30 Top Companies in San Antonio Shaping Texas' Business Landscape

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Jan. 20, 2022
30 Top Companies in San Antonio Shaping Texas' Business Landscape
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It’s no secret Texas is quickly becoming one of the nation’s largest tech regions. While most people think of Austin, Dallas and even Houston as the state’s hottest tech hubs, it turns out San Antonio has its own growing community of tech companies and startups. The city’s tech competitors hail from a wide range of sectors, from cybersecurity and edtech to healthtech and business management. 

Although San Antonio boasts a relatively new startup ecosystem, the city is home to many established industry movers and shakers. From financial services giant USAA to tech leader Rackspace Technology, numerous companies have contributed to the economic growth of “Alamo City.” Whether they’re helping businesses boost digital transformation or changing the way companies connect with consumers, San Antonio’s business rulers are undoubtedly redefining a broad range of industries. 

Check out 30 of the boldest companies in San Antonio shaping Texas’ business landscape. 

Top Companies in San Antonio You Should Know

  1. USAA
  2. Rackspace Technology
  3. Visionworks
  4. TaskUs
  5. Harland Clarke
  6. H-E-B
  7. Harte Hanks
  8. Valero Energy
  9. ServiceNow
  10. Pearson
Ryan Largest Companies San Antonio

Founded: 1991 

Number of employees: 3,100+ 

What they do: The tax industry can be a confusing and complex field to navigate, so Ryan simplifies every step of the process. The firm combines cutting-edge software and expert guidance to set compliance procedures, analyze local tax laws, and conduct thorough audits. As a result, clients can depend on Ryan to handle the burden of tax processes and ensure they avoid unnecessary taxes.


Conduent Largest Companies San Antonio

Founded: 2017 

Number of employees: 29,400+ 

What they do: Whenever businesses find themselves spread too thin, Conduent steps in to lend a helping hand. The company has established itself as a leader in the business process outsourcing niche, showcasing a multi-faceted skillset. Clients can trust Conduent to handle data extraction, casualty claims, financial matters, legal regulations, and other areas of expertise. Whether it’s healthcare or customer service, Conduent can tailor its solutions to the unique needs of each company.


ASM Research Largest Companies San Antonio
ASM Research

Founded: 1978 

Number of employees: 1,100+ 

What they do: As an Accenture Federal Services Company, ASM Research keeps the Department of Defense and other government agencies at the forefront of innovation. With a wealth of experience, ASM Research focuses its solutions in the areas of information, professional services, cybersecurity, and talent management. No matter what an agency requires, ASM Research can determine the appropriate technology and select the right experts to lead the transition.


Hulu Largest Companies San Antonio

Founded: 2007 

Number of employees: 2,800+

What they do: Hulu is changing the way people view entertainment with its premium streaming service. Customers can fill their lineup with content from The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, NBCUniversal, and other media powerhouses. In addition, Hulu has also produced award-winning Hulu Originals, providing viewers with even more content. 


Continental Largest Companies San Antonio

Founded: 1871 

Number of employees: 70,500+ 

What they do: Because many of today’s consumers find themselves in constant motion, Continental is making life on the go much more efficient. Drivers will appreciate the company’s safety, automated, and infotainment features. However, Continental has also branched out into the connectivity sector, offering server concepts and software solutions to help people communicate from any location. 


AllianceBernstein Largest Companies San Antonio

Founded: 1967 

Number of employees: 4,800+ 

What they do: Every financial decision comes with consequences, which is why AllianceBernstein equips clients with the tools and resources to move forward with confidence. The investment management firm boasts a network of global offices, offering diverse perspectives. And since AllianceBernstein prioritizes research, clients know every investment they make is supported by the latest insights.


iHeartMedia Largest Companies San Antonio

Founded: 2007 

Number of employees: 11,600+ 

What they do: With an unparalleled range of entertainment services, iHeartMedia captivates over a quarter of a billion U.S. listeners every month. The company develops content that people can access through radio stations, iHeartRadio.com, and the iHeartRadio mobile app. As the digital radio platform of iHeartMedia, iHeartRadio makes it easier than ever for people to connect to their favorite artists.


