As one of India’s buzziest tech hubs, Bangalore is home to many prominent education tech companies. Providing remote learning opportunities to grade-school children and working professionals alike, these companies help make education more engaging and accessible — and they’re headquartered right here in Bangalore.

Top Edtech Companies in Bangalore

  • Byju’s
  • Unacademy
  • Pluralsight
  • Vedantu
  • Edureka

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5 Top Edtech Companies in Bangalore

Covering subjects like math, coding, reading and music, Byju’s classes cater to a wide variety of learners, ranging from children at the beginning of their education to adults looking to upskill. It also incorporates generative AI to provide more personalized experiences for its students. The company was founded in Bangalore in 2011, and is now available in more than 100 countries.

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Unacademy is an online learning platform that helps students prepare for more than 200 different kinds of college and graduate school entrance exams, including the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for pre-med students and various Masters of Business Administration tests. Users can watch live video lectures taught by real professional educators, engage in virtual sessions on their own and even take practice tests. The company’s corporate headquarters is in Bangalore, and it has a facility in Kota for in-person learning. 

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Pluralsight creates and distributes video training curricula for professionals, including scientists, IT administrators, software developers and creatives. The online education company’s software is available to both individuals and businesses as an employee benefit, where they can gain skills in everything from machine learning to game development

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Vedantu is an interactive tutoring platform, offering classes in everything from English to biology to coding — all of which are specifically designed for students ranging grades four to twelve. In addition to its paid services, the company offers a large amount of free study material to help users prepare for tests like the Comprehensive Basic Science Exam and the Joint Entrance Exam, as well as state exams like the Maharashtra boards. More than 35 million users access Vendatu’s platform every month, according to the company, making it one of the most popular educational tools in India.

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E-learning company Edureka offers a marketplace of live, online courses in cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and blockchain. Some of these classes offered on the site are free, while others cost money. The company also has corporate training programs to help companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys and Wipro keep their employees up to date on the latest tech. 

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