19 Dallas Fintech Companies Reshaping the Nation’s Financial Landscape

Written by Olivia McClure
19 Dallas Fintech Companies Reshaping the Nation’s Financial Landscape
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Margo Steines | May 24, 2024

As one of the nation’s leading business hubs, Dallas naturally boasts a burgeoning financial industry. Like other tech capitals across the country, this Western metropolis has played a large part in expanding the nation’s fintech sector. According to The Dallas Morning News, Dallas’ recent financial activity has even outpaced that of major cities like New York and San Francisco, causing household names like Charles Schwab and JPMorgan Chase to open up offices across the city. With its nationally-ranked academic institutions and strong history of innovation, Dallas is undoubtedly an epicenter of tech talent, which is why the city has become a ringleader in the fintech realm. 

Fintech companies in and around Dallas have taken different approaches to reshaping the financial industry. While one is developing a novel way to make life insurance more accessible, another is reinventing the world of digital banking. For each of Dallas’ established and fledgling fintech leaders, changing the future of finance is a part of the daily grind. Here’s a look at 18 Dallas fintech companies doing their part to disrupt a leading industry. 

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Finance Technology Companies In Dallas To Know

  1. Bestow Life Insurance
  2. Apex Clearing Corporation
  3. Quiltt
  4. Alkami
  5. Zirtue
  6. MoneyGram International
  7. Clean Finances
  8. Zabo
  9. Capital One
  10. OverlayAnalytics


Founded: 1992

Focus: IT + Payment Technology

KUBRA specializes in developing customer experience management software tailored for business operations across utilities, insurance, finance and government agencies. Its portfolio includes solutions like EZ-PAY, a secure payment application that simplifies bill handling across various channels. Additionally, KUBRA offers communication platforms like Notifi, which delivers personalized alerts to enhance customer interactions. 


Founded: 1998 

Focus: Financial Services + Energy  

What they do: When businesses are ready to transition into the digital age, Capco steps in to assist. The consulting firm leverages teams made up of designers, creatives, engineers, business professionals, and more. Whether companies want to embrace cloud security solutions or tap into new sources of revenue, Capco tailors its broad skill set to meet the specific circumstances of each organization. 


Founded: 1799

Focus: Banking + Financial Services

What they do: With a thoughtful approach to finance, JPMorgan Chase has become the go-to financial hub for a range of customers. Governments, corporations, small businesses, and wealthy individuals have all come to trust the institution. Besides offering versatile financial tools, JPMorgan Chase also leverages its resources to nourish more prosperous and sustainable communities. 

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Founded: 1979

Focus: Financial Services

What they do: Fisher Investments has been helping clients reach their financial goals for over 40 years by providing a tailored approach to investment management. They’re a different kind of investment firm than most in the financial industry and work for a bigger purpose: bettering the investment universe.


Founded: 1994

Focus: Banking + Financial Services

What they do: Capital One is blending peace of mind with advanced technology to create a seamless digital experience for its customers. The organization has adapted its products for online platforms that include a mobile app, cardless paying capabilities, and ways to pay with ApplePay and other contactless methods. Plus, virtual card numbers allow people to protect their personal information while completing online transactions, making for a smoother payment process.  


Founded: 2016

Focus: Life Insurance

What they do: Bestow creates products and software with the intention of making life insurance more accessible. Utilizing data and AI, the company enables people to discover if they’re approved for life insurance by simply answering a few questions, thus taking the hassle out of the insurance process. Additionally, Bestow’s APIs allow their partners to offer bespoke life insurance coverage to their customers. 


Founded: 1991

Focus: Business Tax Services

What they do: Ryan is a global tax services and software provider dedicated to liberating its clients from the burden of being overtaxed so they can free up their capital to invest, grow and thrive. The company specializes in tax recovery, strategic consulting, compliance processes management and more. Ryan’s client base includes American Airlines, BP, Chevron and Cintas. 


Founded: 1996

Focus: Tax Solutions

What they do: Based in neighboring Irving, Blucora is dedicated to bringing simplicity and transparency to the tax filing process. The company operates a portfolio of brands, which includes the online tax filing system, TaxAct as well as the financial advisory organization Avantax Wealth Management. Blucora’s aim is to empower people with the tools, knowledge and services they need to increase their wealth and improve their financial future. 