General Dynamics Mission Systems Largest Companies San Antonio
General Dynamics Mission Systems

Founded: 1952

Number of employees: 8,400+ 

What they do: General Dynamics Mission Systems develops technologies that support personnel in military, intelligence, cybersecurity, and civil government sectors. From geospatial tools to cybersecurity defenses, General Dynamics Mission Systems has the resources to meet the needs of various environments. Critical personnel can then maintain communications, protect information, and detect threats under the most extreme circumstances.


Cisco Largest Companies San Antonio

Founded: 1984 

Number of employees: 77,500 

What they do: Because versatility has become essential in the tech realm, Cisco has developed into a master of all trades. The company offers networking infrastructure, data centers, and any equipment needed to bring a business online. As a result, organizations rely on Cisco technology to connect their workforces through products like Webex and protect these connections with features like the SecureX platform.


HDR Largest Companies San Antonio

Founded: 1917 

Number of employees: 11,100+ 

What they do: HDR understands the attention needed to create stunning spaces, so the design firm oversees the process from beginning to end. Diverse teams help clients develop strategies, organize financial resources, and envision bold structures. To ensure the durability of each project, HDR also weighs environmental factors and maximizes the sustainability of its products.


ECS Largest Companies San Antonio

Founded: 1993 

Number of employees: 2,100+ 

What they do: Within a fast-paced digital world, ECS has become a multi-talented company that specializes in a range of topics. Military, federal, and commercial clients rely on ECS to deliver solutions in cybersecurity, machine learning, and other subjects. As a result, the company can detect potential threats, analyze critical insights, and provide the tools needed to help customers navigate high-tech landscapes.


Total Quality Logistics Largest Companies San Antonio
Total Quality Logistics

Founded: 1997 

Number of employees: 8,800+ 

What they do: In an industry where various factors make projects unpredictable, Total Quality Logistics delivers much-needed reliability. Clients will enjoy a network of over 90,000 carriers and a mobile app that lets them get quotes, track shipments, and complete payments. Whether a business requires full truckload or less than truckload carriers, Total Quality Logistics provides the necessary resources 24/7/365.


Pearson Largest Companies San Antonio

Founded: 1870 

Number of employees: 29,800+

What they do: Pearson is helping students around the globe adapt to an ever-changing study and work environment. The learning company produces courses, tutoring apps, and eTexts that enable students to master a variety of subjects. For an immersive experience, students can select the Pearson+ plan, which supplements eTexts with highlighting, flashcards, and other convenient features.


ServiceNow Largest Companies San Antonio

Founded: 2004 

Number of employees: 15,000

What they do: Companies with efficient processes have a competitive advantage, so ServiceNow streamlines workflows for clients. The company’s Now Platform improves customer experiences by combining AI, machine learning, and analytics. With this cloud-based tool, businesses can deliver superior service by automating responses, predicting trends, and speeding up resolutions. 


USAA largest companies in San Antonio

Founded: 1922

Number of employees: 29,600+

What they do: USAA provides insurance, banking, and other financial services to the nation’s military community. The company offers assistance with things like renter’s insurance, annuities, checking and savings accounts, home mortgages, and personal loans. In addition to its suite of financial products and services, the organization offers a variety of assistance programs intended to help veterans and military spouses transition to civilian life. 


Frost Bank largest companies in San Antonio
Frost Bank

Founded: 1868

Number of employees: 3,000+

What they do: Frost Bank offers banking, investment, and insurance services to both individuals and businesses throughout Texas. The company focuses heavily on banking technology, offering an app for simple deposits and money transfers as well as an online portal that allows businesses to manage their cash flow. The company’s main services include loans and financing, public finance, trust and estate planning, personal loans, and checking and savings.   


Rackspace Technology largest companies in San Antonio
Rackspace Technology

Founded: 1998

Number of employees: 7,500+

What they do: Rackspace Technology aims to accelerate the value of the cloud during each phase of digital transformation. The company manages businesses’ apps, data, security, and multiple clouds so they can adopt new technologies and maximize their IT investments. Rackspace Technology serves clients from a wide range of industries including healthcare, financial services, and hospitality. 


SWBC largest companies in San Antonio

Founded: 1976

Number of employees: 1,500+

What they do: SWBC offers a broad range of insurance, mortgage and investment services to individuals, businesses and financial institutions. Their focus areas include life insurance, wealth management, fixed-income trading, payroll services, asset recovery and mortgage lending. SWBC boasts offices nationwide and offers its services in all 50 U.S. states. 


