32 Top Companies in Miami You Should Know

Written by Anthony Corbo
32 Top Companies in Miami You Should Know
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Rose Velazquez | Nov 22, 2023

Miami means many different things to many different people. For some, it represents the perfect blend of leisure and activity, all while being blessed by the Atlantic coast and a gorgeous climate year-round. For others, however, Miami represents endless opportunities, making it a natural home to many of the most impactful organizations in the world. Whether on the decks of the cruise ship industry or through the hands of healthcare providers facing some of life’s greatest challenges head-on, Miami has proven itself to be an exceptional place to work with a workforce that is ready to grow.

Check out 32 of the most innovative companies in Miami you should know about right now. 

Top Companies in Miami

  • REEF Technology
  • H&R Block
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines
  • Royal Caribbean International
  • Ryder
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • VITAS Healthcare
  • Lane Bryant
  • monday.com
  • Visa


Founded: 2012

Company size: 51-200 employees

What they do: Biotech company Click Therapeutics’ work centers around creating software products that doctors can prescribe to their patients as medical treatment. Patients will be able to download their prescribed therapeutic from the app store and then input a pharmacist-issued activation code to begin accessing treatment. The company has software in its development pipeline to address conditions like major depression, migraine, atopic dermatitis and opioid use disorder.


Founded: 2017 

Company size: 101-500 employees 

What they do: Revantage is a real estate services company that gives Blackstone portfolio companies the resources to thrive. With broad experience, Revantage knows how to locate top talent, implement advanced technology, and manage global properties. From North America to Asia, clients around the world rely on the expertise of Revantage to navigate the real estate industry effortlessly.  


TransUnion Largest Companies Miami

Founded: 1968 

Company size: 5,001-10,000 employees 

What they do: It’s difficult to maintain trust within the digital realm, but TransUnion is reversing this trend with a suite of comprehensive products. With roots as a credit reporting agency, TransUnion compiles information to compose complete customer profiles while keeping this data secure. Businesses can now provide relevant marketing ads, improve health patient experiences, verify personal credit, and more.


VMLY&R Largest Companies Miami

Founded: 2018 

Company size: 10,001+ employees 

What they do: VMLY&R views successful brands as those that connect with their customers, leading the company to focus on the customer experience. The agency leverages data and insights to tailor marketing campaigns to each client’s target audience. From content production to digital transformation, VMLY&R plans out every detail of a campaign to create brands that strike a personal chord with consumers.


Edelman Largest Companies Miami

Founded: 1952 

Company size: 5,001-10,000 employees 

What they do: Brands are often fragile entities that require constant attention and care, so Edelman brings a diligent, dynamic approach to each client. The global communications firm can help companies craft masterful marketing campaigns and strategies to elevate their brands to new heights. Whether businesses want to adopt fresh technologies or improve their stance on data security, Edelman applies the appropriate teams and tools for each situation. 


SiriusXM Largest Companies Miami

Founded: 1990 

Company size: 5,001-10,000 employees 

What they do: Teaming up with Pandora, SiriusXM holds great ambitions as the largest audio entertainment company in the world. Customers can enjoy diverse content that spans music, sports, talk shows, and podcasts. The SXM App makes it easier than ever for people to take their favorite digital experiences on the go, which is why SiriusXM now serves 150 million listeners and counting. 


CoStar Group Largest Companies Miami
CoStar Group

Founded: 1987 

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees 

What they do:  CoStar Group provides a collection of resources and tools for understanding the real estate industry. The company delivers expertise in real estate analytics, news, and online marketplaces. With a range of different brands under its umbrella, CoStar can help customers choose between apartments, offices, industrial properties, and other spaces. 


XPO Logistics Largest Companies Miami
XPO Logistics

Founded: 2011 

Company size: 10,001+ employees 

What they do: The transportation industry continues to embrace efficiency, thanks to the technology of XPO Logistics. Combining machine learning and a data-centric approach, XPO Logistics equips truck brokers and less-than-truckload employers with essential insights. With XPO Connect, businesses now have a digital transportation platform where they can monitor weather patterns, interact with carriers, plan routes, and complete other tasks.


JLL Largest Companies Miami

Founded: 1999 

Company size: 10,001+ employees 

What they do: Whether a company is searching for its first office or eager to expand its portfolio, JLL makes navigating the real estate market a seamless process. With market insights and diverse locations, JLL can help businesses select the ideal properties that meet their needs. JLL also offers guidance for integrating technology to reinforce structures and modernize buildings.


