Tech innovation and population growth often go hand in hand, and there are few cities that prove to be a more perfect example of this than Charlotte, NC. Ranked as the third fastest growing city in the country, Charlotte is projected to achieve a nearly 50 percent increase in population size before the end of the next decade, drawing in people from all over the globe with it's booming economy and high quality of life. While the city initially established itself as a banking town, today Charlotte is attracting thousands of new tech-minded residents with it's impressive startup scene, and the Queen City’s fintech sector is now competing with some of the country’s most prominent tech hubs. 

Charlotte’s definitely got its perks, but the city wouldn’t be what it is today without one essential tool—good advertising. The creative directors and producers of Charlotte’s advertising agencies work both day and night to not only help their clients achieve success, but to also highlight the best that their city has to offer. Thanks to its ingenuity, Charlotte has earned a reputation for being one of the most sought-after cities for tech development, inspiring tech professionals of all backgrounds to put down roots in the South. Check out these seven advertising agencies helping Charlotte earn its stripes.

Advertising Agencies in Charlotte NC to Know

  • Townsquare Interactive
  • Luquire George Andrews
  • TKXS
  • RSM
  • Wray Ward
  • Union
Townsquare Interactive Advertising Agencies In Charlotte
Twonsquare Interactive

Founded: 2012

Focus: Townsquare Interactive is a full-service digital marketing agency primarily serving small business clients, connecting them with services such as web design, SEO, social media campaigning and other solutions aimed at expanding their brand messaging. The team partners with companies to craft targeted digital and social media ad campaigns designed to meet each customer base's desires and attract more fans.

Clients: Ashley Homestore, Harley-Davidson, Peirce Phelps, Clean Juice.

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Luquire George Andrews Advertising Agencies In Charlotte
Luquire George Andrews

Founded: 1984

Focus: Luquire George Andrews collaborates with clients hailing from a diverse swath of regions on marketing, advertising and PR projects to boost brand engagement and help companies carve out niches in their industries. The marketing specialists and creative directors who make up its team offer a broad range of advertising and branding capabilities, ranging from web design to TV advertisement production. Their portfolio of past work has earned them recognition from the Mercury Awards, the AAF Awards, the New York Film Festival and other organizations.

Clients: Visit North Carolina, National Gypsum, Bojangles, Tire Pros.


TKXS Advertising Agencies In Charlotte

Founded: 2000

Focus: TKXS's team combines a knowledge base of both analytics and advertising to craft targeted, data-driven campaigns that retain a unique creative spirit. Partnering with companies in agriculture, healthcare, B2B and other industries, the agency connects its clients to intelligent technologies and other tools to gather information about their customer bases, from which they can tailor their ad campaigns to fit their customer profiles.

Clients: National and international companies.


RSM Advertising Agencies In Charlotte

Founded: 1996

Focus: RSM specifically partners with companies in the sports and entertainment industries to launch their advertising and promotions initiatives, with a focus on marketing sports lifestyle brands to the greater public. The agency's comprehensive marketing suite includes analytics research, retargeting, in-store merchandising, digital advertising, social media consulting and a variety of other services designed to maximize its clients market impact.

Clients: Daytona 500, Disney, Dreamworks, the NFL.


Wray Ward Advertising Agencies In Charlotte
Wray Ward

Founded: 1977

Focus: Wray Ward is a creative marketing and advertising company dedicated to helping brands become household names, offering their enterprise partners with customer insights and creative expertise to help them achieve their objectives and build their brand voice. From strategizing to launch, Wray Ward guides companies through each stage of ad campaign development, planning initiatives around each brand's goals and strengths to craft campaigns that are both imaginative and effective.

Clients: Dacor Appliances, Brighthouse Financial, La-Z-Boy, Moen, Oldcastle.


Union Advertising Agencies In Charlotte

Founded: 2002

Focus: Union is an advertising agency with a digital bent, taking advantage of the online space to help brands make the biggest impact possible in their sectors and boost their ROI. The company's creative studio has turned out a broad variety of projects targeting brand growth, ranging from website and mobile app development to video ad production.

Clients: Mack Trucks, Cosamin, CRVA, Volvo Trucks.


Flynaut Advertising Agencies In Charlotte

Founded: 2011

Focus: Flynaut offers a combination of technology consulting and creative services, helping brands adopt the latest tech tools to craft original solutions that expand their reach and amplify their voices. Over the past decade, Flynaut has delivered SEO, web design, internet marketing, ad production and other branding services to companies of all sizes across the globe, ranging from seed stage startups to multinational corporations.

Clients: Primotec, Southern Bank, US Bank, 7 H&W.


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