29 Top Companies in Phoenix to Watch

Take a look at some of the top companies in Phoenix putting the city on the map.

Written by Sunny Betz
29 Top Companies in Phoenix to Watch
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Rose Velazquez | May 16, 2024

Phoenix's warm weather and unique western flair have drawn in visitors for years. And the city's growing tech scene is beginning to attract more and more people not just for a weekend stay, but for the long term.

Phoenix's proximity to the California coast and comparatively low cost of living have made the Valley of the Sun an attractive destination for West Coast techies looking to relocate somewhere a little less competitive. In fact, the ascendance of tech in Phoenix's local economy has been so notable that the city has earned the nickname "the Silicon Desert."

Top Companies in Phoenix

  • PetSMart
  • ON Semiconductor
  • Avnet
  • Knight Transportation
  • EXOS
  • Axway
  • Climatec
  • Valor Global
  • ServiceNow
  • Pearson

Tech aside, there are dozens of Phoenix companies across industries doing their part to put the city on the map. Manufacturing, healthcare and finance are major staples in the region’s economy, but the Arizona metro is also home to ambitious enterprises in retail, transportation, aerospace and countless others.

Take a look at these companies in Phoenix to understand why the city holds potential to become the next Silicon Valley.


Phoenix Companies to Know

Founded: 1992

KUBRA provides customer experience software for utilities, insurance and government organizations and has a sizeable presence in Tempe, Arizona. The company offers a solution called EZ-Pay which is designed to support digital payments across a variety of channels, secure stateless tokenization and updated customer payment methods. KUBRA’s other products and services include an electronic billing platform, remittance processing, business intelligence and more.


Founded: 1957

Magna International specializes in mobility technology solutions that support automotive manufacturers around the world. With expertise that covers the entire vehicle, the company produces hardware and software products that are meant to make cars and trucks environmentally friendly, safe, reliable and efficient.


Founded: 1989

For those who never tire of pursuing another adventure, Garmin harnesses technology to support outdoor passions. Customers can enjoy Garmin’s advanced map technology in the form of wearables, GPS stationary devices, and handheld satellite communicators. Curiosity knows no boundaries when people trust Garmin products to guide them in their journeys.  


Founded: 2009

Juggling multiple applications can be overwhelming, but Nutanix is changing the game with its state-of-the-art platform. The company has sculpted a hybrid multi-cloud platform, allowing companies to keep everything in one place. Whether businesses value simplicity or security, they can serve their personal needs by consolidating their data and enhancing their workflows.   


Founded: 1968

Intel is intent on building smarter, healthier communities around the globe with creative solutions. The company has cultivated an impressive skillset, bringing to life top-tier processors, laptops, servers, and other advanced products. As a result, professionals in numerous sectors have come to depend on Intel for supporting their organizations with efficient and effective technologies.


Founded: 2012

Finding a new car has never been easier, thanks to the convenience of Carvana. With Carvana’s e-commerce platform, customers can browse thousands of vetted vehicles and even put their desired vehicle on hold for up to 30 minutes. Shoppers can also set their financing terms, so they can secure their ideal car and choose a financing option that works for them.


Founded: 1999

JLL simplifies every step of the real estate landscape, so companies can make the most of their investments. Businesses can review JLL’s collection of properties and select the location that best suits their needs. Once a client has settled on a structure, JLL can craft a strategy for organizing the space and equipping it with the latest technologies for a more polished feel.


Founded: 1908

Envisioning safer and more sustainable forms of transportation, General Motors is on a mission to produce electric and autonomous vehicles. While electric vehicles and charging stations make travel more green-friendly, autonomous vehicles reduce traffic buildup and accidents. General Motors remains firmly in the driver’s seat, redefining the future of the automotive industry.


Founded: 2011

No two patients are the same, which is why Optum delivers a personalized healthcare experience. As members of Optum, individuals can meet with local doctors in person or virtually, order prescriptions, and receive mental health consultations. With every aspect of a person’s well-being covered, Optum gives patients the support they need to live their best lives. 


Founded: 2009

While Rivian is building vehicles with greater endurance, it still keeps the environment in mind. The automotive company has crafted electric truck, SUV, and fleet options for a crisper drive. Plus, the Rivian Adventure Network will showcase thousands of DC fast chargers across the country. Riding on the electric power of Rivian, customers can explore roads less traveled in a responsible manner.


Founded: 1994

Cognizant is giving businesses the tools they need to stay one step ahead within a rapidly evolving world. Leaning on the wide-ranging expertise of Cognizant, companies can modernize their applications and equip their workforces with the latest technologies. From AI to cloud platforms, Cognizant specializes in cutting-edge solutions to prepare organizations for a digital environment.


Founded: 1970

To help businesses improve their performance, Judge offers a range of consulting and talent acquisition services. The Judge Group works with companies to adopt new technologies and develop training solutions to keep employees up to speed. Companies in need of human resources can also rely on Judge to find qualified individuals for open roles.  