Office Depot Largest Companies Miami
Office Depot

Founded: 1986 

Company size: 10,001+ employees 

What they do: High-powered individuals and businesses need to stay productive, so Office Depot delivers all-around solutions. Furniture, office supplies, computers, and scanners are just a few options that people can select to decorate their workspace. In addition, Office Depot boasts certified technicians and around-the-clock remote tech support, so businesses can maintain their operations with expert guidance. 


Lenovo Largest Companies Miami

Founded: 1984 

Company size: 10,001+ 

What they do: Lenovo is on a mission to accelerate the digital progression of societies with a suite of advanced solutions. Customers can enjoy efficient devices when choosing from a selection of phones, tablets, and PCs. Besides supporting individuals, Lenovo also propels businesses forward by upgrading software, data centers, and other necessary infrastructure. 


Comcast Largest Companies Miami

Founded: 1963 

Company size: 10,001+ employees 

What they do: Though headquartered in Philadelphia, Comcast boasts 30 offices around the U.S. As a media powerhouse, Comcast showcases a host of services under its various brands. Comcast Cable connects U.S. customers to video and high-speed internet services while its subsidiaries like Sky Group and NBC Universal reach wider audiences with global broadcast networks and media services.


Centene Corporation Largest Companies Miami
Centene Corporation

Founded: 1984 

Company size: 10,001+ employees 

What they do: To help patients lead healthier lives, Centene Corporation has developed comprehensive programs for their patient network. The health provider offers national solutions like Medicare and Medicaid while investing in a nurse advice line and pharmacy benefits program. With the acquisition of Apixio, Centene Corporation continues to bring advanced technology into the healthcare field.


Visa Largest Companies Miami

Founded: 1958 

Company size: 10,001+ employees 

What they do: Because the world is transforming at a rapid pace, Visa is giving customers the tools to adjust to a changing financial landscape. The leader in digital payments offers click-to-pay, tap-to-pay, mobile, and installment options. Businesses can also enjoy a customized experience since Visa Consulting and Analytics assists with preventing fraud, developing product strategy, and performing other tasks.


monday.com Largest Companies Miami

Founded: 2012 

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees 

What they do: Workplace processes can become difficult to juggle, so monday.com has created a visual format for streamlining workflows. Teams can now combine templates and items to present their projects and data in an easy-to-understand way. To ensure a seamless transition, monday.com integrates with dozens of tools and offers a mobile option for the ultimate personalized experience.


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Lennar companies in Miami

Founded: 1954

Company size: 5,001-10,000 employees

What they do: Lennar’s goal is to ensure that those looking to purchase their next house step foot into nothing but the perfect dream home, down to the last detail. The company specializes in constructing houses for the modern era, focusing on energy efficiency, simplicity, luxury and complete digital connectivity when collaborating with purchasers on their next home.


REEF Technology companies in Miami
REEF Technology

Founded: 2013

Company size: 10,000+ employees

What they do: REEF Technology is reinventing the logistics industry on a smaller scale, operating fleets across 4,500 global locations in top markets to help companies make deliveries faster and become closer with customers. Additionally, the company works to transform underutilized urban spaces into useful space, offering additional solutions for challenges like parking, healthcare, retail and urban farming, helping people improve their quality of life across the board. 


Argo AI Largest Companies Miami
Argo AI

Founded: 2016 

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees 

What they do: The future of driving is evolving into a vision full of promise, and Argo AI is leading the way with its autonomous vehicles. Argo AI’s self-driving system relies on 3D maps and advanced sensor technology to guide vehicles safely through the city streets. With Ford and Volkswagen partnerships, Argo AI is beginning to streamline short trips for companies and individuals seeking a reliable form of transportation. 


Norwegian Cruise Line companies in Miami
Norwegian Cruise Lines

Founded: 1966

Company size: 10,001+ employees 

What they do: Norwegian Cruise Lines is one of the largest providers of all-in-one vacations on the sea. Operating a fleet of exceptional cruise ships, Norwegian Cruise Lines’s voyages are capable of transporting passengers to destinations like Hawaii, the Mediterranean Sea, South America and beyond, with fine dining and entertainment options on board for an unforgettable experience.


Royal Caribbean International companies in Miami
Royal Caribbean International

Founded: 1968

Company size: 10,001+ employees

What they do: Royal Caribbean International makes it possible to combine stunning destinations, time on the water and family friendly fun into one exceptional vacation. Destinations throughout North America, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, the South Pacific and several other luxury locations are available to book through the cruise line’s websites, providing a voyage to many of the world’s most exquisite locations.


Ryder companies in Miami

Founded: 1933

Company size: 10,001+ employees

What they do: Ryder is a global leader in the shipping and logistics industry, offering a variety of fleet management, transportation, supply chain and small business solutions that ensure quality when moving goods from company to consumer. The company’s vehicles come equipped with advanced technology for collecting performance data in real-time, and Ryder works closely with providers and equipment managers to bring innovation to the future of the transportation industry. 


