30 Top Companies in Washington, D.C., Shaping the Nation’s Business Landscape

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Mar. 11, 2022
30 Top Companies in Washington, D.C., Shaping the Nation’s Business Landscape
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While the country continues to showcase a shifting business terrain, no city represents this trend better than the nation’s capital. Washington, D.C., has established itself as a center for activity, hosting financial powerhouses like Lockheed Martin and Capital One. However, the region now features companies that have branched out into other sectors, including fintech, edtech, and healthtech. The way business is done no longer looks the same, and the city has adapted to accommodate this development. As a result, professionals will enjoy a range of opportunities in the D.C. area.

The proliferation of sectors and industries has resulted in a rich collection of companies, ranging from renowned brands to ambitious startups. Whether someone wants to work for tech heavy-hitters like Google and Snapchat or a smaller transportation organization, there are no limits to what they can do. Familiar and fresh areas abound when one dives into the ever-evolving business environment of Washington, D.C. 

Here are 30 companies in the Washington, D.C. area that demonstrate how far the city has come and what direction the local professional landscape could take in the future.

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Top Companies in Washington DC to Know

  1. Danaher Corporation
  2. Fannie Mae
  3. Amtrak
  4. FTI Consulting
  5. Lockheed Martin
  6. Capital One
  7. Hogan Lovells
  8. Marriott International
  9. Twilio
  10. SAIC


Capital One companies in Washington DC
Capital One

Founded: 1994

Number of employees: 52,000+

What they do: Located in neighboring McLean, Virginia, Capital One provides financial services to both individuals and businesses. In addition to checking and savings, the company offers services such as loan refinancing, commercial lending, treasury management and capital markets. Capital One’s virtual assistant, Eno, is designed to monitor people’s accounts, track spending and prevent fraud. 


Crowe Largest Companies DC

Founded: 1942

Number of employees: 6,800+

What they do: With a suite of advanced products, Crowe is helping businesses remain transparent during their financial reporting while making the process a seamless endeavor for all parties. The company offers tax audit and consulting services, guiding organizations through all matters finance-related. Plus, industry-specific professionals add a more personal touch that blends well with the technology that Crowe showcases.


PwC Largest Companies DC

Founded: 1998

Number of employees: 251,000

What they do: To build a trustworthy company, it’s crucial that guidance comes from a team of top-notch professionals. Not only does PwC boast a network of first-class firms, but it also features connections with some of the world’s leading tech companies. As a result, PwC has the resources to deliver sound advice regarding tax policies, crisis management responses, technology platforms, and other aspects of a business.


Siemens Largest Companies DC

Founded: 1847 

Number of employees: 293,000 

What they do: Creating a more durable society requires enhancements in a variety of sectors, so Siemens has cultivated a well-rounded approach. The company has crafted projects to improve building infrastructure, healthcare technology, efficient transportation, and other areas for cities. By bringing together the physical and digital realms, Siemens is producing more enduring and efficient structures that are ready to support the daily routines of people for years to come.


Appian Corporation Largest Companies DC
Appian Corporation

Founded: 1999

Number of employees: 1,600+ 

What they do: Appian Corporation takes all the stress out of transforming a business into a digital enterprise with its simplified platform. Companies can organize their data, build apps with limited coding experience, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance existing apps with AI technology. Because wielding high-tech tools now requires limited energy, businesses can focus more on ramping up productivity. 


Tanium Largest Companies DC

Founded: 2007

Number of employees: 2,000+

What they do: It’s not easy for companies to keep track of all their digital assets, so Tanium is crafting more interconnected platforms that empower IT and security departments to work in harmony. Now businesses can monitor their inventories, detect potential cyber threats, and alert the appropriate parties to take action. Greater oversight and faster response times give organizations the confidence they need to navigate the cyber landscape while storing away data for safekeeping. 


IBM Largest Companies DC

Founded: 1911

Number of employees: 533,800+

What they do: From e-commerce to marketing, IBM is forever altering the way businesses arrange their processes in an increasingly digitized world. The company offers advanced cloud, AI, and automation solutions that are designed to streamline tasks and help organizations keep up with the speed of improving technology. No matter how a business wants to embrace innovative tools, IBM has the resources to prioritize the needs of a company while preparing it for the high-tech age of tomorrow. 


CapTech Largest Companies DC

Founded: 1997

Number of employees: 1,100

What they do: CapTech understands how to make the latest technologies work for businesses, giving industry leaders an even greater advantage over the competition. Experts in technologies like agile systems deliver the skill and experience that organizations seek out of a first-class consultant. As a result, CapTech builds strong relationships and even more robust business structures with their clients.


