13 Dallas Aerospace Companies Taking to the Stars and the Skies

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Mar. 11, 2022
13 Dallas Aerospace Companies Taking to the Stars and the Skies
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Humans share a collective tradition of exploration, one that has been made possible to continue building upon due to the work of the aerospace industry. While few other groups of organizations have had to conquer as many physical and technological challenges as aerospace companies, those working in aerospace continue to push boundaries, continuously discovering new ways of making travel more efficient and capable. The advancement of aerospace technology has even led to advancements that can be felt on a more day-to-day level, pioneering capabilities that can be seen in wind, radar tech and additional devices as well.

To continue fostering innovation across the industry, aerospace companies rely on several manufacturers, maintenance teams, service providers and logistics partners to provide them with the materials and capabilities necessary for discovering new solutions. Whether creating components or soaring through the jet streams, these 13 companies in Dallas all play crucial roles in providing exceptional aerial capabilities.

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Aerospace Companies In Dallas

  • Alpine Advanced Materials
  • The Arnold Companies
  • BP Aero
  • Dallas Avionics
  • Lockheed Martin
  • MODE Transportation
  • Triumph Aerosystems
  • VectorNav
  • Boeing
Boeing Aerospace Companies Dallas

Founded: 1916

Focus: Manufacturing + Aftermarket Services 

What they do: As the world’s largest aerospace company, Boeing continues to lead the industry with advanced products and services. Both government and commercial entities have come to depend on Boeing’s jetliner, defense, space, and security solutions. Boeing also handles supply chain logistics, engineering, and other areas for an unmatched customer service experience. 


Lockheed Martin aerospace companies in Dallas
Lockheed Martin

Founded: 1995

Focus: Manufacturing

What they do: Lockheed Martin is a global leader in aerospace, defense and energy innovation, utilizing advanced manufacturing capabilities to push the limits of how technology impacts us each day. Aircraft, cybersecurity, radar, maritime and space systems make up just the base level of Lockheed Martin’s product offerings, working closely with the U.S. Department of Defense to provide equipment and weapons systems.


Alpine Advanced Materials aerospace companies in Dallas
Alpine Advanced Materials

Founded: 2018

Focus: Manufacturing

What they do: Alpine Advanced Materials is an industry leader in developing custom engineered parts and components for use in the aerospace, defense, energy, transportation and outdoors industries. The company focuses on continuously creating lightweight and environmentally robust products for use in high-performance applications, utilizing nanocomposite technology to heighten aerospace capabilities.


The Arnold Companies aerospace companies in Dallas
The Arnold Companies

Founded: 1964

Focus: Multiple

What they do: The Arnold Companies is home to several leading organizations within the aerospace, aviation, energy and investment industries, offering a vast array of capabilities while remaining true to individual expertise. TAC Air offers several services at 15 locations that include ground handling, aircraft fueling, hangar space, cargo handling, de-icing and aircraft maintenance, while Keystone Aviation offers a luxury aviation solution for chartered flight.


Icarus Jet aerospace companies in Dallas
Icarus Jet

Founded: 2010

Focus: Charter

What they do: Icarus Jet takes the highest safety precautions possible when providing chartered jet and helicopter services, all through a luxury experience that ensures efficiency and comfort while traveling. The company features several popular aircraft models in its fleet, including the Learjet 35, Hawker 850 XP, Citation Sovereign 680 and Hawker 400 XP, and also offers fuel reselling and trip support services.


BP Aero aerospace companies in Dallas
BP Aero

Founded: 2008

Focus: Maintenance

What they do: BP Aero is a best-in-class provider of complete engine maintenance services that support companies in the aerospace industry at the moments they need it most. Providing quality-certified engine teardowns, part overhauls, accessory overhauls, shop repairs and field services, BP Aero brings unparalleled experience and knowledge to tackling the largest aerospace challenges.


C&M Aviation Services aerospace companies in Dallas
C&M Aviation Services

Founded: 1991

Focus: Manufacturing

What they do: C&M Aviation Services aims to maintain the highest standard of safety possible throughout the aviation industry and backs it up by manufacturing seat belts and restraints that meet strict quality guidelines. The company’s products can be found in aircrafts from manufacturers like Boeing, Beechcraft, Gulfstream and more, with customizable buckles available as well.


Dallas Avionics aerospace companies in Dallas
Dallas Avionics

Founded: 1973

Focus: Product distribution

What they do: Dallas Avionics is a distributor of aircraft avionics, test equipment, install supplies and pilot supplies, offering a large selection of products to ensure aircrafts have the ability to take off, fly and land without any issues. Gauges, transceivers, lighting accessories, handsets, meters and a vast array of additional solutions are available to deliver top quality and peace of mind in the air.  


Higher Aviation aerospace companies in Dallas
Higher Aviation

Founded: 2014

Focus: Maintenance

What they do: Aircrafts can travel up to thousands of miles each day, so it should be expected that at times, things are going to get messy. Higher Aviation exists for these exact moments, featuring a quality and experienced team offering wet wash, dry wash, painting, polishing and interior treatments to make private and commercial planes seem brand-new after each use, leading to higher quality aviation experiences.


MODE Transportation aerospace companies in Dallas
MODE Transportation

Founded: 1989

Focus: Shipping

What they do: MODE Transportation is a shipping and transportation provider that utilizes global expertise and a vast network of carriers to bring peace of mind to international shipping challenges. The company’s air freight capabilities feature a broad range of services and multiple ways of routing through its cargo, commercial and charter air partners, with combined land and air options available to fulfill nearly any logistical need.


Omnia Aerospace aerospace companies in Dallas
Omnia Aerospace

Founded: 2015

Focus: Support

What they do: Omnia Aerospace provides practical support services for companies within the aerospace and defense industries, including business development, strategic planning and product management. Offering unparalleled availability, experience, ethics and flexibility, Omnia Aerospace delivers exceptional values to clients while also being available to assist with product development, design and engineering. 


Plustar aerospace companies in Dallas

Founded: 1978

Focus: Manufacturing

What they do: Plustar supports the industrial, aerospace, automotive, construction, electrical and packaging industries with customizable and high-quality tape and bonding products that make everything from shipping to orbital flight possible. Product applications from the company allow for stronger bonding, cushioning, gasketing and surface protection capabilities, offering lock-tight solutions to intense aerospace challenges.


VectorNav aerospace companies in Dallas

Founded: 2008

Focus: Navigation

What they do: VectorNav is a crucial supplier to the aerospace industry, providing compact navigation systems in rugged and surface-mountable packages. Tactical-grade IMU cores and industry-leading navigation algorithms bring heightened capabilities to some of the most necessary flight components and allow for safer communications between operators and controllers.


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