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Founded: 2018

Focus: Business Intelligence + Financial Reporting

What they do: It’s a huge advantage to have financial reporting available in real time, and OverlayAnalytics is determined to deliver this edge to its clients. The company has developed a platform that gathers data from multiple sources, organizes the information, and produces instant financial reports. With accurate and fast-paced methods, businesses can maintain a thorough understanding of their data and financial health.   


Founded: 2012

Focus: Digital Clearing + Custody

What they do: Apex Clearing Corporation provides digital clearing and custody solutions to enable frictionless investment access. The company’s clearing and custody platform boasts industry networking and tooling integrations to support a variety of financial instruments, while their suite of APIs facilitates the complete trading and investing lifecycle. Apex Clearing Corporation collaborates with various organizations including Robinhood, STASH, SoFi and Firstrade.


Founded: 2018

Focus: Cryptocurrency

What they do: Zabo has developed an API that connects crypto wallets to any application with a few lines of code. The company’s API is designed to reduce integration lead times by up to 80 percent, helping users save time while lending their applications greater reliability and data consistency. Zabo’s technology can be used for financial tracking, digital banking, investments, lending, cryptocurrency taxes and more. 


Founded: 1940

Focus: Money Transfers

What they do: MoneyGram International specializes in cross-border, person-to-person money transfer and payment services. The company enables people to send money through in-store locations or online, offering a mobile app that allows users to pay bills, manage their personal information and view their transaction history. MoneyGram International currently offers its services in more than 200 countries and territories. 


Founded: 2018

Focus: Relationship-Based Lending

What they do: Zirtue has created a lending application designed to simplify loans between family and friends. Users can set their loan amount and payment terms before selecting a friend or family member and submitting their loan request, thus removing the need for early payment penalties and credit checks. Zirtue’s aim is to radically expand credit access and improve the lives of consumers while helping businesses increase profits. 


Founded: 2010

Focus: Digital Fundraising

What they do: Based in nearby Plano, iDonate has developed a digital fundraising platform for nonprofits. The company enables nonprofits to easily connect with their donors, execute digital fundraising strategies and discover new ways to grow their online giving. iDonate’s software integrates with a variety of CRMs including Blackbaud, Salesforce and Virtuous.


Founded: 2017

Focus: Embeddable Fintech

What they do: Quiltt enables organizations to enhance their digital apps with a variety of fintech capabilities. The company’s fintech features include bill tracking, budgeting, alerting and data aggregation. Quiltt intends to help its clients give their customers the tools they need in addition to providing visibility and access to their finances. 


Founded: 2009

Focus: Digital Banking

What they do: Located in neighboring Plano, Alkami offers a cloud-based digital banking platform. The company’s platform is designed to facilitate retail and business user on-boarding, engagement and account servicing, boasting fully-integrated money movement tools intended to increase deposits and drive user engagement. Alkami’s data engine also allows users to track performance and user engagement in an effort to improve competitiveness and business results. 


Founded: 2014

Focus: Bookkeeping

What they do: Clean Finances has created a central platform in an effort to make bookkeeping easier for businesses. The company’s mobile-compatible platform allows users to view month-over-month or year-to-date trends and check in with their dedicated bookkeeper about any financial questions they may have. Clean Finances’ mission is to help organizations save time, discover clarity and grow their businesses.


Founded: 2012

Focus: Decision Science + Loan Servicing

What they do: Located in nearby Fort Worth, BorrowWorks is dedicated to helping banks and lenders make smarter decisions to provide better options for non-prime customers. The company’s solutions include data analysis, payment processing, product strategy, risk mitigation and compliance. BorrowWorks integrations help finance companies deliver funds straight to consumers’ pockets, while their generational model shifts allow lenders to scale profit with less cost and reduced risk. 


Founded: 2018

Focus: Payday Lending

What they do: Situated in neighboring Plano, TrustFund aims to disrupt payday lending by providing people greater access to affordable loans. The company offers its clients a zero-fee Mastercard debit card and a FDIC-insured checking account in addition to smart tools designed to help people borrow and save money. TrustFund is dedicated to helping its customers make the most out of every paycheck, borrow better and plan for the future. 

Sara B.T. Thiel contributed reporting to this story.

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