Edelman Largest Companies DC

Founded: 1952

Number of employees: 6,400+

What they do: Fostering relationships with customers requires companies to demonstrate a thorough understanding of their audiences. To ensure organizations are always putting their best foot forward, Edelman crafts a tailored marketing strategy that stems from detailed research and creative marketing. People will flock to businesses that develop a dynamic brand and stay true to that brand, so Edelman puts together long-term plans to nurture bonds between companies and their clients over time. 


DXC Technology companies in Washington DC
DXC Technology

Founded: 2017

Number of employees: 83,800+

What they do: Based in nearby Tysons, Virginia, DXC Technology is dedicated to helping companies run their mission-critical systems and operations. Specializing in IT modernization, the company offers services such as analytics, platform management, security and industry consulting. DXC Technology has worked with a wide range of clients including Zurich Insurance Group, the University of Sydney and Scandinavian Airlines. 


MedStar Health companies in Washington DC
MedStar Health 

Founded: 1999

Number of employees: 5,100+

What they do: Based in nearby Columbia, Maryland, MedStar Health serves people throughout Maryland and the Washington area. Operating 10 hospitals, ambulatory care and urgent care centers, the organization offers services related to neurology, orthopedics, cancer treatments, physical therapy and more.


Okta Largest Companies DC

Founded: 2009

Number of employees: 4,100+ 

What they do: Protecting company data and employee information is crucial in settings where employees are often online, but that doesn’t require a complicated security system with many hoops to jump through. Okta removes all these obstacles with its digital platform, which provides a single login for various applications. Now businesses and their employees can keep their data secure without having to juggle multiple passwords and sign-ins throughout the day.   


SAIC Largest Companies DC

Founded: 2013 

Number of employees: 34,600+

What they do: Having cultivated a broad and interdisciplinary approach, SAIC is tapping into the full capabilities of technology and impacting a range of industries as a result. The company dabbles in engineering systems, data analysis, AR and VR tools, cybersecurity solutions, and cloud platforms. These topics merely scratch the surface of SAIC’s reach as the company continues to push the limits of innovation.


Twilio Largest Companies DC

Founded: 2008

Number of employees: 6,300+

What they do: As companies continue to expand their customer bases beyond local and national boundaries, it’s imperative to find more efficient methods of communication. Twilio provides a slate of products that enable businesses to tailor their messaging toward target audiences. With Twilio’s applications, text messages, phone calls, video streaming, and email marketing campaigns become effortless.


Lockheed Martin companies in Washington DC
Lockheed Martin

Founded: 1912

Number of employees: 104,100+

What they do: Based in nearby Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin has dominated the aerospace and defense industry since its inception. The organization specializes in advanced technologies including hypersonics, AI-enabled and autonomous systems, and directed energy, in addition to aircraft development, maritime systems, and satellite and spacecraft creation. Lockheed Martin operates globally and has an international headquarters located in London. 


CoStar Group companies in Washington DC
CoStar Group

Founded: 1987

Number of employees: 4,400+

What they do: CoStar Group is a commercial real estate information, analytics and online marketplaces provider. The organization enables people to analyze, interpret and gain insight into commercial property values, market conditions and current availabilities. CoStar Group’s collection of sites includes LoopNet, Apartments.com and ForRent.com.  


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General Dynamics companies in Washington DC
General Dynamics

Founded: 1952

Number of employees: 13,300+

What they do: Situated in neighboring Reston, Virginia, General Dynamics is an aerospace and defense company that offers a broad range of products and services. The company developed advanced business jets, wheeled combat vehicles, command and control systems, and nuclear submarines. General Dynamics currently operates across 43 countries.  


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Booz Allen Hamilton companies in Washington DC
Booz Allen Hamilton

Founded: 1914

Number of employees: 32,400+

What they do: Located in McLean, Booz Allen Hamilton is dedicated to helping military, government and business leaders solve complex issues. The organization specializes in consulting, digital solutions, analytics, cybersecurity and engineering. Booz Allen Hamilton works with clients from a variety of industries including healthcare, financial services and energy. 


Danaher Corporation companies in Washington DC
Danaher Corporation

Founded: 1984

Number of employees: 51,500+

What they do: Danaher Corporation is a global science and technology organization with a large global footprint. The organization’s companies specialize in life sciences, diagnostics, and environmental and applied solutions and are focused on areas such as wastewater treatment, biopharmaceuticals, and preventative and predictive care. Danaher Corporation boasts offices in China, the United Kingdom and India. 


