9 Companies in Aurangabad to Know

From vehicle manufacturing to IT providers, Aurangabad is home to a wide range of companies.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Apr. 08, 2024
9 Companies in Aurangabad to Know
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Aurangabad is a city of including, including a nascent tech community beginning to take hold. By far, the city’s largest employers operate in auto and industrial manufacturing to produce products like suspensions, transmissions and electronics. Mixed into the industrial landscape of one of India’s largest cities are service-based tech companies, including IT providers and cloud hosting businesses. Below are some of Aurangabad’s top companies to know. 

Top Companies in Aurangabad to Know

  • Endurance Technologies
  • JMK Infosoft  
  • Sterlite Technologies
  • Varroc
  • Iqra Technology
  • BlueRock
  • Upstart Digital Marketing Agency
  • Wockhardt
  • AVN Business Solutions


Top Companies in Aurangabad

Endurance Technologies is an automotive manufacturer and one of Aurangabad’s largest employers. The company designs vehicle components, including suspension systems, transmissions and braking systems, but it is most well known around India for its die-casting capabilities. 


JMK Infosoft is an information technology, or IT, service provider for government organizations and private companies. In operation since 2000, the company has helped its clients adapt to digital technologies by managing their web and mobile development. 


Sterlite Technologies, commonly known as STL, develops telecommunication technologies like fiber optic cables, which it uses to provide enterprise-grade connectivity services. STL also helps clients construct and manage telecommunication infrastructure capable of supporting 5G technologies. 

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Varroc is another auto-component manufacturer in Aurangabad. It sets itself apart by focusing on electrical components instead of mechanical ones. Some of its electronic products include digital speedometers, taillights and push-button ignitions. The company dates back to the 1990s and has expanded into international markets through several acquisitions. 


While many local companies focus on manufacturing and automation, Iqra is one of the region’s largest tech companies. The company provides IT and web development services with the goal of helping its clients maintain their operations and integrate digital technologies. Through Iqra, clients can hire web developers or get support with software like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.    


BlueRock provides website hosting and domain registration services throughout India. Through its platform, users can search for available domain names to buy and register. The company also provides various server hosting plans that enable users to visit busienss websites.


Upstart Digital Marketing Agency provides a multitude of marketing services for businesses of all types, including blog sites, retailers and travel agencies . The Aurangabad-based company provides SEO, email marketing and Shopify storefront services while also handling the logistics of Google and Facebook ads for clients. 

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Wockhardt is a global pharmaceutical company with facilities in India, The United States, Ireland and elsewhere. The company works on discovering novel antibiotic treatments for drug-resistant pathogens and has developed an extensive lineup of products for pain management and diabetes treatments. 


AVN Business Solutions is an e-commerce adjacent company that provides services to kick-start businesses with digital marketplaces. The company also provides logistics support and accounting software to clients.

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