidity Network, which functions as an SaaS platform and helps CFO's maintain central control and oversight over their partnerships, trading platforms, security risks and opportunities for growth. Powered by AI and machine learning, Kyriba's platform helps remove some of the complications to maximizing profits and automates many of the rote procedures necessary for asset management, freeing up enterprises to pursue innovative ways of boosting their revenue.

Funding: $152.5M

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GAIN Credit Finance Technology Companies San Diego
GAIN Credit

Founded: 2003

What they do: GAIN Credit's mission is to help more people access credit and lending services, especially those who have traditionally not been able to navigate or have been left out of the credit system. Their team of engineers and fintech experts have built an analytics-driven software platform that aims to empower young people to gain access to lines of credit, connecting people to emergency funds without having to go through payday lenders. GAIN Credit's central headquarters in San Diego's University City neighborhood serves the greater United States market, but the company manages a global network of services with presences in India and the U.K.

Funding: $40M


National Funding Finance Technology Companies San Diego
National Funding

Founded: 1999

What they do: National Funding seeks to primarily support small to medium-sized businesses, providing a variety of services geared toward small business owners who need capital to get their dreams off the ground. Their digital lending application enables users to quickly submit an application and be matched with loan specialists and lending options that best match their needs. Their lending options differ from traditional options by offering high approval rates, fast funding time, and renewable capital with less of the hassle of going through a bank. National Funding offers loans for nearly every vertical imaginable, from construction and equipment financing to medical practice and senior care business loans.

Funding: $105M

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ClosingCorp Finance Technology Companies San Diego

Founded: 2005

What they do: Serving clients in the real estate industry, ClosingCorp supports mortgage and property closings by providing cost data and intelligent technologies. These services are designed to help their customers understand opportunities for growth and avoid financial risk. Their suite of tech services helps clients streamline their origination and quoting processes, helping them become more efficient and guarantee more customer satisfaction. Their closing cost data includes a database of verified rates from nation-wide service providers, and their cache of technologies are capable of calculating potential costs, managing transfer tax and recording fees, and connecting realtors to their provider networks.

Funding: $8.3M


Engage Financial Technology Finance Technology Companies San Diego
Engage Financial Technology

Founded: 2013

What they do: Engage Financial Technology works to bring their banking clients to the forefront of digital banking, with a technology platform that allows for centralized, secure payment processing and personal finance management. Many banking institutions have digital platforms for their customers, but many haven't been updated with the latest online banking solutions. Engage Financial Technology helps companies adopt the latest products and technologies to make their customer interactions more efficient including enhanced processing, user engagement tools, system APIs, and monitored firewalls. Engage Financial Technology partners with some of the biggest names in fintech including Twilio, Mastercard, Moengage and ThreatMetrix.

Funding: $6M


DiversyFund Finance Technology Companies San Diego

Founded: 2016

What they do: DiversyFund wants to help every investor become successful, and they aim to do so by providing a combination of knowledge resources and technology tools to help them build investment literacy and successful portfolios. Their automated wealth-building platform allows investors to invest assets without having to overcome the traditional barriers to investing, making it easier for investors to build diverse assets and foster long-term growth. By removing the need for broker fees and minimum investments, DiversyFund's users can access real estate investments and other investment opportunities extending beyond the traditional stock market investment model. Over the past five years, DiversyFund boasts success in connecting over 30,000 users with over $100 million in investments.

Funding: $13.8M

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WYLog Finance Technology Companies San Diego

Founded: 2003

What they do: WYLog is a technology development provider for companies in the fintech industry and beyond, helping build software and other technologies that align with their client's objectives and strengths. Their past projects have spanned everything from mobile applications to virtual reality simulators, and their work in blockchain enables fintech companies to centrally locate their access and network permissions. WYLog's customer base spans beyond the fintech industry, and they provide additional design and development services to clients in healthcare, IoT, manufacturing and other industries. WYLog has a diverse collection of past big-name clients including companies like Portable Genomics, Legallais, Alcatel, and Le Figaro.

Funding: $1M+

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