Founded: 1963

Few consumers are pros at navigating the healthcare landscape, which is why CVS Health makes life easier with comprehensive services. Thousands of pharmacy locations keep essential care accessible, and mailing options connect consumers to their specific prescriptions. For those with more extensive needs, CVS Health’s MinuteClinics and health plans give patients the long-term care they require.


Founded: 1993

With broad experiences and a knack for developing product engineering solutions, EPAM Systems has the tools to take businesses to the next level. The company brings together consultants, engineers, and technologists to address challenges with a multidisciplinary mindset. Businesses can then rely on EPAM Systems to help them adopt the latest technologies while envisioning new ways to streamline their operations.


Founded: 1949

While HR services may fly under the radar, ADP is seeking to shine the spotlight on this key business component. The company works with organizations to recruit top professionals and retain this talent with career growth strategies. ADP also guides businesses through extensive transitions, giving leaders the confidence to navigate mergers, software integrations, and other processes. 


Founded: 1870

To bring education into the twenty-first century, Pearson has developed a slate of digital learning products. Various eTextbooks assist students along their journeys, and dedicated learners can access over 1,500 eTextbooks with the Pearson+ plan. From the humanities to health sciences, Pearson offers a range of courses and texts to give students at all levels the support they need to excel.


Founded: 2004

There are always opportunities for businesses to improve their operations, and ServiceNow is focused on unlocking these doors. Combining AI and analytics, ServiceNow’s platform automates processes, enables developers to build workflow apps, and protects crucial information. With burdensome tasks taken care of, employees can shift their energies to more complex work.  


Founded: 1986

PetSmart is one of the largest pet supply retailers in the country, offering both practical support and products to pet owners across the United States. With locations across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, PetSmart offers pet grooming services, adoption services, training courses and pet boarding in addition to selling products such as food, toys and other pet accessories.


Founded: 1999

ON Semiconductor is a semiconductor and chip manufacturer with an international impact, serving industry customers spread across Europe, the Americas, Asia and other regions. Its team engineers products for use in energy management, medical care, automotives manufacturing and a variety of other use cases. 


Founded: 1921

Avnet partners with tech industry companies to guide them in developing the products they need to succeed, providing them with outsourced engineering services to help them holistically expand and grow. Avnet's engineers offer a vast portfolio of product options, and are capable of delivering capacitors, inductors, embedded systems, thermal management tools, optoelectronics and dozens of other products.


Founded: 1990

Knight Transportation is a national logistics company, operating fleets of trucking vehicles, shipping products and freight between enterprise customers across the country. The company's broad shipping network allows it the ability to connect its clients with the freight they need on tight timelines, helping to boost overall operational efficiency and connectivity while streamlining their supply chains.


Founded: 1999

EXOS provides its customers with health management and performance tools to help them achieve their wellness and exercise goals. From in-person facilities to digital wellness tools, EXOS guides its clients through every step of their health journeys. The business also partners with some of the world's leading companies to help them support their employees in reaching their health objectives.


Founded: 2001

Axway is a software-focused company that hones in on developing digital models for connectivity between brands and markets. A leading name in life cycle API management, Axway works with companies like Baird and CardinalHealth to support file transfer, application integration, content collaboration and other tech-enabled operations.

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Founded: 1975

Climatec is an industrial construction company that develops technologies and materials to create building systems that help companies protect and optimize their environments. From energy management to video recording and other security measures, Climatec provides a comprehensive suite of building management products designed to help companies protect their assets and secure their premises.


Founded: 2004

Valor Global provides enterprise clients with comprehensive IT services to support their overall operations and help them deliver more impactful experiences to their customers. Specializing mainly in call center solutions, Valor Global helps companies improve their customer communications and provides them with the technology tools to reach their client bases more easily.


Founded: 2014

What they do: Nikola Motor Company is an automotive enterprise focused on reducing global emissions through clean technology solutions. The company's team of engineers and developers designs electric vehicle technologies and systems built to utilize energy in the most optimal manner possible, with the eventual aim of reaching zero emissions and encouraging sustainability in the greater automotives industry. 


Founded: 1982

AFS Technologies delivers infrastructural support to companies in the food industry, providing tech-enabled solutions for distribution and logistics, delivery, purchasing and other operations. From warehouse management to revenue recognition, AFS Technologies provides products for every step of the food service supply chain, helping its industry clients optimize their finances and operations.


Founded: 2016

Instawork connects small businesses with local hourly workers through its on-demand job platform. Workers use Instawork’s app to find quick work that meets their needs — whether that’s picking up an extra shift or finding a flexible work schedule that accommodates their lifestyle. Businesses in the hospitality, event, retail and warehouse industries across more than 25 U.S. markets rely on Instawork to fill their staffing needs.


Founded: 2013

SkyTouch runs a cloud-integrated web platform with which hotels and other hospitality businesses can better envision avenues for growth and improvement. The company's platform provides hoteliers with full visibility into their customer's feedback and provides them with tools to strategize how to make their guest experiences better.


Ashley Bowden contributed reporting to this story.

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