27 Top Companies in Kansas City Making a Global Impact

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Dec. 30, 2021
27 Top Companies in Kansas City Making a Global Impact
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Kansas City sits at the heart of the United States, so naturally, many of the country’s most cutting-edge organizations have made the metropolitan area along the Kansas and Missouri border their home. Though the meat industry maintains a strong presence as one of the region’s top employers, multiple industries ranging from insurance to construction — even chocolatiers — are utilizing Kansas City’s centralized location, bountiful resources, and motivated workforce as an opportunity to focus on making a global impact. 

It’s not just enterprises and renowned organizations either — a number of tech companies and startups are emerging throughout the “Silicon Prairie,” making it one of the most exciting times to launch a career in Kansas City.

Regardless of industry, Kansas City boasts a variety of impressive organizations that are leaving their stamp on the Midwest, the U.S. and beyond. Check out some of the most influential companies currently calling Kansas City home. 

Top Companies in Kansas City You Should Know

  • Cerner
  • H&R Block
  • Hallmark
  • Seaboard Corporation
  • Farmland Foods
  • Children's Mercy Hospital
  • Lockton
  • Burns & McDonnell
  • National Beef Packing Company
  • The Judge Group
Paycor Largest Companies Kansas City

Founded: 1990 

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

What they do: Retaining talent is the backbone of success, so Paycor equips businesses with the tools needed to provide exceptional employee experiences. Recruitment and onboarding platforms create a seamless process for finding the right candidates and welcoming them to the team. Once new hires enter their roles, companies can support them with software dedicated to attendance, pulse surveys, career management, benefits, and other features. 


APTIM Largest Companies Kansas City

Founded: 1914

Company size: 5,001-10,000 employees 

What they do: Because of the complexity of energy facilities, companies have come to depend on the versatile solutions of APTIM. For over a century, the organization has partnered with groups to design spaces that are safe and cost-efficient. APTIM also offers assistance with shutting down facilities and evacuating workforces under urgent circumstances. With the guidance and resources of APTIM, energy clients can enhance their locations and operate in a responsible manner. 


Commerce Bank Largest Companies Kansas City
Commerce Bank

Founded: 1865

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

What they do: Commerce Bank is providing customers with the peace of mind to endure the triumphs and challenges of life. Individuals can expect affordable rates when selecting a checking or savings account with Commerce Bank. Plus, the institution offers personalized loans for each customer's unique circumstances. Online banking and payment options create added convenience, so customers can interact with Commerce Bank through their preferred method. 


Ryan Largest Companies Kansas City

Founded: 1991 

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

What they do: Taxes remain a chore for many organizations, but Ryan removes some of the burden with its all-around tax services. Businesses can rely on Ryan professionals to perform accurate tax audits, minimize their tax amounts, and ensure they follow tax legislation. Supporting every decision with extensive research, Ryan gives clients the knowledge and confidence to navigate the tax industry. 


Harley-Davidson Motor Company Largest Companies Kansas City
Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Founded: 1903 

Company size: 5,001-10,000 employees

What they do: Those seeking the freedom of open roads and blue skies will find a kindred spirit in Harley-Davidson Motor Company. For over a century, the organization has built high-performance motorcycles and a brand that represents a winning attitude. Besides delivering exceptional rides, Harley-Davidson offers motorcycle maintenance, insurance, and other services for a first-rate customer experience.


SP+ Largest Companies Kansas City
SP+ (SP Plus)

Founded: 1929 

Company size: 10,001+ employees 

What they do: People are constantly on the go, and SP+ ensures safe travels with a range of services. The company specializes in parking management, shuttle bus transportation, bag check-ins, and other areas. In addition, SP+ coordinates transportation logistics for major events.  From aviation to healthcare, companies have come to rely on the technologies and planning of SP+ for effortless movement. 


AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation Largest Companies Kansas City
AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation

Founded: 2002 

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

What they do: Financing a home is a major life decision, but individuals can attain solid financial ground with AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation. The group connects home-seekers to real estate agents and affordable loans while streamlining the lending process with AI technology. Consumers can also access an online mortgage calculator and knowledge center to make informed choices about their next home. 


