5 Charlotte SEO Companies Helping Businesses Gain Traction Organically

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Nov. 09, 2020
5 Charlotte SEO Companies Helping Businesses Gain Traction Organically
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For a long time, companies of all shapes and sizes relied heavily on paid advertising campaigns to gain traction in the digital world. The mechanics behind achieving a top ranking in search results was somewhat of a mystery, and it’s only recently that brands have turned toward organic methods of gaining audiences on the web. Today, online marketing aficionados strategize heavily to improve search rankings, and SEO, or search engine optimization, is becoming a must-have practice among enterprises looking to effectively reach their target audiences. 

By combining both hard data and creative content development, SEO agencies can structure digital strategies to help companies carve out a niche in their markets. Beginning by researching commonly used keywords and search patterns, SEO specialists tailor site designs, media content, and copywriting to fit what each customer is searching for, helping companies reshape and fine-tune their presences more successfully. As more and more companies begin to realize the power SEO has to transform their operations, the industry is seeing more and more success, with Forbes predicting that United States companies will spend over $80 billion on SEO services this year alone. For those looking to get a leg up in their industry and more visibility on the web, these five Charlotte-based SEO companies and agencies may be your best bet.

Charlotte SEO Agencies to Know

  • BLVD
  • CCP Web Design
  • Accrisoft
  • Red Moon Marketing
BLVD Charlotte SEO Company

Founded: 2017

What they do: BLVD provides its industry clients with a holistic approach to marketing development by offering everything from graphic design and web development to SEO and influencer marketing. The agency's SEO team workshops content and researches keywords that can help propel its clients into top rankings on search engine results, with a focus on growing audience traffic organically. BLVD additionally connects brands with event amplification, social media marketing, AI powered e-commerce functionality, and a variety of other tools to help them build and structure their online strategies.

Clients: Padlist, Isodiol, Level Brands, American Family Insurance.

Headquarters: 4529 Sharon Rd.


UNION Charlotte SEO Company

Founded: 2002

What they do: UNION is a digital marketing agency singularly focused on helping brands improve their industry performance and stand out in their sectors. Specializing in crafting effective digital infrastructures, UNION works with companies of all sizes from small startups to multinational organizations to create optimized online presences built to have an impact. The agency's three main focuses are on data strategy, performance media, and branded content, and under those three umbrellas its team can support companies on projects like advanced analytics research, SEO, paid media, content marketing, UI/UX design and a variety of others.

Clients: CRVA, Cosamin, Mack Trucks, Autobell.

Headquarters: 2000 W Morehead St.


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CCP Web Design Charlotte SEO Company
CCP Web Design

Founded: 2000

What they do: The team at CCP Web Design focuses on developing impactful web presences for its many industry clients, offering its partners content management, SEO, social media marketing and a variety of other services designed to help companies expand. The agency's web development services combine data science with creative content, building sites that are both eye catching and that implement SEO best practices to reach the top of search results. Some of the past projects CCP Web Design has worked on have included logo design, email marketing campaign development, reputation management and pay-per-click advertising.

Clients: Clear View Inc., Brown & Glenn, Cornerstone, EEIF, Odell.

Headquarters: 1230 West Morehead St.

Accrisoft Charlotte SEO Company

Founded: 1998

What they do: Accrisoft blends marketing specialization with software technology to deliver its clients a software platform built to make marketing campaign management more intuitive. With features for sales, finance, web design and brand management, Accrisoft's platform provides companies with a centralized foundation for taking control over their entire enterprise operations. The platform's marketing tools provide companies with the ability to create landing pages, track news articles, follow SEO best practices, gain insight into site analytics and build email marketing initiatives.

Clients: National companies, organizations and nonprofits.

Headquarters: 11620 N Community House Rd.


Red Moon Marketing Charlotte SEO Company
Red Moon Marketing

Founded: 2002

What they do: Red Moon Marketing is a full-service marketing and digital development agency that offers companies guidance in experience design, fostering sponsorships, creative content development and more. The company's digital and research service components offer brands the ability to tailor their sites for maximum search traffic and visibility, as well as providing them the tools to hone their site designs, social media initiatives and customer experiences. Among the agency's many marketing services and in addition to its SEO offerings, its team can provide clients with logo design, graphic design, e-commerce integration, web hosting and much more.

Clients: Jack Daniels, Dunkin Donuts, Tide, Coca-Cola, Cub Cadet.

Headquarters: 4100 Coca-Cola Plaza


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