15 Atlanta Consulting Firms Solving the World's Problems

These 15 Atlanta consulting firms are at the forefront of business and tech.

Written by Sam Daley
Published on Jun. 10, 2020
15 Atlanta Consulting Firms Solving the World's Problems
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Let’s face it. You never have all the answers. With new technologies, practices and procedures popping up almost daily, it’s hard to keep track of the latest in the business and IT world. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend your day keeping up with the latest trends. Consultants, on the other hand, do. 

Consultants’ deep and wide-ranging knowledge on a slew of technologies and practices make them a game-changer for the business world. They’re able to come in quickly, identify operational issues and put technologies into place that can make processes more efficient and cost effective. Their wealth of knowledge and experience is at the disposal of their clients to help them stand out from their competitors. 

Atlanta is home to a powerful group of business and IT consulting firms that have helped thousands of clients, both big and small, address pain points and implement emerging tech. Check out 15 of Atlanta’s best and brightest consulting firms below.

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Top Consulting Firms in Atlanta

  • Clarkston Consulting
  • Chainalytics
  • Bluewolf
  • Slalom
  • Six Consulting
  • iVision
  • TopRight
  • Gallup
hatchworks consulting firms atlanta

Focus: Healthcare, Fitness, Media, Telecommunications

What they do: HatchWorks develops custom software and analytics solutions to meet each client’s needs. Each consultant partners with their client to find pain points in their business and IT processes, and then works to develop a customized software, automation or data analytics tool to meet the challenge. To date, HatchWorks has developed over 300 customized solutions for their clients, including data visualization tools, customer enterprise apps and blockchain solutions.

Who they work with: Anthem, AT&T, Charter, Cox, Kimberly-Clark, PeopleScout and Stanley Black & Decker


slalom consulting firms atlanta

Focus: Automotive, Finance, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Public Sector, Real Estate 

What they do: Slalom incorporates long-term strategy into each client’s consultations. The large firm has expertises in a variety of tech areas, including DevOps, UX/UI design, data architecture, AI, CRMs, cloud-based tools and data visualization. With these tools, Slalom can then focus on transforming everything from employee engagement and Agile transformation to upgrading the entire way the business operates. 

Who they work with: Allstate, Hyatt, REI, City of Los Angeles, DSW, Alaska Airlines, Walgreens


chainalytics consulting firms atlanta

Focus: Supply Chain, Transportation, Logistics

What they do: Chainalytics offers a wide range of consulting services for the transportation, logistics and supply chain industries. The company specializes in supply chain consulting, where they advise some of the largest logistics companies in the world on how to most efficiently design their supply chains, how to reduce transportation costs and even how to optimize their packaging. 

Who they work with: Chainalytics partners with some of the biggest players in transportation and logistics to help cut down on costs and reduce waste.


ivision consulting firms atlanta

Focus: Food, Sports, Professional Services, Legal

What they do: iVision partners with firms, both big and small, to offer IT consulting and managed services that will help solve their current challenges. The company specializes in technology transformation consulting, which includes project-based consulting, IT program management, and IT mergers and acquisitions. If your business needs help with managing a difficult transition, or just needs new cloud technology in your tech stack, iVision has the experience and know-how to walk you through it.  

Who they work with: Atlanta Braves, Rollins, Baker Donelson and Troutman Sanders


hyertek consulting firms atlanta

Focus: Government, Defense, Education, Pharmaceuticals, E-commerce, Consumer Products

What they do: HyerTek offers consulting services in technology solutions, research and IT training. The firm helps companies adopt emerging cloud, cybersecurity and marketing technologies within their tech stacks to stay up on any inefficiencies and stand out from competitors.

Who they work with: IBM, Pfizer, NOAA, BEA, Jackson Healthcare


onepath consulting firms atlanta

Focus: Legal, Healthcare, Finance

What they do: 1Path offers consulting and managed IT services to help businesses keep growing. When it comes to managed services, the large IT firm offers services like IT support, cloud services, managed security and application management, in order to let clients focus on strategy and scaling their company. 1Path’s consulting focuses on implementing new technologies, like cloud-based software and project management tools, into a tech stack.

Who they work with: 1Path has managed IT services for hundreds of companies all over the world.


six consulting consulting firms atlanta
Six Consulting

Focus: Healthcare, Insurance, Public Sector, Education, Finance

What they do: Six Consulting works closely with clients to scale organizational use of Salesforce. The company installs Salesforce tools, like the marketing cloud, Einstein Analytics, and Pardot throughout marketing, sales and business teams in order to have seamless, real-time data and customer tracking.

