5 Top Engineering Companies in Sydney

These are some of the most innovative companies in Sydney, specializing in everything from civil engineering to construction and software.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jan. 25, 2024
5 Top Engineering Companies in Sydney
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Engineering is growing in Australia and especially its most populous city, Sydney. A strong STEM education system has produced great talent for local companies across all fields, like aerospace, civil and electrical engineering. Many engineering companies are hiring local talent and these are the ones you should know.

Engineering Companies in Sydney to Know

  • Worley
  • WSP
  • CalcTree
  • mastt


Engineering Companies in Sydney

Worley is a sustainable energy and engineering company headquartered in Sydney. Although it mainly focuses on energy, Worley also engineers and oversees architectural projects for facilities that develop energy resources such as electricity and gas.

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WSP is an Australian engineering and consulting firm that specializes in sustainable projects. WSP develops everything from bridges to mixed-use buildings and government offices. The company has also branched out to engineer mass transport systems. It’s developed underground subways and automated vehicle infrastructure.

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Global consulting firm AECOM is a leader in the engineering industry, having constructed power plants, transit systems and skyscrapers. Like many engineering companies, AECOM also champions sustainable development and works to achieve net-zero emissions. Some of the company’s services include construction management, cybersecurity and consulting.

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CalcTree is a tech company that develops management software for engineers. The company’s platform helps engineers gather data and calculations from past projects. CalcTree’s platform also facilitates collaborations with teams and is equipped with useful integrations to programs like Python.

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Mastt is a project management platform for construction and engineering projects. The platform aims to provide insight on large projects and includes metric dashboards, budgeting tools, risk modules and project tracking.

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