Carnival Cruise Line companies in Miami
Carnival Cruise Line

Founded: 1972

Company size: 10,001+ 

What they do: Miami is one of the cruise ship capitals of the world, largely thanks to Carnival Cruise Line establishing its headquarters there in 1972. Each ship in the company’s fleet is designed to seamlessly blend family-friendly experiences with breathtaking destinations, sailing to areas of the world like Europe, Hawaii, the South Pacific and beyond. 


VITAS Healthcare companies in Miami
VITAS Healthcare

Founded: 1978

Company size: 10,001+ 

What they do: VITAS Healthcare is a leader and pioneer in the field of compassionate, ethical hospice care, offering a full range of care and in-depth resources for the families of those with advanced illnesses. Operating inpatient and home-based hospice services across more than 14 states, VITAS Healthcare and its team ensure that all hospice care is focused on meeting Medicare standards while providing patients with the highest level of comfort possible, with emotional and spiritual aid provided to families for more than a year after a patient passes. 


Lane Bryant companies in Miami
Lane Bryant

Founded: 1904

Company size: 10,001+

What they do: Lane Bryant maintains a nationwide presence as one of the leading retailers in women’s apparel, featuring hundreds of locations across the United States and a user-friendly e-commerce experience. The brand’s clothing is designed to be versatile and provide comfort to women from all walks of life, with rewards programs, fit guides and special offers all available through the company's website.


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Brightstar companies in Miami

Founded: 1997

Company size: 5,001-10,000 employees

What they do: Brightstar provides end-to-end lifecycle management solutions for wireless devices, partnering with carriers, retailers and enterprise customers to ensure devices are issued and decommissioned with their best interests in mind. The company manages several programs for maximizing efficiency across device lifecycles, including supply chain, finance, device protection, buy-back/trade-in and accessory capabilities, bridging the gap between all parties and boosting ROI across the board. 


harvard maintenance largest companies miami
Harvard Maintenance

Founded: 1961

Company size: 5,001-10,000 

What they do: Harvard Maintenance is an industry leader in utilizing end-to-end digital technology to improve the quality, efficiency and productivity of workplace facilities across industries. The company’s primary focus is ensuring that working environments are clean and healthy, while also maintaining cost-effectiveness, business sustainability and environmental responsibility, utilizing digital planning, tracking and measurement tools for continued success.


TigerDirect companies in Miami

Founded: 1987

Company size: 1,001-5,000

What they do: TigerDirect is a nationwide retailer of professional computing and consumer electronic devices, empowering people and businesses with the equipment they need to create their best work. Small, medium and large businesses alike rely on TigerDirect to outfit their entire organization with high-performance devices from peripherals and accessories to supercomputers and networking equipment, making connectivity a top priority across industries. 


Perry Ellis International companies in Miami

Founded: 1967

Company size: 1,001-5,000 

What they do: Perry Ellis International designs high quality apparel, accessories and fragrances for both men and women, offering collections for both casual occasions and high-fashion events. The company additionally operates brands such as Callaway Apparel, Penguin and Rafaella, and in 2020, launched its Perry Health brand to create PPE and healthcare-focused materials in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


NEORIS companies in Miami

Founded: 2000

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

What they do: NEORIS combines deep industry knowledge with a technological pedigree to help companies overcome their business challenges and create disruptive growth in their industries. The accelerator focuses primarily on guiding organizations through their digital transformation journey, helping develop business acumen, digital architecture and create a cultural tech transformation from the top down. 


SuperShuttle companies in Miami

Founded: 1983

Company size: 1,001-5,000

What they do: SuperShuttle exists to make booking transportation around cities of all sizes less stressful and more convenient, offering express, shared and black car transportation to airports, events or on an hourly basis. Convenient solutions for single riders and groups alike make it possible to make destination planning more-cost effective, allowing riders to focus more of their attention on the experiences that await them.


Illumno companies in Miami

Founded: 2006

Company size: 501-1,000

What they do: Ilumno is an innovative tech platform designed to ensure higher education institutions pursuing sustainable growth and online education have the tools they need to succeed. The company’s tools provide an operating model that facilitates extraordinary teaching and learning experiences, with real-time reporting metrics available to continuously improve decision making and overall quality for both students and educators. 


Open English companies in Miami
Open English

Founded: 2007

Company size: 501-1,000

What they do: Open English utilizes modern technology to make the pathway towards learning english easier to navigate. Offering 24-7 access to live classes taught by American teachers and interactive writing tools with over 2,000 hours of content, Open English provides an effective method for thoroughly learning the english language.

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