5 Top Companies in Colombia to Know

Colombia is home to many major companies across software, financial services and more. These are the ones to know.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jun. 12, 2024
5 Top Companies in Colombia to Know
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Like many Latin American countries, Colombia has experienced significant growth in its tech and information technology sectors and is still proving to be a hotbed for new initiatives. Opportunities in cloud computing, SaaS and data storage are thought to be spurring new ventures in the nation’s developing tech scene and are already drawing in new players and investors. Below are some of the top companies in Colombia burgeoning business hubs.  

Top Companies in Colombia to Know

  • Qualtrics
  • HubSpot
  • Avianca
  • Addi
  • Bancolombia


Top Companies in Colombia

Qualtrics’ software enables clients to capture various data points, which leads to better decision-making capabilities. Its platforms collect customer and employee experiences and turns them into actionable insights. Qualtrics also provides quantitative research to further inform clients on trends and behavior. Companies like Sony, Johnson & Johnson and Citi all use Qualtrics’ platforms.


HubSpot provides B2B software and educational resources covering various tech topics. Its products include CRMs, CMS tools and marketing platforms, many of which incorporate generative AI features for creative and support tasks. Although headquartered in the United States, HubSpot also operates an office in Bogotá. 

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Founded in 1919, Avianca is one of Colombia’s oldest and largest airlines, offering international and domestic flights. The company’s efforts to modernize its services and customer experience has contributed to its longevity. Now, Avianca features an intuitive website for finding and booking flights and branded credit cards that provide flight miles.


Addi is a buy-now-pay-later, or BNPL, service that works with many of Colombia’s most popular shops. The platform operates online and in retail locations, and users can select between three and 24 installments for individual purchases. Launched in 2018, Addi has quickly expanded, drawing the attention of Goldman Sachs, Greycroft and Andreessen Horowitz, among other investors.

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Bancolombia is a financial institution that provides services in many Latin American countries. Its services include traditional bank accounts, such as checking and mortgages, but it also offers several investment products, including brokerage services and asset management.

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