16 Dallas Real Estate Tech Companies Transforming the Housing Industry

Written by Olivia McClure
16 Dallas Real Estate Tech Companies Transforming the Housing Industry
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Rose Velazquez | Jan 12, 2024

Like other tech capitals, Dallas has been in the throes of a real estate surge over the past several years. As every real estate professional knows, a burgeoning job market is often a sure sign of a real estate boom, which is exactly what is taking place in Dallas. An influx of young professionals, many of whom are seeking jobs within the city’s tech scene, has established greater demand for housing across Dallas. And while this means that the median home price has gone up, the city still is still relatively affordable when compared to other cities where tech is central to the local economy. 

According to Dallas Magazine, Dallas leads the nation in home construction, having acquired 34,523 new homes in 2018 alone. With so much action taking place in the real estate market, Dallas’ local tech community is taking the chance to cash in on the city’s housing fever. Across the Dallas area, real estate tech companies are reinventing the housing industry in both a commercial and residential sense. While some are making it easier for people to buy and sell their homes, others are tackling things like corporate benchmarking and resident retention. For these companies, acclimating to the digital age is essential to supporting the future of real estate. Here’s a look at the Dallas real estate companies transforming the housing market on a local and national level. 

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Dallas Real Estate Companies to Know

  • AptAmigo
  • Homematchx
  • Door.com
  • Dottid
  • HipPocket
  • Propertyware
  • RefineRE
  • Modern Message
  • LandlordStation
  • Revantage


Founded: 2016

What they do: TestFit’s real estate feasibility platform has AI-powered features that optimize deal evaluation and site planning for developers, architects and contractors. The company says its software’s automations and data capabilities help customers save money and get deals done faster.


Founded: 2017 

What they do: As a Blackstone company, Revantage covers a range of asset classes to enable other Blackstone companies to thrive. The organization supports accounting, valuations, transactions, and other financial areas. Revantage also hires top talents and nourishes them with world-class training, so the Blackstone network can combine the team and tools to deliver exceptional service in the real estate industry.


Founded: 2015

What they do: For renters who will not be satisfied with anything less than their dream apartment, AptAmigo can help. The company utilizes proprietary search technology to match prospective renters with the right apartment that fits their needs and lifestyle perfectly, while also providing concierge-style service to ensure renters’ needs will be met from day one. Who they work with: Management companies and renters throughout the United States.


Founded: 2018

What they do: Dottid is tackling inefficiency within the lease transaction process through its new workflow solution. The company’s platform enables property owners and asset managers to view transactions alongside leasing, tenant and build-out teams, thus introducing transparency, organization and improved workflow management into the lease transaction process. Dottid’s aim is to empower its clients to engage stakeholders, enhance capital, eliminate inefficiencies and leverage accountability.


Founded: 2015

What they do: Door.com aims to make it easier, faster and more affordable to buy and sell a home. The company’s platform enables sellers to accurately price their homes, coordinate photography and yard signage, market their listings and stay up-to-date on the state of their listings and sales. Boasting a nationwide presence, Door.com is guided by the mission to unlock the world’s home equity.


Founded: 2012

What they do: Launched by John Hinckley and Mike Ivey, Modern Message empowers residential communities to engage with residents and increase retention through the installation of rewards and loyalty programs. Their platform allows property management teams to reward engaged residents, customize incentives, offer perks, drive loyalty and gain real-time, actionable insights. Modern Message is dedicated to empowering its clients to earn the reputation and relationship required to attract and retain residents.


Founded: 2015

What they do: HipPocket has developed a buyer-focused matching service for real estate agents and home buyers. Powered by AI, the company’s intelligent platform enables real estate agents to effectively communicate with and market to their brokerage team, agent network and personal connections. HipPocket aims to reduce search and sale times by more quickly matching buyers to relevant homes and facilitating rapid collaboration between all stakeholders through the use of AI enhanced messaging.


Founded: 2001

What they do: Located in nearby Richardson, Propertyware provides customizable, single-family property solutions. The company’s property management tools include hosted websites, online payment processing, work order management, customer portals and trust accounting. Propertyware empowers property managers to improve productivity, streamline crucial management tasks, and create custom fields and reports.


Founded: 2010

What they do: LandlordStation has developed a platform for independent landlords and property managers. The company offers a wide range of services such as turnkey tenant screening, digital documents processing, data and document management, online rental payments, enhanced onboarding tools and expedited property listing. Accessible from any web-enabled device, LandlordStation’s platform is designed to allow users to provide a high level of customer service and valuable functionality to their prospects and residents.


Founded: 2016

What they do: Founded by Dustin Marx and Danny Feldman, IFM Restoration aims to make it easier to connect tradespeople with property owners seeking commercial or residential maintenance. The company’s online platform allows contractors to manage projects, keep track of bookkeeping and scheduling, and find local job opportunities. IFM Restoration assists property owners with a wide range of maintenance needs such as plumbing, flooring, carpentry and landscaping.


Founded: 2016

What they do: Nickson Living is transforming the apartment rental experience by providing fully furnished apartment homes. Renters can take an online style quiz and upload their apartment floorplan, and the company’s team will create a custom design based on their preferences. Nickson Living’s plans feature a wide range of amenities including furnishings and decor, kitchen and bathroom housewares and smart TVs.


Founded: 2010

What they do: Fathom Realty offers cloud-based, full-service real estate brokerage services. Using the company’s platform, agents can receive higher net income through the company’s flat-fee-based commission splits, thus allowing them to invest more money into growing their businesses. Fathom Realty also enables agents to earn stock grants based on their contributions to revenue and company growth.


Founded: 2019

What they do: Established by Stephen Lewis, Homematchx has developed a smart match-making platform that brings together like-minded home buyers and sellers. The company’s platform grants buyers greater control over their real estate journey, enabling them to identify the best home selling options with curated matches that suit their individual needs. Homematchx also gives sellers insight into buyers’ purchasing plans, ensuring they don’t miss an opportunity to put their homes in front of buyers with differing agendas.


Founded: 2013

What they do: Founded by Peter Holland, Ron Zappile and Raymond Nomizu, BenchCoRE provides corporate real estate benchmarking and analytics. Organizations can run many different types of reports upon sending the company their real estate portfolio data, enabling them to achieve savings and implement best practices. BenchCoRE’s client base spans a variety of sectors including financial services, tech, insurance and manufacturing.


Founded: 2017

What they do: Founded by Ryan Turner, RefineRE offers a software, data and analytics platform for corporate real estate occupiers. The company’s technology allows users to aggregate and report in real time, expedite transactions and reduce costs, perform market analysis, support strategic decision and risk assessment, and more. RefineRE’s platform is designed to deliver actionable information in order to empower portfolio managers to drive cost-savings and portfolio optimization.


Founded: 1979

What they do: Associa provides real estate tech solutions to a wide range of residential communities. The company offers a variety of solutions for managed communities including financial management, budgeting and reporting, data protection, invoice processing, community website creation and vendor access portals. Associa’s real estate expertise encompasses selling and refinancing, rental management and commercial property maintenance.

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