5 AI Companies in Sydney to Know

AI is a top priority in Australia, and these Sydney companies are leading the way with their platforms.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Mar. 11, 2024
5 AI Companies in Sydney to Know
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Artificial intelligence is in the fast lane, becoming vital to every company across every industry. Luckily, the Australian national government is promoting the technology and even providing funding for businesses to aid in the adoption of artificial intelligence. These are Sydney’s top companies advancing AI. 

Top AI Companies in Sydney to Know

  • Datadog
  • Relevance AI
  • Leonardo AI
  • Archistar.ai
  • Katonic AI


Top AI Companies in Sydney

Datadog is a cybersecurity and IT platform. It uses AI as part of its conversational interface, Bits AI. The interface provides answers to client questions surrounding their services and network security. Bits AI can also suggest code fixes and synthetic tests to ensure customers’ security is up to snuff. 

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Relevance AI’s platform creates no-code AI personal assistants. The UI features chat boxes where users assign their assistants with tasks like data cleaning, subject area research or sales prospecting. According to the company, its AI platform automates repetitive tasks and allows people and teams to be more productive. 

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Leonardo.Ai generates images using prompt inputs. It’s similar to other generative AI platforms like DALL-E but has other useful features like editing tools and 3D texture rendering. Leonardo.Ai also offers greater control over the pre- and post-generation process, which has made it popular for things like video game asset rendering. 


Archistar.ai combines real estate and artificial intelligence. Through its platform, users can research real estate regulations, generate 3D design concepts and analyze the risks of potential projects. For investment-minded users, the platform can also help unearth profitable rental properties. 

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Through Katonic AI, businesses can build AI applications while limiting the potential risk to their data. It uses a no-code platform with enterprise-level security and provides services like chatbots, AI-written summaries and generation, among others. Since launching, Katonic has worked with companies in the banking, healthcare and insurance industries where data security is paramount.

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