H-E-B largest companies in San Antonio

Founded: 1905

Number of employees: 20,300+

What they do: H-E-B operates over 300 supermarkets, superstores and gourmet markets throughout Texas. In addition to its grocery stores, the company owns a variety of local restaurants including True Texas BBQ and South Flo Pizza. H-E-B’s stores can be found in Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley. 


JLL Largest Companies San Antonio

Founded: 1999 

Number of employees: 66,100+

What they do: Selecting the right space is a crucial step for businesses to grow, so JLL supports companies with various properties and services. Organizations can leverage JLL’s tools and insights to determine their ideal properties, develop portfolios, and make high-tech improvements to their structures. In addition, JLL is encouraging innovation within the real estate industry through its JLL Spark fund.


Visionworks largest companies in San Antonio

Founded: 1984

Number of employees: 2,500+

What they do: Visionworks is an optical retailer that sells a variety of designer brand eyewear. The company offers a broad assortment of lenses, frames, sunglasses, contact lenses and accessories from brands such as Vera Bradley, Calvin Klein and Draper James. Visionworks also provides eye exam appointments and accepts most major insurance plans. 


Harland Clarke largest companies in San Antonio
Harland Clarke

Founded: 1923

Number of employees: 2,100+

What they do: Harland Clarke offers a broad range of customer engagement solutions. Their specialties include acquisition services, promotional products, direct mail programs, customer insight, online advertising and conversion support. Harland Clarke ultimately aims to help its clients acquire customers, grow check revenue, increase product usage, retain and engage customers, and enhance customer service.  


Harte Hanks largest companies in San Antonio
Harte Hanks

Founded: 1923

Number of employees: 3,800+

What they do: Harte Hanks calls itself a “modern behavioral marketing company” that aims to help brands connect with consumers through data-driven insights. The company’s capabilities include customer analysis, brand strategy, CX mapping, digital ecosystem development and content moderation. Harte Hanks’ client base spans a variety of industries such as healthcare, tech and entertainment. 


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Valero Energy largest companies in San Antonio
Valero Energy

Founded: 1980

Number of employees: 8,000+

What they do: Valero Energy manufactures and markets transportation fuels and other petrochemical products. The company also focuses heavily on producing low-carbon renewable fuel at plants across the country. Valero Energy’s petroleum refineries are based throughout the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland. 


Sirius Computer Solutions largest companies in San Antonio
Sirius Computer Solutions

Founded: 1980

Number of employees: 2,600+

What they do: Sirius Computer Solutions is an IT solutions provider that serves companies across the country. The company’s specialties include business continuity, end-user computing, application integration, blockchain, digital transformation and DevOps automation. Sirius Computer Solutions has worked with organizations from a variety of industries including healthcare, education and retail. 


NuStar Energy largest companies in San Antonio
NuStar Energy

Founded: 2001

Number of employees: 1,300+

What they do: NuStar Energy stores and distributes crude oil, refined products and specialty liquids at facilities nationwide. Currently, the company holds more than 8,000 miles of pipeline and 87 terminal and storage facilities. NuStar Energy operates in a variety of countries including Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands and Turkey. 


Security Service Federal Credit Union largest companies in San Antonio
Security Service Federal Credit Union

Founded: 1956

Number of employees: 1,100+

What they do: Security Service Federal Credit Union is dedicated to providing affordable financial products and services to both individuals and businesses. The company offers checking and savings, personal loans, business credit cards, cash management and business savings. Security Service Federal Credit Union is located throughout Texas, Colorado and Utah.


CPS Energy largest companies in San Antonio
CPS Energy

Founded: 1942

Number of employees: 1,800+

What they do: CPS Energy is a natural gas and electric company that serves customers throughout the San Antonio area. The company offers both residential and commercial customers access to solar energy in addition to its traditional services. CPS Energy partners with Big Sun Community Solar, which gives customers access to tax credit and helps them lower their monthly electric bill.


Vantage Bank Texas largest companies in San Antonio
Vantage Bank Texas

Founded: 1923

Number of employees: 300+

What they do: Vantage Bank Texas is a community bank that serves small and medium-sized businesses. Their services include business checking, commercial and industrial real estate loans, personal banking, mortgage lending and business cash management. In addition to its San Antonio headquarters, Vantage Bank Texas boasts offices in several cities including Fort Worth, Laredo and El Paso.



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