Copart Largest Companies Kansas City

Founded: 1982 

Company size: 5,001-10,000 employees

What they do: Those searching for their next set of wheels will appreciate the intuitive platform of Copart. The online auto auction company showcases a daily collection of over 175,000 vehicles to choose from. With Copart’s Virtual Bidding Technology, customers can make a purchase from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Pickup and delivery options guarantee a smooth transition, so Copart customers can enjoy more time behind the wheel.


Rubrik, Inc. Largest Companies Kansas City
Rubrik, Inc.

Founded: 2014 

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

What they do: A company can never prepare too much for ransomware attacks, and Rubrik takes this belief to heart. Prioritizing a zero-trust policy, Rubrik shields data backups from hackers, rogue employees, and other potential threats. If teams want to adopt more advanced tools, Rubrik makes it easy to integrate application programming interfaces. Once Rubrik analyzes and locates where sensitive information is stored, it has the resources to organize and protect a business’ data.


Optiv Largest Companies Kansas City

Founded: 2015

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees 

What they do: There are many moving parts that go into a cybersecurity strategy, so Optiv simplifies the details with its expertise and products. Working together with businesses, Optiv analyzes the technologies of each client, locates security gaps, and devises strategies for making improvements. Companies can rely on Optiv professionals to help them adopt new plans and tools, so they can develop more efficient ways to protect their data and other critical information. 


Cisco Largest Companies Kansas City

Founded: 1984 

Company size: 10,001+ employees

What they do: Organizations depend on high-speed connections to function, and Cisco meets these expectations with advanced technology. The company connects teams with wireless, switching, routing, and Webex products for convenient communication. To protect these connections, Cisco fortifies companies with leading security, cloud, and SaaS solutions. Cisco covers every digital aspect of a business, allowing teams to gain an edge with the latest technologies.


HDR Largest Companies Kansas City

Founded: 1917 

Company size: 10,001+ employees

What they do: As a world-renowned design firm, HDR supplements stunning architecture with a thoughtful approach to each project. The company brings together artists, builders, scientists, economists, and analysts. Because of this multi-disciplinary mentality, HDR has crafted buildings that enrich both communities and their surrounding ecosystems. That’s why the firm continues to lead the way in the field of engineering and construction services.


Intouch Group Largest Companies Kansas City
Intouch Group

Founded: 2018 

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

What they do: Intouch Group provides pharmaceutical companies with the services to improve their brands in the eyes of the public. Telehealth, augmented reality, and AI are just a few areas where Intouch Group delivers innovative solutions. Organizations also gain access to brand and enterprise marketing services that automate tasks and leverage cloud platforms. Working with companies like Veeva and Salesforce, Intouch Group ensures pharma companies leave lasting impressions on consumers.


Morgan Stanley Largest Companies Kansas City
Morgan Stanley

Founded: 1935 

Company size: 10,001+ employees 

What they do: Confidence is key when it comes to investing, so Morgan Stanley gives clients the resources they need to make sound decisions. The firm supports each client with extensive market research and a team of financial advisors. Plus, individuals and institutions can lean on experienced professionals when navigating the realm of investment banking. 


The Judge Group Largest Companies Kansas City
The Judge Group

Founded: 1970 

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

What they do: To help companies reach their full potential, The Judge Group provides comprehensive professional services. Judge makes implementing new processes and technologies easier with consulting and training solutions. In-person or virtual training sessions and approved learning professionals are always available to assist companies. In addition, Judge leverages its resources to find the perfect candidate when a business needs to replenish its workforce. 


Cerner companies in Kansas City

Founded: 1979

Company size: 10,001+ employees

What they do: Cerner empowers healthcare providers, patients and employers with the data-driven solutions necessary to drive transformation well into the future. Digital solutions from Cerner include full revenue cycle management platforms, powerful analytics, reporting capabilities and more, making the healthcare process more streamlined for all parties involved. 

H&R Block companies in Kansas City
H&R block

Founded: 1955

Company size: 10,001+ employees

What they do: H&R Block helps individuals better manage their finances and tax responsibilities, offering a variety of digital and in-person services to fulfill specific tax needs. The company’s digital tools feature upfront pricing, expert guidance and a variety of resources to make it easier to feel confident about attaining a maximum refund, with a variety of solutions tailored towards small businesses available as well. 