Fannie Mae companies in Washington DC
Fannie Mae

Founded: 1938

Number of employees: 10,800+

What they do: Fannie Mae is dedicated to helping homeowners, homebuyers and renters reach affordable financing opportunities. The company specializes in financing for mortgage lenders, offering people access to 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages, which provide homeowners with stable payments over the life of the loan. In addition to their Washington headquarters, Fannie Mae has offices in several U.S. cities including Los Angeles, Boston and Atlanta. 


Medallia Largest Companies DC

Founded: 2001 

Number of employees: 2,500+

What they do: Instead of only paying attention to customers during transactions, Medallia paints the complete picture by tracking consumers throughout their buying journey. The company covers every aspect of the customer experience, designing sleek websites, creating personalized messages, crafting customer profiles, and more. Now businesses can better understand their customers and provide more satisfying service with the tools developed by Medallia.


Amtrak companies in Washington DC

Founded: 1971

Number of employees: 9,700+

What they do: Amtrak operates rail passenger services across North America. The company operates more than 300 trains each day, offering routes to numerous cities including New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Denver and Montreal. Amtrak covers 21,000 route miles across 46 U.S. states and three Canadian provinces. 


FTI Consulting companies in Washington D.C.
FTI Consulting

Founded: 1982

Number of employees: 7,000+

What they do: FTI Consulting is a global business advisory firm that helps organizations manage change, mitigate risks and resolve disputes. The company’s suite of services includes M&A integrations, capital markets communication, accounting advisory, fraud and complex financial investigations, and cybersecurity. FTI Consulting serves clients from a broad range of industries including healthcare, aerospace and defense, hospitality, and financial services. 



The Carlyle Group companies in Washington DC
The Carlyle Group

Founded: 1987

Number of employees: 1,900+

What they do: The Carlyle Group is an investment firm with a global presence spanning several continents. Their capabilities cover corporate private equity, global credit, real assets and investment solutions. Currently, The Carlyle Group manages $52 billion in assets.


FireEye, Inc. Largest Companies DC
FireEye, Inc. 

Founded: 2004

Number of employees: 3,000+

What they do: FireEye, Inc., offers a combination of hands-on expertise and advanced technology to protect companies’ most precious information against cyber attacks. Whether a business requires a cloud-based system or a blanket defense for an entire network, FireEye, Inc., can craft a solution around the unique needs of its clients. A team of experienced professionals drives the thinking behind the company’s products, resulting in comprehensive cybersecurity systems. 


Children's National Hospital companies in Washington DC
Children's National Hospital

Founded: 1870

Number of employees: 4,600+

What they do: Children’s National Hospital is one of the nation’s largest pediatric hospitals. The organization’s treatment options cover areas such as neurosurgery, oncology, neonatology and cardiology. Children’s National Hospital operates both the Children’s Research Institute and the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation. 


Jacobs Largest Companies DC

Founded: 1947

Number of employees: 67,300+ 

What they do: In a society where rapid change has become an expectation, Jacobs is envisioning new ways to design a sustainable and interconnected world. The company has its sights set on crafting more efficient transportation and robust infrastructure while increasing access to water and renewable energy. With areas becoming more populated, Jacobs is seeking out the most effective ways for people to interact with each other and the environments they call home.



Marriott international companies in Washington DC
Marriott INternational

Founded: 1927

Number of employees: 180,600+

What they do: Based in Bethesda, Marriott International is a hospitality industry leader, operating more than 7,500 properties worldwide. Their portfolio of hotel brands includes Gaylord Hotels, Westin Hotels, Springhill Suites and The Ritz-Carlton. Offering all-inclusive resort and vacation packages, Marriott currently oversees properties in 132 countries and territories. 


Hogan Lovells companies in Washington DC
Hogan Lovells

Founded: 1899

Number of employees: 6,300+

What they do: Hogan Lovells is a global law firm that solves legal challenges in major industries and commercial centers. Their capabilities include banking and finance litigation, business integrity, strategic communications, international arbitration and business restructuring and insolvency. Hogan Lovells has offices located throughout Asia, Europe and Africa.


Novetta Largest Companies DC

Founded: 2012

Number of employees: 1,000+

What they do: Developing innovative solutions requires plenty of focused effort, yet companies can’t afford to expend too much time and energy on incorporating new technologies. That’s why Novetta has developed a well-rounded skill set that allows the organization to complete cutting-edge projects at a rapid pace. From data analytics to cloud engineering, Novetta has the expertise to craft tailored solutions that serve the diverse needs of both private and federal partners.

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