5 Finance Companies in Australia to Know

Take a look at the well-known finance companies serving Australian businesses and consumers.

Written by Margo Steines
Published on Jan. 11, 2024
5 Finance Companies in Australia to Know
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The finance sector is far reaching, with businesses cropping up to serve customers in every market around the globe. Some of its top institutions are long-established fixtures in banking that boast several decades in operation and a vast international footprint, while others are emerging startups eager to bring the masses technology intended to simplify the way they deal with money. In Australia, these are a few of the well-known finance companies providing personal and business solutions.

Top Finance Companies in Australia

  • American Express
  • Westpac
  • Commonweath Bank
  • ANZ
  • Birchal


Top Finance Companies in Australia

American Express specializes in personal, small business and corporate credit cards. It also offers other financial and travel services like traveler’s checks, prepaid cards, loans, savings and checking accounts as well as international payments. The company serves as the payment processor for a vast network of global brands and businesses, with its Australia headquarters in Sydney.

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Westpac is the oldest bank in Australia, with over 200 years of continuous service. In its modern incarnation it offers personal, business and corporate banking products and services, including loans and lines of credit, insurance, financial markets management, financing for supply chains and e-commerce solutions.

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Commonwealth Bank is an Australian financial services company providing a full suite of personal banking services like home loans, insurance and investments, plus business banking services including business financing, business credit cards and e-commerce products. Its industry-specific offerings serve the health and agriculture sectors with solutions like loans for eligible farm-based environmental projects.

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ANZ, or the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, provides banking and financial products to millions of customers in the Oceania region. Its suite of services includes standard personal and small business banking, retail and commercial banking along with institutional financial services. ANZ’s industry-focused banking services cater to sectors like agribusiness and manufacturing.

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Birchal operates an equity crowdfunding platform brands can use to raise capital from various online investors to fund business ventures. When investors front funds in a business, they receive equity. Birchal allows investors to participate in supporting brands on a highly scaled basis, from a minute investment similar to a Kickstarter contribution up to a more traditional investment and stake in the brand.  

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