Hallmark companies in Kansas City

Founded: 1910

Company size: 10,001+ employees

What they do: Hallmark is one of the world’s largest companies dedicated to making holidays and special occasions feel unforgettable. Immensely popular for its vast selection of greeting cards, Hallmark also produces home decor, ornaments and gift wraps, along with a network of television shows and original movies.


VMLY&R companies in Kansas City

Founded: 1992

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

What they do: VMLY&R is a full-service marketing and advertising agency, focusing largely on the areas of brand experience and customer experience to drive business growth. The agency’s solutions exist within both digital spaces and product development, with clients competing in industries like automotive, education, insurance, CPG, nonprofit and government.


Lockton companies in Kansas City

Founded: 1966

Company size: 5,001-10,000 employees

What they do: Operating throughout several regions of the world, Lockton is one of the largest providers of employee benefits and insurance solutions that exist across a spectrum of special cases. Insurance options from Lockton are diverse, ranging from standard health and accident coverage to risk management solutions designed for specific industries, with analytics, catastrophe response, claims consulting, and merger/acquisition services available as well. 


Seaboard Corporation companies in Kansas City
Seaboard Corporation

Founded: 1918

Company size: 10,001+ employees

What they do: Seaboard Corporation operates across six continents to ensure that products and food supplies are able to seamlessly traverse the world and reach their destinations in a timely fashion, with several other divisions helping the company maintain status as a cross-industry power. In addition to its Seaboard Food and Seaboard Marine divisions, the corporation is also involved in overseas trading and operates the Butterball and Mount Dora Farms brands. 

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Children's Mercy Hospital companies in Kansas City
Children's Mercy Hospital

Founded: 1897

Company size: 5,001-10,000 employees

What they do: Children’s Mercy Hospital offers a large selection of treatment and prevention capabilities to ensure children are able to grow up with the best quality of life possible. Ranked by the U.S. News & World Report in all ten pediatric specialties, Children’s Mercy Hospital works with a variety of healthcare providers and is heavily involved in community activities to ensure care is provided holistically. 


Burns & McDonnell companies in Kansas City
Burns & McDonnell

Founded: 1898

Company size: 5,001-10,000 employees

What they do: Burns & McDonnell provides high-value infrastructural solutions to crucial industries like aviation, chemicals, commercial development and more. End-to-send services from the company include architecture, commissioning, construction, engineering, operations and program management capabilities, helping clients find success with every project. 


National Beef Packing Companies companies in Kansas City
National Beef Packing Company

Founded: 1992

Company size: 5,001-10,000 employees

What they do: National Beef Packing Company operates several national brands and programs for ensuring the meat it produces meets consumer quality and safety standards. The company’s website makes it easy for retailers to find the perfect products that fill their consumers’ needs, with additional resources and food safety information available online as well.


Hostess companies in Kansas City
Hostess Brands

Founded: 1919

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

What they do: Hostess Brands is one of the most beloved packaged food companies in the United States, driven by a generational history of producing fresh baked sweet goods available everywhere from the grocery aisle to the convenience store. The company’s most popular brands include Twinkies, CupCakes, Ding Dong, Ho Hos and Donettes, with new desserts emerging regularly alongside old favorites.


BlueScope North America companies in Kansas City
BlueScope North America

Founded: 1928

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

What they do: BlueScope North America is a global provider of innovative steel products, materials and technologies, with operations across continents to ensure organizational and infrastructural steel needs can be met efficiently. Products from BlueScope are designed to endure harsh conditions and are produced via inclusive workplaces where safety is the top priority, with the company also taking action in the fight against climate change through responsible products and supply chains. 


Russell Stover companies in Kansas City
Russell Stover

Founded: 1923

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

What they do: Russell Stover ensures that the holidays and special occasions of all kinds are always sweet, producing gourmet chocolates and gift boxes for people of nearly all tastes. Customizable gift boxes are available through the company’s website or at any of their U.S. retail locations, along with special deals and regularly released new flavors.

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