Who they work with: Blue Cross Blue Shield, South Jersey Healthcare, SharePoint and FINRA


clarkston consulting consulting firms atlanta
Clarkston Consulting

Focus: Life Sciences, Consumer Products, Retail

What they do: Clarkston Consulting advises clients on everything from strategy to supply chain and IT. Clarkston takes a full suite approach when it comes to its IT consulting services. The company offers consultations on an impressive variety of IT-related areas, including IT strategy, IT governance, cybersecurity, analytics and even vendor management.  

Who they work with: Pfizer, Gilead, Takeda, Beyond Meat, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal and Novartis


adapture consulting firms atlanta

Focus: Finance, Healthcare, Public Sector, Retail, Manufacturing, Energy, Media

What they do: ADAPTURE has consulting experience in cybersecurity, cloud computing and IT infrastructure. The company’s architects work closely with each client in order to truly understand the IT challenges they face. Depending on the need, the ADAPTURE team might recommend VPNs or proxy servers to secure networks, cloud systems for data capturing or a variety or servers to scale a businesses’ IT infrastructure.

Who they work with: ADAPTURE works with global leaders in a variety of industries to solve their biggest IT needs.


topright consulting firms atlanta

Focus: Agriculture, Education, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, Nonprofit and Transportation

What they do: TopRight is a marketing consulting firm helping companies hit strategic growth objectives through strategy setting and technology adoption. The agency advises companies on brand strategy and go-to-market strategy. Additionally, they implement different marketing automation and CRM tools that help organizations to always stay on-top of their customer data. 

Who they work with: CenturyLink, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Asurion, Sony, PBS and Coca-Cola


ad victorium solutions consulting firms atlanta
Ad Victoriam Solutions

Focus: Manufacturing, Healthcare

What they do: Ad Victoriam Solutions is a Salesforce consultancy, partnering with clients to provide customized data migration, integration and implementation solutions. The AVS approach to consulting involves four phases of their implementation plan: discovery, implementation, UAT and training. The phases help bring focus to the task at hand by finding massive pain points, creating iterations to see how to best tackle the challenges, releasing these solutions in beta and then training employees on how to most effectively use the new Salesforce upgrades.

Who they work with: DiversitTech, Yanmar American Corporation, US Dental Transitions and Blue Point Veterinarian


gallup consulting firms atlanta

Focus: HR, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Public Sector 

What they do: Gallup is one of the most well-known consulting firms when it comes to data and analytics. The firm captures consumer data around products, workforce, business processes and much more to inform leaders about pertinent changes that need to be made. Gallup’s data platform is able to gather information in real-time and make predictions to help organizational leaders implement policies that have the biggest positive outcomes. 

Who they work with: 90% of the Fortune 500 use Gallup’s insights and data to inform everything from employee engagement to public views on social issues.


soltech consulting firms atlanta

Focus: Finance, Healthcare, Logistics, Payments

What they do: Soltech has completed more than one-thousand custom software applications for their clients. The company consults clients on their biggest needs, and will help augment staff, design software or mobile apps, customize platforms or tweak user experiences to meet those challenges. Besides software and mobile app design, Soltech also crafts customized IoT and cloud-based solutions for their clients. 

Who they work with: DHl, GlobalPayments, Cognia, Purchasing Power, Incomm, Cardlytics, and BioIQ


configero consulting firms atlanta

Focus: Construction, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Nonprofit, Professional Services, Telecommunications

What they do: Configero is another Salesforce consulting partner advising their clients on how to best leverage the cloud-based CRM into daily operations. Headquartered in Salesforce Tower Atlanta, Configero offers top-of-the-line customizable Salesforce solutions. Their solutions include sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud and Pardot, to meet the tech and data needs of each individual client.

Who they work with: United Way, Warner Brothers, Jasper Contractors, DataScan, Fiberlight


verspite consulting firms atlanta

Focus: Healthcare, Finance, Logistics, Software

What they do: VerSprite is an expert consultancy on all things cybersecurity. The company offers services, like threat modeling, mobile security testing, vendor risk and geopolitical risk consulting. It also implements its own products, like cloud security assessment platforms and threat intelligence portals, to ensure that clients have the latest in cybersecurity tech.   

Who they work with: VerSprite works with organizations all over the world to improve their cybersecurity practices and procedures.


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