12 Companies Hiring Data Engineers

From the fintech to healthcare industries, these companies need data engineers.

Written by Margo Steines
12 Companies Hiring Data Engineers
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Margo Steines | May 21, 2024

Data engineers typically work as part of a larger team on projects that make collection and analysis of raw data possible on a broad scale. To serve as an authority on the building and maintenance of data architecture and data pipelines, these professionals commonly need experience with programming languages such as SQL and Scala, big data tools and machine learning models. The following list includes companies filling data engineer positions.

Companies Hiring Data Engineers

  • McDonald’s Global Technology
  • Smartly
  • Mastercard
  • Vimeo
  • GoodRx
  • Fanduel
  • CGI


Companies Hiring Data Engineers

Adyen is a global fintech company with a B2B payment platform for payments, data and financial management for enterprise clients. The platform’s functions include online payment processing, point-of-sale transactions, authentication, risk management, revenue optimization and customer behavior insights. For its Amsterdam and Chicago offices, the company seeks data engineers who are experienced in working with big data. 


The Kraft Heinz Company is a multinational enterprise food and beverage company. It is best known for its signature products, particularly Heinz Ketchup and Kraft Mac & Cheese. To deliver these best-loved products at a profitable global scale, the company invests deeply in manufacturing, processing and marketing tech, consumer data analysis and data engineering for its digital assets. 


Through innovative product engineering, consumer goods company SharkNinja makes disruptive products in the household and kitchen space, including viral products like the Creami ice cream maker and Ninja blender. SharkNinja products are notable for solving specific consumer problems at accessible price points, which is made possible by a combination of extensive product testing, sophisticated social media research and consumer data analysis. Data engineers are key members of the team, and the company is currently looking to expand its roster of experienced data engineering specialists.

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GRAIL is a healthtech company that works in research and development to create technology for early cancer detection. With the goal of continuing to develop multi-cancer screening and advanced testing that will identify cancers when they are early enough to be fully curable, the company also works on precision oncology treatments to pair with early detection screenings. The company seeks data engineers to join its team. 


Comcast Advertising is a division of Comcast dedicated to corporate advertising. The enterprise company relies on advanced adtech like real time bidding and direct order automation. The team of Comcast data engineers works together to plan and design software and web applications, supports software that is being developed and creates technical manuals to be used across departments.  


McDonald’s is a food and beverage giant that relies heavily on franchising and leading-edge technology to stay profitable through changing landscapes in the retail and hospitality industries. Data engineers at McDonald’s are expected to have deep knowledge of data product lifecycle and are in charge of building data solutions to support in-house analytics initiatives. 


Headquartered in Helsinki with officers all over the world, Smartly specializes in social media advertising, catering to brands such as Uber and eBay. Utilizing artificial intelligence and data capabilities, Smartly’s platform automates campaign management and creative production, providing real-time insights for optimized advertising strategies across various channels. The company is actively hiring a number of engineering roles across its research and development function.


Mastercard is a fintech company focused on payment processing. It partners with a network of financial institutions to offer branded payment cards, providing credit cards for individuals, small businesses and corporate interests, as well as global payment transaction processing for cashless exchanges. Mastercard is hiring for data engineers in the United States as well as in India. 

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Vimeo offers a video hosting and sharing platform that includes tools for video editing. It’s often used by creators to make video content for social media and is built to be simple and turn out a professional quality product. Vimeo looks for data engineers with deep experience for roles that partner with product engineers, create software code and monitor the company data platform


GoodRx is a healthcare company that provides services for prescription drugs, telehealth care and lab testing. Users can access coupons through the company’s site or mobile app, which they can use for discounts on prescriptions and care when they lack insurance coverage or when their insurance coverage isn’t robust for the specific medication they need. Data engineers at GoodRx are expected to have fluency in multiple programming languages as well as raw data formats. 

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FanDuel is the parent company of a collection of brands in the gaming space, with its offerings including sports betting, fantasy sports, online casinos and e-gaming. The company serves as a sports betting and fantasy sports partner to professional sports leagues and teams. Openings for data engineers with FanDuel range from early career positions in insights engineering all the way up to VP of data engineering.


CGI is an IT firm that offers business consulting and IT strategy services to client companies. Analytics, managed IT, cloud IT and AI are some of the end-to-end services it provides, with the goal of functioning as a partner to its clients. CGI seeks data engineers who have experience collaborating with other technical team members on developing data analytics solutions.

Rose Velazquez and Sara B.T. Thiel contributed reporting to this story.